Mirrorfly React Native UIKit is a set of prebuilt UI Widgets that allows you to easily integrate every widgets inside your application to acheive all the essential messaging features.


Use the below method to register a user in sandbox Live mode.

Unless you log out the session, make a note that should never call the registration method more than once in an application
const registerResponse = await mirrorflyRegister({
userIdentifier: '917********4',

Example Response#

"jid": "917********4@domain",
"message": "Login Success",
"statusCode": 200

Display Recent Chat list#

Recent Chat Widget is the starting point for launching React Native UIKit in your application. By implementing the code below, you will see a complete list of recent chats that you're made with single conversation.

Note : Use Recent Chat Widget only when you have done the registration.

import { ChatApp } from "mirrorfly-uikit-react-native"
function YourComponent() {
return (
<ChatApp jid={jid}/>
export default YourComponent;