Chat Profile

Chat Profile is a feature that allows users to view chat profile of single chat. one can click header of chat page to visit chat profile screen.


Single chat#

for single chat, the profile of user are shown in the screen which includes name, mobile number , email, profile picture and online status. The MFUIUserProfileViewController is a class that is used to build chat profiles.

In the MFUIUserProfileViewController class, MFUIUserProfileModule and its components are used to create and display chat profiles view. The module is composed of two components: headerComponent and listViewcomponent

Property nameType

Profile Theme#

Custom theme Class MFUserProfileTheme subclass of MFUITheme is used to change the theme of User profile controller. The following table shows a customizable property of MFUserProfileTheme to set font and colors.

property NameDescription
userProfileTitleColorThe text color of the profile name.
userProfileTitleFontThe text font of the profile name.
userProfileLastseenColorThe text color of last seen
userProfileLastseenFontThe text font of last seen
userTitleColorThe text color of user profile title
userdescriptionColorThe text color of user descripiton
userTitleFontThe text font of user profile title
userDescriptionFontThe text font of user descripiton
underLineColorThe line color between user's each title and description

Customize MFUIStringSet#

The following table shows a customizable property of MFUIStringSet that appears in the Chat profile Screen. The MFUIStringSet is a set of strings used to compose a view. You need to modify the stringSet values in advance if you want to make changes to the view.

Property nameDescription
EmailA text that refers to text of email Label
Mobile_NumberA text that refers to text of Mobile Number Label

Customize MFUIIconSet#

The following table shows a customizable reply message icon.

Icon nameDescription
ic_emailAn icon used for Email.
ic_phoneAn icon used for Mobile number.