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Why Choose MirrorFly?

MirrorFly is a developer-friendly chat solution that is loved by developers for its ease of use, unique features and flexibility of usage and deployment.

100% Customizable

Make use of limitless customization of chat, voice, and video solutions based on your needs.

White-label Solution

Self-hosted chats come with white-label solutions that allow you to maintain your brand identity throughout your app.

On Premise/On-Cloud

Allows you to host On-premise, on-cloud or host on your own infrastructure, like dedicated server hosting.

Custom Security

The self-managed solution provides custom security, allowing you to customize the security of your chat solution.

Unlimited Chat

Scale up more than 1 billion+ conversations across any web or app, or even more, based on your business needs.

Unlimited Calls

Self-managed solutions allow you to make and receive an unlimited number of calls across the app.

Complete Ownership

As self-managed solutions come under the enterprise pricing structure, they give you complete ownership.

24x7 Support Team

Avail 24x7 customer support from more than 200+ dedicated tech engineers to respond to your queries in real-time.

Ultra-low Latencies

As hosted on-premise or on your own infrastructure, ultra-low latency can be easily achieved with a self-hosted solution.

Enterprise Architecture

Designed and deployed in a way to best fit business needs based on organizational structure and behavior.

Hire Dedicated Team

Enterprises can hire a dedicated development team for their projects with advanced tech skills and prior experience.

Safe Migration Data Loss

Our team of tech engineers will help you migrate from other platforms to MirrorFly safely and without any data loss.

Chat GPT

Get personalized tech assistance without any wait time, from our Chat-GPT powered support.


Provide instant responses and drive seamless interactions among users with our dynamic chatbots.

Activity Feeds

Capture user attention via real-time feeds on your app. Centralize updates, activities & events at one place.

Contact Center

Empower agents with tools to efficiently manage & respond to customer queries via any channel.

Chat & Messaging Features

Enhance your web or app experience with our real-time chat features.

Topic Based Chat

Allow users to connect with other users in separate groups to discuss topics of interest without crowding group calls.

Private 1-on-1 Chat

Empower your users to experience the power of personal conversations with our private 1-to-1 chat feature.

Group Chat

Authorize your users with an easy way of collaboration and foster collective discussions to drive productive teamwork.

Chat History

Give your users the power of organized communication with our chat history feature. Never miss a conversation.

Chat API Features

Pre-built UI Kit

Accelerate your development process with our pre-built UI Kit that is specially designed to save time and resources.

File Sharing

Let your users experience the power of effective communication with our file sharing feature.

Offline Messaging

Allow your users to stay connected in a conversation even when they’re not connected to the internet.

Online/Offline Presence

Give users the leverage to check the online availability status of other users with our online/offline presence feature.

Typing Indicators

Display a ‘typing’ on a user’s UI when the other user in the conversation window is typing on their message input panel.

Message Search

Make it easy for your users to access particular conversations by typing the exact words in your app’s search bar.

In-app Chat Rooms

Leverage your users with the convenience of immediate group discussions with our in-app chat room feature.

Unread Message Counts

Display the number of messages that the users have not opened or read, on the app’s conversation list.

Last Seen

Let your users access the date and time of the other person last active in a chat with our last seen feature.

Delivery Receipts

Allow your users to track the delivery status of their messages sent in a private or group chat.

Read Receipts

Let your users track whether the status of their messages or files has been seen by the other person or not.

Chat Mentions

Facilitate your users with a simple way of tagging the appropriate person in a group with the chat mentions feature.

In-app Notifications

Notifies your users with any incoming chat, call, or files from private or group chats in your app.

Mobile Push Notifications

Let your users get notified regarding their incoming calls, texts , or even files in their Android & iOS.

On-demand Translation

Allows your users and representatives to translate any message sent or received to their preferred language.


Facilitate your users with the attachment feature to add attachments such as files, locations, contacts, and so on.

Chat Tags

Allow your users to organize and categorize important chats by adding special labels for easy access.

Ban User

Leverage your users' freedom to ban other users for creating spam, violating, or misleading content.

User-to-user Blocking

Let your users block or unblock other users to protect their privacy with the user-to-user blocking feature.

Report User

Make your users feel safe by adding the report user feature. So that the users can report any violations to the admins.

Location Sharing

Allow your users to send and receive location updates in your app or web with the location sharing feature.

Starred Messages

Let your users use the starred messages feature to mark important conversations so they can access them quickly.

Join Via Link (calls)

Facilitate your users with the join calls via links feature to easily schedule or join a call from the chat tab.

Emojis & Stickers

Engage your users in a fun and interactive conversation by allowing them to share emojis and stickers in a chat.

Integrate Feature-Rich
Chat API In Just 5 Mins,

Explore our chat APIs and SDKs to create secure communication for any app

Explore Chat API

Lite-chat App

Integrate the LiteChat app with your web or mobile app in just 5 minutes. Get quick access to chat APIs.

Auto-thumbnail Generator

Empower your users with an attractive auto-thumbnail generator for the files they shared on your web or app.

Video Communication Features

Experience advanced in-app video calling features for web and app.

Chat API Features

One-On-One Video Calls

Provide your users with HD video calls from any platform on the go and have seamless video conversations.

Group Video Calls

Allow your users to connect in a group video call with multiple users from any platform seamlessly.

Media Storage

Let your users store profiles, videos, photos, etc. to download and use for future references.

Call History

Facilitate your users access to the date, time, and duration of video calls with the call history feature.

Adaptive Frame & Bitrate

Provide your users with an adaptive frame and bitrate feature to adjust screen size automatically based on devices.

Incoming Call Notification

Empower your users with incoming call notifications from other users or groups on any platform.


The auto-reconnect feature will keep your users connected even in unstable network conditions.

Video Frame Capture

Provide your users with an easy-to-use video frame capture feature that converts videos into multiple photos.

Active Speaker Detection

Allows your users to see the person who currently speaks during an active video call session.

Camera Switching

Make your users feel at ease by giving them the ability to switch between front and rear cameras during an active call.

Camera On/Off

Allow your users to turn the camera on or off during an active session, depending on their needs.

Audio Output Selection

Provide your users with an easy option to choose their preferred audio output mode, such as bluetooth, speaker, etc.

Switch B/W Voice & Video

Give your users an easy option to switch between video and voice in an active session with a single button.

Answer Via Call Kit

Allow your users to answer or end calls via any devices paired with their device through Bluetooth or WiFi mode.

Integrate In-App Video
Features In Just 10 Mins

Add video functionalities to your app with our secure and highly scalable video APIs

Explore Video API

Voice Communication Features

Robust Voice Calling feature to build real-time conversations with crystal-clear HQ voice

One-To-One Voice Calls

Leverage your users with one-to-one voice call features to make peer-to-peer HQ voice calls.

Speaker Identification

Let your users identify the active speaker of the session with the active speaker detection feature.

Group Voice Calls

Allow your users to connect in a HQ group voice calls with multiple people from any platform.

Call Muting

Provide your users with a muting or unmuting feature to mute or unmute their mic in an active call session.

Chat API Features

Call Waiting

Give your users the ability to find out who is calling them while they are on another call with the call-waiting feature.

Call History

Display the date, time, and duration of previous calls to your users with the call history feature.

Call Forwarding

Facilitate a call forwarding feature for your users so they can forward calls to another number while out of reach.

Audio Channel

Let your users choose their preferred audio channels for both the mic and speakers, even in an active call.

Get SIP & VoIP Calling
Experience For Any App

Integrate voice calling functionalities with your app in just 10 Mins with our voice APIs.

Explore Voice API

Incoming Call Alerts

Notifies your users with private or group incoming calls in your web or app with incoming call alerts features.

Missed Call Alert

Give users a connected experience by keeping them informed on the calls they've missed from other users.

Integrate The Real-time Video Chat SDK Into Any App in 10 Mins
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Effortless Pre-built UI Components

Get started with our full library of pre-built UI components to create a stunning chat app

Chat API Features

Customized Theme Kit

Engage your users with a custom theme kit to choose between light and dark themes based on their preferences.

Tailored Style Kit

Customize the style of the chat list, icons, fonts, photo inspirations, etc. based on your own business needs.

Personalized Color Kit

Change the chat UI color based on your brand’s visual identity to maintain brand value in your web or app.

Easy Profile Edits

Allows your users to manage their profile, like changing their profile picture, username, bio, etc. based on their preferences.

Modify Network Set

Let’s you modify the contact class such as by modifying, adding, or removing first name, last name, email id, phone, etc.

Modern Call Kit

Advanced call kit for making one-on-one or group calls with easy-to-use dial, call, and modify features.

Multiple Attachments

Provide your users with an easy way for effective communication with multiple attachments like photos, videos, files, etc.

Call Log

Call Logs is a feature that allows users to know the call history for the audio and video of incoming, outgoing, and group calls.

Firebase Integration

Allows you to access analytics and dashboards, databases, admin panels, access controls, etc.

Incoming Alerts

Notifies your users of any incoming messages, calls, or attachments across your web and mobile apps.

User Mute/Unmute

Users can easily mute or unmute a user by tapping on their name or avatar and selecting the mute option.

User Block/Unblock

Allow your users to block or unblock other people for misleading, violating, or sharing inappropriate contents.

Data & Analytics Features

Tools to Sharpen Chat Data & necessary tools to increase user engagement.

Analytics Dashboard

Displays the key performance metrics of user engagement with your app in the form of an organized report.

Active Users

Give the amount of users who consciously decide to use your website or app again and over again.

Total Users

It Lets you access the total number of new and existing users who actively use your apps.

Total Call Duration

Allows you to access the duration of the total number of calls made in your app from different platforms.

Chat API Features

Total Message Count

Provides you with the total number of messages sent and received throughout the web and app.

Total Members

Gives you the count of total number of users who are customers of your web and app's service.

Group Info & Count

Tracks the total number of messages sent and received in a particular channel or group.

Platform APIs

Provides you with user APIs and admin APIs. User APIs for the user end and admin APIs to add or modify users and more

Platform Reliability & Scalability

Retain your app users by leveling up your chat Interaction with more personalized conversations across any platform in real time.

Chat API Features

Unlimited Chat & Calls

Scale up to an unlimited number of chats and calls. Our platform allows you to make limitless conversations.

Average API Response 3s

Delivers a high-performance, uninterrupted message exchange in quick time on any platform.

99.999% Uptime SLA

Facilitating uptime SLA by 99.999% to enjoy conversations in real-time across any platforms.

Device/Platform Reliability

Deploy, maintain, and allow login from any platform, like Android, iOS, Web, and desktop.

Unmatched Scalability

Scale up to any extent without limitations. Our APIs are highly scalable to match your speed of scaling up.

API Infrastructure

Leverage the freedom of organizational structure and performance through the API infrastructure.

Ironclad Security & Compliance

Robust security features to secure your data and privacy

End-to-end Encryption

All messages are end-to-end encrypted, so only the sender and receiver of the chat can see their texts.

AES-128 Security

AES-128 security standards protect user data in the cloud and enhance access controls in your web or app.

SSL Encryption

Protects against traffic hackers; the communication between your app and the client device is protected using 256-bit SSL.

HIPAA Compatible

Compatible with US privacy regulation law HIPAA, to ensure the safety of data used by healthcare providers.

Chat API Features

GDPR Compatible

Compatible with European privacy regulation law GDPR, to ensure the safety and privacy of handling sensible user data.

OWASP Compatible

Compatible with the developers most trusted privacy law, OWASP, to ensure the safety of websites, apps, and coding.

Chat Moderation

Allows moderators to analyze text and remove any spam violations that are a threat to your app's guidelines.

IP Whitelisting

With this feature enabled, customers from only pre-approved IPs are eligible to start and participate in a chat.

Token Authentication

It allows you to recognize your users' devices as trusted devices so they don’t need to login every time with credentials.

Access Control

Access control helps regulate the resources in your app by controlling who can view them and who cannot.

Blocked Contacts

Allows users and moderators to block contacts who don’t align with the internal policy and guidelines of the app.

Integrate Any Tech Stack in 20 Minutes

You can easily integrate fully functional Calls & Chat into any mobile or web application with our flexible SDKs, which are compatible with every framework, platform, and programming language.


Use our JavaScript SDKs to easily add chat and calling features to your app.


In-App Chat can be enabled in your React Apps in less than 20 minutes.


Learn how to integrate our feature-rich Chat, voice, and video SDKs for iOS apps.

React Native

Integrate React Native Chat SDK in less time for a greater user experience.


Make a start with chat & call SDK with Flutter to build rich communication experience.


Enabling real-time communication with Angular SDK, simplifies your integration.


Learn how to integrate our feature-rich Chat, voice, and video SDKs for Android apps.


Delivering the aesthetic UIKit for rapid deployment to your existing or new web and apps.


Implementing connection requests to promote client/server communication.

How MirrorFly Helps Developers?

With unmatched scalability and flexibility, integrate real-time messaging and video calls seamlessly into your application with in just 5 mins

Chat API Features

Integrate SDK >10 Mins

MirrorFly chat, voice, and video SDKs can be integrated in less than 20 minutes across any platform.

Low Code Strategy

Add-on tools like “npmbuilds” and “Cocoapods” to reduce your code into fewer lines in both Android and iOS apps.

Light-weight Chat App

Get easy access to integrate only chat features and functionalities in 5 minutes with the Lite Chat app.

Effortless UI Kit

MirrorFly UI Kit is the fastest and easiest way to integrate core messaging features into your new or existing apps.

Simple and Easy Docs

Easy-to-understand and simple documentation with a low-code strategy across all platforms for any tech stack

Hire Integration Team

Not just enough with support; hire our integration team for hassle-free deployment across any platform.

24/7 Support

Get easy and world-class support from our support team 24x7. Premium support for all users.

Third-party Integration

Easily integrate our APIs with applicable third-party applications with support and guidance from our tech team.

Multi-Platform Support

Developed with multi-platform supporting tech stacks to make the deployment process simple in web and mobile apps.

Multi-tenancy Support

MirrorFly provides full multi-tenancy, allowing you to structure your user communication services.

Customer Stories

See What Leaders Say About MirrorFly

Discover what our customers have achieved by choosing MirrorFly for their in-app communication needs.


Increased Viewership Subscription 15x Times

Based in Thailand, TrueID is a leading entertainment app that has over 25 million users. TrueID partnered with MirrorFly to add communication features to their app, so that users can chat, engage and interact with each other.

  • 68% Increase in retention
    rate of viewers
  • 55% Rise in user
  • 68% Increase in viewership
    to subscription
author thumbnail author icon

“We are happy in working with CONTUS TECH Team for over 3 years. I could say that the success of this service (TrueDigital Communication) is the result of our hard work between our TrueID and the CONTUS TECH Team.”

Rattamont Teekavanich 

Senior Product Owner at True Digital Group

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