Migration guide

MirrorFly iOS Chat SDK Version 2 has introduced major import changes to streamline the code structure and enhance its scalability.

This guide explains the breaking changes and provides a step-by-step guide for migrating to Version 2.

Remove old frameworks#

Remove and delete the following xcframeworks from the project.

  • FlyCore.xcframework

  • FlyCommon.xcframework

  • FlyNetwork.xcframework

  • FlyDatabase.xcframework

  • FlyXmpp.xcframework

  • FlyTranslate.xcframework

  • FlyCall.xcframework


Migrating to Version 2#

MirrorFly SDK Version 2 will likely prevent your app from compiling until all migration tasks are complete and all errors are fixed. We recommend you allow a generous timeline for the task. Depending on the level of dependency, it may take a few hours to a day.

Add new(v2) framework#

Add the new framework to the project and select Embed & Sign

  • MirrorFlySDK.xcframework


To know more about V2 Click Here

Replace import names#

It is mandatory to replace old imports to new imports from Version 2

Replace below imports

import FlyCore
import FlyCommon


import MirrorFlySDK

Now do a pod install and try run/build the project.