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Messaging & Collaboration

Real time in-app chat features to enhance any existing 3rd party apps for better personalized conversation across any device.

Private 1-to-1 Chat

Create 1-to-1 chat to any specific user on a real-time under encrypted platform to retain the information private.

Push Notifications

Maximize the user attention with the right information at right time through push message to widen the engagement.

Message Broadcast Option

Send information to vast users privately across the platforms within a single click to shrink the time consumption.

Cross-platform Messaging

Send & receive messages instantly in real-time across any web, Android & iOS mobile applications.

Group Chat

Create public or private groups to hold real-time conversations to bring the users closer into one centralized channel.

File Transfer

Share multiple files of any type to users privately or publicly through drag & drop to manage tasks more efficiently.


Create unlimited open or private channels to connect, engage and relay information. Send instant updates such as text, images, videos to a bulk of users at the same time.

Chat History

Retrieve the past conversation maximum of up to a year for any purpose. You can control the chat history of your users or enable users to customize it.

Spell Check

Add spell checker chat feature into your application that allows autocorrecting users’ entire conversation irrespective of chat medium, whether group, private, and channels.


Integrate the geolocation system into the chat platform that enables users to discover other users based on the geographical location and invite to the group, connect, chat and engage.

Chat Rooms

Create any number of chat rooms such as open or private for users to join, interact and engage with hundreds and thousands of other users based on the happenings around like events.

Tabbed Messages

Alter any number of chat and combine multiple messages into a single-window screen based on preference to maximize the chat efficiency and reduce the time consumption.

Offline Messages

Send unlimited messages to customers, employees while they are offline. Get the messages delivered to their email, as a text message or as a voice note.

Status Visibility

Enable users to customize their visibility of the status into offline/online based on the preference and irrespective of the groups and channels.

Location Sharing

Allows the user to share the live location on a 1-to-1 or group chat to enlighten the participant with real-time location.

Animated GIFs

Assist every user to Communicate with the just-a-click option of animated GIFs to turn the chat more engaging.


Entitle users to communicate in their own native language & supports 40+ languages to enhance user chat features experience.

Real-time Language Translation

The “Tap to transfer” translate the entire conversation up to 100+ languages within the chat screen in real-time.

Proactive Chat

Equipped with typing indicators, online presence & Tagging to enhance the responsiveness of the user chat behavior.

Personalized Profiles

Empowers users accessibility to tailor profile and take control of the user base, profile images, activity log etc.

Multiple Login

Access the chat app from mobile or web through Google sign-in, social login, email Sign up & facebook Sign up.

Smart Reply

Enable customers and employees to reply quickly with suggested text within the chat interface dependent on the customer’s search.

Quick Response

Add custom text box, links to the product and a CTA within the chat screen that allows buyers & customers to take immediate actions.

Edit Message

Bring back any conversation to live by editing any messages that have been sent. Enable/disable messaging editing on group chat, channels & private based authorized user accessibility.

Delete Account

Delete MirrorFly’s account permanently from the application based on the reason and preference. All the data, messages and media files will be deleted once the user deletes the account.

Integrate Launch Retain

MirrorFly is the world’s leading chat API that allows you to build or integrate chat features for any devices.

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Voice Communication

Robust Voice Calling Infrastructure to build real-time conversations with quick and reach crystal-clear call quality.

1-to-1 Call

Make clear voice calls instantly from one to million users regardless of web & mobile applications in real-time.

Conference Calling

Make conference or carrier calls to multiple users beyond the geographical area from your voice calling app or desktop.

Voice Call Recording

Record, store and retrieve the recorded calls of your customer calls, client calls & valuable calls to simplify trackings with MirrorFly’s cloud recorder.

Cross-platform Calling

Make direct high-quality voice calls to a desktop, mobile app, any platforms or carrier network at any time in real-time.

Call Queuing

Place the entire incoming calls in the line while your agent is busy & deliver it in the order they were received to increase customer efficiency.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Allow your system to handle customer calls through a human voice & direct to a suitable agent directly to reduce the customer call waiting time.

Call Monitoring & Reporting

With an intuitive contact center dashboard, manage, analyze, track call handling time, call drop ratio and call conversion rate for better decision making.

VoIP/SIP Calling

Enable agents, clients, and field workers to interact with anyone by making voice calls to network carriers right from the chat app.

Speech To Text

With easy-to-use service, transcript every recorded voice calls into text with appropriate language structure with AI integrations & machine intelligence.

Callback Service

Make any international or national calls by avoiding regular long-distance charges by initiating a call from within the current country with the originating caller joining the conference call.

Voice Note or Call Messaging

When your hands are bombarded with a lot of activities, let your voice make the message. Send voice notes as text messages to any number of users right from your app.

Video Communication

Build high-definition video calling app with enriched video calling features and functionalities for an unlimited reach.


Make peer-to-peer HD video call on any platform on the go to enhance real-time conversation & scale up production.


Organize group or conference video call up to more than 5 users with crystal clear quality to get things done in real-time.

Video Call Recording

Record every call, compose the video to your likings with edits and store the recordings effortlessly in MirrorFly’s cloud & retrieve all with quick searches.

Browser Support

Make HD 1-to-1 or group video calls compatible across the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Screen Sharing

Share the on-going video call, presentations, to multiple users to make collaboration and information sharing easier by integrating cloud-based screen sharing APIs.


The PiP mode lets you make video calls in a floating window within the screen, where you can access other apps without disturbing the on-going video calls.


Leverage the classroom teaching experience into a virtual one through video conferencing and with a real-time drawing whiteboard interface to make learning more interactive.

Data & Moderation

Tools to Sharpen the Chat Data & Integrity

Chat Analytics

Manage chat app’s performance accessing concurrent user base, data usage, active users in real-time within a dashboard.


Monitor, optimize & track chat app’s key metrics in real-time and export the entire app’s report for decision making.

Backup & Storage

Scale up to any volume of data storage with the inbuilt database and extend the scalability with cloud infrastructure.

Centralized Administration

Control the entire chat app in a centralized dashboard to monitor any group or end-users activity in a real-time.

Active Directory

The LDAP integration allows the chat server to automatically synchronize the local contact database with the directory to import contacts, accounts & history on-the-fly whenever a user added.


Everything you need with Enterprise-based security protocols like GDPR, HIPAA compliance, etc., to meet every business requirement.

Spam Flood Protection

Proactively monitor profanity of the app’s conversation with real-time filters to protect the integrity & toxicity.

End to End Encryption

The conversation is sealed with E2E encryption to ensure you and the respective recipient alone can view the messages.

Touch ID with Password

Fortified with fingerprint security with extra layer of password to tighten the application access in order to boost user privacy and experience.

Auto Message Deletion

Enable deletion of the chat app conversation with a customizable span or an optional to focus on data security.


Saved under AES 256 encryption to safeguard the whole data in the cloud and heighten the access restrictions.

SSL Security

Communication server from MirrorFly & client are encrypted with 256-bit SSL to defense against traffic hackers.

Two-Step Verification

Backup is of two-way sync, allows to delete the conversation from both of the nodes during unauthorized access.

Two-way Deletion

Backup is of two-way sync, allows to delete the conversation from both of the nodes during unauthorized access.

Secure TURN Server

Providing TURN relay point to ensure routing via NAT for a secure peer-to-peer connection across the servers.

HIPAA Compatible

Protect every piece of message, images, files and other sensitive health-related data shared through the chat platform with HIPAA compliance

Self Destruct Message

Customize any group, channel and users’ self-destructive option based on hours and minutes. Send unlimited self-destructive messages to any number of users to make classified messages safe & secure.

Scalability & Performance

Retain your app users by leveling up your chat Interaction with more personalized conversations across any platform in real time.

Own Cloud & On Premise

Flexible deployment of chat application on cloud or on-premise for accessing the data with smart controls.

Automatic Compression

Configures compression of media files sharing via encoder without affecting the quality & ensures less bandwidth use.

Low Latency

Minimizes the massive incoming of message queue & quicker on the transmission of high volume of files & concurrent chat.

Time Stamping

Serving the precise record of date/time for every message sent or received in the app regardless of the time zones.

Multi-platform Synchronization

Get connected on mobile and web via cloud-synchronization with all the app files stored & auto update instantly.

Network Compatible

Access to all the functionalities & features of chat app working seamlessly regardless of the low network bandwidth.


Integrate the real time voice, chat and video calling features into any 3rd party device to deliver a better messaging experience.

Messaging API

Send & receive messages across web & mobile apps with an integration of custom messaging API equipped with rich features.

Voice API

Make, receive & route calls across the geographical area on any platform or device with VoIP & SIP integration.

Video API

Make real-time video calls with HD quality on both mobile & web apps with the integration of WebRTC infrastructure.

Interactive Broadcasting API

Create a higher level of engagement experience for your users within the app with high quality & low latency live audio/video broadcasting.

Video Conferencing API

Add custom conferencing experience into your app to host HQ and concurrent video conferencing with the help of WebRTC protocol to increase collaboration.

Push To Talk API

Convert every smartphone into a walkie-talkie to connect field workers right from your application irrespective of geographical distance to scale employee collaboration & productivity.

Third Party Support

Integrate text, voice & video calls on any web & mobile applications with MirrorFly’s chat API & messaging SDK.

CallKit API

Make most of the voice & video calls more efficient, make multiple operations within your smartphone or web during a meeting or video chat with the users.

AR Chat Platform

Integrate AR into the application to transform the users’ interaction entirely into a new visual communication experience with 3D characters, animations and animated video calls.


Monetize your messaging platform with a wide variety of options like in-chat ads, subscription models, etc., and take your business to the next level.

Sticker-based Revenue

Add social engagement components such as stickers where allowing brands and celebrities to sell stickers on the chat platform to create an opportunity to monetize.

In-chat Advertisement

Stream ads on the status bar of the chat application, just like stories feature which creates an opportunity for brands to connect directly with the consumers.

Subscription-based model

Let users access and consume information (a form of messages) on any specific group, community, channels and private chat group through subscription-based service.

In-app Payment

More than chatting, Pay bills, make transactions, and accept bills under a secure chat environment by integrating globally recognized payment gateways.

In-app Purchase

Allow users to purchase any specific feature and functionality or the entire platform from the app store/play store. Enable third-party feature integration to generate revenue on a shared basis.

Skype for Business

Add Skype for Business functionality into the chat application where the users can directly call a Skype for the Business user or connect the internal employee to reduce the overall communication cost.

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