Group Creation

Note : If Group creation feature unavailable for your plan then it will not display in MFUICreateShowOptions View.


The MFUICreateGroupChatViewController is a class that is used to show option to create group and single chat.

The following screenshot shows the group creation


Module Components#

In the MFUICreateGroupChatViewController class, MFUICreateGroupChatModule and its components are used to create and display the chat list view. The module is composed of two components: headerComponent and listComponent.

Property nameType

When the loadView() method of the view controller is called, the module components get added to the view in the setupView() method of the MirrorFly UIKit's view life cycle. Then, the configure() method of each module component is called to set the property values and display the view.

Customisation Of Header Component#

The Header component can be customised using the MFComponentTheme as below ,

let compTheme = MFComponentTheme()
compTheme.titleColor = .red
compTheme.titleFont = MFUIFontSet.h1
let theme = MFUITheme(componentTheme: compTheme )
MFUITheme.set(theme: theme)


Customisation Of Create Group Theme#

The UI components of the Create Group Theme can be customised by using the MFCreateGroupTheme in MFUITheme.

The Input component can be customised using the MFCreateGroupTheme as below

let createGroupTheme = MFCreateGroupTheme()
createGroupTheme.leftBarButtonTintColor = .red
createGroupTheme.rightBarButtonTintColor = .green
createGroupTheme.backgroundColor = .blue
createGroupTheme.groupNameTextFieldTextColor = .blue
createGroupTheme.countTextColor = .red
createGroupTheme.provideGroupNameTextColor = .green
createGroupTheme.separatorColor = .orange
let theme = MFUITheme(createGroupTheme: createGroupTheme)
MFUITheme.set(theme: theme)


The following screenshot shows the group creation after the customisation