Image & Video Attachment

Pre-Preview Screen#

The MFUIImageEditController is a class that is used to show pre-preview screen for image and video.

The following items are key elements of MFUIImageEditController that are used to create the image preview screen.

In the MFUIImageEditController class, MFUIImageEditModule and its components are used to create and display the image preview screen. The module is composed of two components: headerComponent and inputComponent.

Also MFUIImageEditController has a collection view to hold the selected images in the preview screen.

Header Component#

The headerComponent includes a back button that takes the user to the previous view(Chat View) and a delete button used to delete the selected images in the collection view. Each property corresponds to the elements in the navigation bar of the view controller.

The following table shows the parameters of the configure method of the headerComponent.

Parameter nameType

Input Component#

The inputComponent shows the input textview where users can enter the caption for the images to be sent. The following table shows the parameters of the configure method of the inputComponent.

Parameter nameType

Collection View#

The collection view uses its xib named MFUIImageCollectionViewCell to hold the selected images.