Top 7+ Web Browser APIs for Building Video Apps

Published On April 23rd, 2024 Tech Talks

Web browser Video APIs enable you to build complete conversational experiences, even without the need for phone or desktop apps. These in-browser components help you connect people directly on browsers with the support of WebRTCs. 

While the list of browser-based APIs available across the internet are in overwhelming numbers, we’ve curated the best among them and listed the top 10  providers in this article. 

In the upcoming context, we will discuss the top video calling API providers that can help you build fast and hassle-free video calling experiences on browsers.

8 Best Web Browser Video API Providers in 2024

1. MirrorFly – Video Calling API Provider

online video call

MirrorFly is one of the top providers of in-app video chats that offers SaaS and Self-hosted video calling SDKs to build highly scalable and secure video calling experiences across web and mobile apps. Our two different hosting solutions give flexibility to developers to build video apps as per their requirements. 

Let us see a quick brief of cloud and self-hosted solutions

MirrorFly – Cloud-based SDKs

This solution gives a dedicated space to host video chat apps on our cloud servers in addition to accessing top-end messaging features like call muting, push notifications, single and group video calls, and others for a monthly subscription fee. Other features include:

Notable Features:

  • Integrate SDK in <20 mins
  • Low-code Strategy
  • Pre-built UI kits
  • Multi-tenancy support

MirrorFly – Self-hosted SDKs

MirrorFly’s self-hosted solution offers 100% customizable SDKs to build secure white-label apps for a one-time license cost. Further, we give you full control of security and deployment as you get to host apps on your premises.

Notable Features:

  • 100% customizable in-app chat SDK
  • The one-time cost for SDK license
  • White-label chat solution
  • On-premise hosting
Ready to Integrate Our Video Call SDK Into Your App In < 20 Mins!

2. Banuba – Video API Provider

free group video call

Banuba offers a video chat SDK that boosts engagement with augmented reality filters. They help engage users, alleviate camera shyness, and add an extra fun factor. The SDK doesn’t collect or store any user information, making it secure by design.

Banuba Face AR SDK has a native extension for Agora, which ensures compatibility. It can also be integrated with Banuba Video Editor SDK that can process pre-shot videos.

Features and functionalities

  • 3D effects
  • Color filters
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Avatars
  • Triggers
  • Virtual makeup

Use cases

  • E-commerce
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Social media
  • E-learning

3. Agora – Online Video Calling Chat

online video chat

Agora is a robust tool that offers real-time communication SDKs and APIs for websites. It increases user engagement with real-time voice and messaging and live streaming products. The company is currently working to develop real-time connections in the virtual world. Many well-known companies, including Hallo and Talkspace, have chosen Agora as a partner. Agora stands out due to its cross-platform support for Native mobile apps and websites. It has user-friendly functionalities and a highly- active support team.

Features and Functionality:

  • App-to-App Calling
  • Group Video Calling
  • 360° Spatial Audio
  • Draw Whiteboard
  • Live Streaming Chat

And considerably more.

4. Twilio – Web-Based Voice Chat

online video call app

Twilio is a cloud communication platform ideal for developing global online video calling apps for mobile via APIs. It enables mobile app developers to make and receive phone calls using video APIs. It encourages the development of open source apps that allow businesses to configure phone numbers for call routing. The design of Twilio API will be simple, reliable, and well-documented.

Twilio also offers a web service called ‘In the Cloud,’ allowing developers to integrate real-time phone calls into their apps. In short, Twilio API integration is the most cost-effective way to grow a business by leveraging a telephone system.

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Features and Functionality:

Twilio Supports Programmatically

  • Request a Phone Number
  • Send and Receive SMS
  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Make Outbound and Receive Inbound Phone Calls
  • Call Monitoring and Call Routing
  • Transcribe Phone Calls

And considerably more.

5. QuickBlox – App to App Calling

web browser video call

QuickBlox utilizes the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) for its chat connections. Its services are metered based on community usage. Also, It provides access to core files and can be fully customized to match the needs of your project. When it comes to project setup, you can find helpful code samples for a wide range of technologies. These codes can save you both time and money.

Quickblox also creates commercially available communication tools for app developers. It is one of the most widely used APIs in social networking platforms and enterprise applications.  It contains features like content settings, location, users, and ratings.

Features and Functionality:

  • Push Notifications
  • Audio Calling
  • Sophisticated Admin Panel
  • Security Encryptions

And considerably more.

6. EnableX – HD Video Calling Features

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Enablex is a cloud-based real-time communication platform designed for developers and businesses of all sizes. Their video SDK toolkits are easy to integrate into any iOS, Android, or web app. Apart from basic functionalities, this in app communication platform offers a wide range of API addons for pre-processing and post-processing real-time and in-session data collected during the session.

Enablex video solution aids in the development of HD video-enabled Android, iOS, and Web applications. Their feature-rich SDKs and APIs enable users to have one-on-one and group video calls. They also offer a live interactive broadcast feature that allows you to relay content across devices. 

Features and Functionality:

  • Upfront, Completely One-Time Payment
  • Customizable for Any Feature and Functionality
  • Customizable UI With Tangible Layouts
  • Screen-Sharing & File Sharing 
  • End-to-End Encryption

And considerably more.

Ready to Build HD Secure Video Call Experiences with Our APIs?

7. Sinch – Online Video API for Mobile & Web Browsers

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When it comes to cost-effectiveness, VoIP-based Sinch comes out on top. The video quality rate starts as low as $0.003 per minute. It is considered the most cost-effective video calling SDK solution in the market. On top of that, they offer 2500 free calling minutes per month. Their core principle is simplicity, which drives them to create feature-rich SDKs. They are compatible with iOS, Android, and web applications that are simple to install and use. 

Developers can now add video calls without any kind of  hidden costs, and you can pay right off the bat. The platform, however, is built on VoIP and WebRTC to power the products. Their list of collaborations is also quite impressive- Truecaller, Tango, Uber, and a slew of others.

Features and Functionality:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Cross-Platform Integration
  • Pause and Resume Stream
  • Extensive Platform Documentation
  • Data Calling

And considerably more.

8. CometChat – Best Online Video APIs

video chat platforms

CometChat is a SaaS-based communication service provider that allows businesses to integrate video calling functionality into their websites and mobile applications. It offers SDK and API to enable video calling on Android, iOS, and other platforms.

With CometChat’s web browser video call SDKs, you can build a application that allows WebRTC peer to peer connection with no server bandwidth. The CometChat API enables mobile app developers to integrate video calling features into apps using the REST protocol. Within the app, developers can add, remove, or update users. The Restful API simplifies the video calling process and allows you to manage CometChat on any platform. It offers the best chat solution for your ios mobile app, allowing you to grow your client base immensely.

Features and Functionality:

  • Cross-Platform Performance
  • 92+ Integrations
  • One-On-One or Group Calls
  • End-to-End Encryption

And considerably more.

9. Vonage – WebRTC Audio Chat Room

web browser video sdk

Vonage is a well-known PaaS company that develops video calling apps for Android, iOS, and Web applications. With their robust web browser video call SDKs and APIs, you can customize the app features as per your needs. The solution includes WebRTC and advanced features to improve call quality across platforms. The highly scalable solution allows seamless interoperability and adaptable video calling on web browser video call and platforms.

It has a core function library for connecting sessions, publishing streams for the session, and streams subscribing to sessions. Out of all, the WebRTC audio chat room is the primary platform. It has an OpenTok video platform for businesses that runs on Java API.

Features and Functionality:

  • High-Quality Video/Voice
  • Plug-And-Play Video Features
  • Seamless Integration
  • AES Encryption

And considerably more.


Video Call APIs that operate on web browsers can be very helpful for users when they need to connect to an urgent meeting but do not have an app installed on their device. Also, they do not require a login credential, rather a meeting link would be sufficient.

This article has been exclusively written for developers who are interested in building web browser video call apps. If you are one among them, I hope our list of the best chat APIs have been helpful to you. Hope to meet you soon with yet another useful insight.

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