One-to-One / Group Reply

Reply is a feature that allows users to reply to each other's messages in a group and one-to-one chat. Users can ask questions, give feedback or add context to a specific message without interrupting the conversation flow. A message reply refers to a group of messages and their replies.


Reply to messages#

Users can reply to each other's messages through the MFUIBaseChatViewParentController class. The List component of MFUIBaseChatViewParentController will allow the users to press and hold or swipe right the message they wish to reply to. A Message menu will appear and once they tap Reply, they can start replying using MFUIMessageInputView and MFUIRepyMessageInputView. Both Replied messages and replies can be either user messages or file messages.

Message menu#

The Message menu contains a Reply button. To view the menu, long tap on a message in Chat List view. Then, tap Reply in the menu to reply to the selected message.

Customize the UI for message reply in Message menu

The UI for message reply in the Message menu can be customized through MFUIStringSet and MFUIIconSet.

Reply Theme#

To display the reply message view, MFUIReplyBaseMessageView, MFUIReplyUserMessageView, and MFUIReplyFileImageView all use MFMessageCellTheme in the MFUITheme class. The following table shows the properties of MFMessageCellTheme for reply.

ReplyUserMessageViewreplyMessageTextColorThe text color of the reply message.
ReplyUserMessageViewreplyMessageTextFontThe text font of the reply message.
repliedToLabelrepliedToTextColorThe text color of repliedToText.
repliedToLabelrepliedToTextFontThe text font of repliedToText.

Show replies#

Users can view all reply messages in the chat list through MFUIReplyBaseMessageView, MFUIReplyUserMessageView, and MFUIReplyFileMessageView.

Both MFUIReplyUserMessageView and MFUIReplyFileMessageView inherit the properties and methods of MFUIReplyBaseMessageView.

The MFUIReplyFileMessageView only shows the reply message and the repliedToLabel as all reply messages are considered individual message cells that inherit the MFUIBaseMessageCell class.

There are two types of reply messages:

User message: When the type of the reply message is UserMessage. File message: When the type of the reply message is FileMessage. When the reply message is a user message, the message is displayed through MFUIReplyUserMessageView. When the reply message is a file message, the message is shown through MFUIReplyFileMessageView.

Customize MFUIStringSet#

The following table shows a customizable property of MFUIStringSet that appears in the Message menu. The MFUIStringSet is a set of strings used to compose a view. You need to modify the stringSet values in advance if you want to make changes to the view.

Property nameDescription
ReplyA text for the Reply button in the Message menu.
Message_YouA text that refers to the current user in the repliedToLabel. The string is currently set to You by default.

Customize MFUIIconSet#

The following table shows a customizable reply message icon.

Icon nameDescription
iconReplyAn icon used to indicate Reply.
iconCloseAn icon used to close reply input view.