You start building the contact sync by calling the MFUICreateChatViewController class. It uses MFUIContactCell class to display the contacts list in the controller.

The MFUICreateChatViewController should get initialised with the chat type (single or group chat) obtained from the previous screen.

open func showCreateSingleChat(type: ChatCreationType = .newSinglehChat) {
let createChatVC = MFUIViewControllerSet.CreateChatViewController.init(type: type)
self.navigationController?.pushViewController(createChatVC, animated: true)


The following items are key elements of MFUICreateChatViewController that are used to create a functional chat.

Module components#

In the MFUICreateChatViewController class, MFUICreateChatModule and its components are used to create and display the chat view. The module is composed of three components: headerComponent and listComponent.

Property nameType