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Simple Integration With Only A Few Lines Of Code In 30 Minutes

With our adaptable SDKs, which are compatible with every framework, platform, and programming language, you can simply integrate fully functional Calls & Chat into any mobile or online project.


Use Our JavaScript SDKs to easily add chat and calling features to your app.


In-App Chat can be enabled in your React Apps in less than 30 minutes.


Learn how to integrate our feature-rich Chat SDKs for iOS Apps.


Get started with our Chat SDKs for Android with our easy-to-use Docs.


Make a start with Chat SDKs for Flutter & build rich chat experiences.

React Native

Integrate React Native Chat SDK in less time for a greater user experience.

Vue JS

Vue.js SDK functions extremely quickly & delivers robust in-app chat features.


Enabling real-time communication with Angular SDK.

World’s Leading Brands Trust Us!

We’ve built real-time communication Solutions that connects you with people, regions & things that matter.

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  • fitter
  • wonet
  • Beeline
  • MyGate
  • ikonix
  • adg
  • Symbols

Start Building with Our Video, Voice & Chat APIs

Integrate out in-app video, voice, and chat features into any device or platform in less than 30 minutes!

  • Dedicated Cloud Server
  • API Response 3 Seconds
  • 99.999% Uptime SLA
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