Icon Set

The MFUIIconSet class contains icons that are used to compose views in UIKit.

Customize Icon set#

The following code shows how to customize MFUIIconSet. You can do the customisation in AppDelegate class.

MFUIIconSet.ic_close = UIImage(named: "SampleImage")

Note : We recommend that you override the values of MFUIIconSet prior to creating views.

The following table shows all the properties of MFUIIconSet.

downloaddownloadsetDownloads a media message.
ic_closeCloseCloses a file viewer.
ic_deleteic_deleteDeletes an item.
ic_deliveredic_deliveredIndicates the message has been delivered to the recipient user.
ic_houric_hourIndicates the message is in sending state to the server.
ic_seenic_seenInidicates the message has been seen/read by the recipient user.
ic_sentic_sentIndicates the message has been sent to the server.
ic_uploaduploadsetUploads a media message
iconAddiconAddAdds a file.
iconBackic_backarrowGoes back to the previous page.
iconChevronDowniconChevronDownAdds a file
iconErrorErrorAdds a file
iconForwardForwardForwards a message.
iconReplyReplyIndicates reply to a message.
iconInfoiconInfoIndicates message Info
iconSendSendSends a message.
iconSingleChatSingleChatIndicates Single Chat.
iconSpinnerSpinnerIndicates that a message or a screen is loading.
plusBlackAddUserInvites a user to a chat from the contact list.
UserUserDefault Avatar of the User.

The following table shows all properties of MFUIIConSet pertaining to the calls.

iconAudioOfficonAudioOffTo switch off the audio
iconAudioOniconAudioOnTo switch on the audio
iconCallAgaincallAgainTo make a voice call
iconCallCancelcancelCallTo cancel the ongoing call
iconCameraOfficonCameraOffTo switch off the camera
iconCameraOniconCameraOnTo switch on the camera
icondefault_avataricondefault_avatarDefault avatar of the user
iconHangUpiconHangUpTo hangup the call
iconMuteiconMuteTo mute the audio
iconSpeakerOfficonSpeakerOffTo switch off the speaker
iconSpeakerOniconSpeakerOnTo switch on the speaker
iconVideoCalliconvideoTo make video call
iconVideoDisablediconVideoDisabledTo disable video call
iconVideoEnablediconVideoEnabledTo enable video call
iconVoiceCalliconVoiceCallTo make voice call