Location Attachment

Note : If Location Attachment feature unavailable for your plan then it will not display in MFUIActionSheetItem.

Note : Add Location usage description in Info.plist.


Note : Please set the Google API Key.

FlyUIKitConstants.Google_Place_Api_Key = "YOUR_GOOGLE_PLACE_KEY"


You can send the location attachment by clicking the location icon in the Chat screen of the user.


MFUILocationContentView is extension view class of MFUIBaseMediaContentView, which is used to display location table view cell. MFUILocationContentView consists of chatLocationMapView

Property nameusage
chatLocationMapViewGMSMapView to show sent or received location

Location Cell Theme#

Custom theme Class MFMessageCellTheme subclass of MFUITheme is used to change the theme of location cell.

Customize MFUIStringSet#

The following table shows a customizable property of MFUIStringSet that appears for location attachment. The MFUIStringSet is a set of strings used to compose a view. You need to modify the stringSet values in advance if you want to make changes to the view.

Property nameDescription
LocationA text that refers to text of location in attachment bottom sheet