What Makes MirrorFly Unique?

Our Chat SDKs are compatible with the developers’ preferred platform and language. We make it easy to add our components, libraries using our Docs, to support the deployment of your app within days.



We support multi-tenancy, allowing you to split the user's data in a single environment when building a SaaS app.


Easy Integration

Effortlessly integrate our in-app chat features into your pre-built apps in a low-code environment.


High Security & Privacy

Protect every user conversation & personal info with end-to-end encryption and robust privacy regulations.



Only pay for the features you use. Switch to any of our pricing plans on the go as your app scales.

Plug n Play Features in < 10 Mins!

A head-to-head comparison of how MirrorFly performs better than Sendbird.

Check out the most important reasons how MirrorFly outperforms Sendbird, a leading in-app communication API provider.

  • Low-Code SDKs
  • 1 Developer needed
  • Viusal + Code-based SDK Components
  • Deployed in < 10 Mins
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Budget-friendly Pricing Models
  • High degree of customization
  • Worldwide based on the supplier’s infrastructure
  • Ultra-low latency due to global cloud servers

Discover how Sendbird compares to MirrorFly in terms of features, flexibility , customization and deployment options.

  • Tech & Code Intensive
  • 2-3 Senior Developers needed
  • Code-based API Integrations
  • Deployed in weeks, sometimes months
  • Deployment only on Sendbird server
  • Only subscription based pricing
  • Limited freedom to customize features
  • Application server is based out of a single region.
  • Potential latency issues due to limited server locations

MirrorFly vs Sendbird: A Head-to-head Comparison of Features

See why developers choose MirrorFly as the best white-label chat alternative to Sendbird.

All Communication Features sendbird alternative sendbird-vs-mirrorfly
best-sendbird-alternative Private Chat
One-to-One Chat sendbird alternative

Users can send/ receive direct messages to each other.

Media Attachments sendbird alternative

Lets users send and receive media like photos, videos, voice notes and contacts.

Block Contact sendbird alternative

Allows users to block other users from sending messages, making calls to them, and viewing their presence status

Delete Single / Multiple Messages sendbird alternative

Lets users delete one or more messages from their chat UI.

compare-sendbird-vs-mirrorfly Group Chat
Group Chat sendbird alternative

Users can create groups and interact with multiple users at the same time.

Starred Messages sendbird-competitor

Lets users send and receive media like photos, videos, voice notes and contacts.

Email Chat alternative-to-sendbird

Allows users to block other users from sending messages, making calls to them, and viewing their presence status

sendbird-vs-mirrorfly Video Calls
One to One/Group Calls sendbird alternative

Users can make/ receive direct video calls to each other.

Adaptive Frame & Bitrate sendbird alternative

Automatically adjusts the screen size and resolution to suit the device type and network conditions, to deliver optimal quality.

Media Storage sendbird alternative

Grants access to unlimited storage of media like images, videos and documents.

best-sendbird-alternative Voice Calls
One-to-One /Group Calls sendbird alternative

Allows users to make/ receive voice calls to each other

Call Muting sendbird alternative

Allow users to mute his/ her own audio during an ongoing call.

Incoming Call Notifications sendbird alternative

This feature ensures that the user gets notified on an incoming voice call

Active Speaker Detection sendbird alternative

This feature indicates the user details who is speaking on an ongoing voice call

compare-sendbird-vs-mirrorfly Security & Compliance
End-to-End Security (AES- 256, SSL) sendbird alternative

Ensures that every message exchanged across the app is encrypted end-to-end

GDPR sendbird alternative

States EU's General Data Protection Regulation to ensure the privacy of user conversations.

HIPAA sendbird alternative

This regulation makes sure that every Personal Health Information (PHI) shared across apps is completely protected.

sendbird-competitor Other Features
Location Sharing sendbird alternative

Allows users to share their geographical location to each other.

Online Presence Indicators sendbird alternative

Indicates the online/ away/ typing status of other users in the contact list.

Push Notification sendbird alternative

Alerts incoming messages or other reminders on the user’s notification panel

Chat Analytics sendbird alternative

Measure the performance indicators of your user activity and present a graphical representation.

Moderation sendbird alternative

Allows moderators to block/ ban users or groups that do not comply with the app’s integrity policies.

Chat Language Translation sendbird alternative

Translate texts in over 100+ languages.

UI Kit sendbird alternative

Enables you to add visual design components like themes, fonts, colors & typography.


Quick Docs

Get step by step instructions on how to integrate our SDK effectively into your apps with our up-to-date Docs.


Sample App

Try and test our video, voice and chat features on our sample app before you get started with our SDKs.


Exclusive UI Kit

Add highly engaging design features like fonts, colors & buttons to your chat apps from our pre-built UI Kit


Additionally, MirrorFly offers a white-label chat solution with an unmatched level of customization. Discover why 100+ communication businesses have switched from other providers to MirrorFly. Learn More

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