Font Set

The MFUIFontSet class manages a set of UIFont properties used in UIKit views. All fonts used in UIKit are configured under this class but you can also customize the values of MFUIFontSet to use different fonts in views.

Customize fonts#

You can override the properties of MFUIFontSet to customize the fonts. You must configure the fonts in MFUIFontSet first before creating custom themes in order to apply the customized fonts to the themes. Any font changes made after won't be applied to themes that were created before. Fonts that are selected to be used in the global theme will be applied to all themes in UIKit.

MFUIFontSet.body1 = .systemFont(ofSize: 20, weight: .bold)


Note : you can make the above change in the AppDelegate Class.

Fonts List#

H1SF Pro TextBold18
H2SF Pro TextMedium18
H3SF Pro TextBold16
H4SF Pro TextRegular12
Subtitle 1SF Pro TextMedium16
Subtitle 2SF Pro TextRegular16
Body 1SF Pro TextRegular16
Body 2SF Pro TextSemibold14
Body 3SF Pro TextRegular14
Body 4SF Pro TextBold14
Button 1SF Pro TextSemibold18
Button 2SF Pro TextMedium16
Button 3SF Pro TextMedium14
Caption 1SF Pro TextBold12
Caption 2SF Pro TextRegular12
Caption 3SF Pro TextMedium11
Caption 4SF Pro TextRegular11