Group audio/video Call


Group audio and video call can both be initiated from call Log class MFUICallLogController.

After clicking audio or video call button, it moves to class MFUICallParticipantController, where group members list shown.


Add participants to the call#

After call is connected, you can able to add users to the ongoing call. once they accepted the incoming call, they will join in the ongoing call.


MFUICallParticipantController class consists of headerComponent and listComponent

Property nameType

The MFUICallScreenViewController is a class that is used to build a group Audio Call for incoming and outgoing calls

CallScreen Components#

In the MFUICallScreenViewController class, MFUICallScreenModule and its components are used to create and display group call screen view. The module is composed of four components: ListComponent,hangupFooterComponent,retryFooterComponent, and callOverlayComponent

Property nameType

Update Call Screen Theme#

Custom theme Class MFCallScreenTheme is used to change the theme of call screen controller. The following table shows a customizable property of MFCallScreenTheme to set font and colors.

property NameDescription
callStatusTextColorThe text color of the call status Label.
callStatusTextFontThe text font of the call status Label.
nameTextColorThe text color of group/caller name Label
nameTextFontThe text font of group/caller name Label
timeTextColorThe text color of call time Label
timeTextFontThe text font of call time Label
callCancelTextColorThe text color of call cancel Button
callCancelTextFontThe text font of call cancel Button
callAgainTextColorThe text color of call again button
callAgainTextFontThe text font of call again Button
CallNowSelectedBackgroundColorThe background color of call now selected button
CallNowDeselectedBackgroundColorThe background color of call now Deselected button
CallNowTitleColorThe text color of call now button
CallNowButtonFontThe text font of call now button

Customize MFUIStringSet#

To customise common string used in call screen, kindly refer here.

The following table shows a customizable property of MFUIStringSet that appears in the call Screen. The MFUIStringSet is a set of strings used to compose a view. You need to modify the stringSet values in advance if you want to make changes to the view.

Property nameDescription
participant_titleA text that refers to title of add participant screen
participant_call_nowA text that refers to call now button

Customize MFUIIconSet#

To customise common icon used in call screen, kindly refer here.