Better In-App Communication Between Buyer & Seller’s Transaction

Acquire more customers and increase higher engagement with interactive supply and demand with realtime chat app

Grow Your Online Marketplace with a Real-time Chat API

A Perfect Real time chat API to engage customers and generate commercial transactions in Online Marketplace.

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Engage Customers in Real Time Chat Functionalities

Connect the buyer & seller on your ecommerce app using our chat SDK’s enriched features like video chat, high-conversional chat etc., across multiple platforms like desktop, web and mobile apps.

Direct Customer Interaction

Engaging the shopper and buyer through in-app messaging can resolve the communication gap and build the trust and boost customer retention

Retail Broadcasting

Broadcasting notification amplifies your brand by notifying the customers about the offers, sneak peeks, product launches, and events via in-app text messaging. Embedding with IVR can get you an automated survey to obtain feedback and insights about your brand.

Turn Your Viewer into Buyer with Live Video Calling

Live Shopping, A Route to Connect the Seller & Buyer via Online Video Calling

Improve Your Customer Experience with Hassle Free Video Chat

Connect buyers and sellers via live video calling with real time APIs & SDKs, helps the seller to understand the buyer's need while performing online shopping within the ecommerce app. Now, whenever seller guides the buyer to perform the transaction, in time will make the buyer to build trust over to increase the sales.

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Enhance Customer Experience with Live Chat for E-commerce

Discover How Real-Time Chat and Messaging Can Elevate your Marketplace Business

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Develop Customers Trust across Marketplace

Gaining user’s trust implies quick sales. Making a strong human connection by providing clear ideas about the product, service, and people, ensures trusted user experience.

Grab in More Customers

Embedding Live Chat in Marketplace online shopping can gain more leads generating sales that can be traced with real time website analytics.

Managing Multiple Customers Concurrently

With Live chat you can manage multiple chat conversations concurrently, reducing the time consumption with high level of customer satisfaction.

Appreciate the Customer with Welcome text

Always set and send a personalized chat with welcome greetings to make your customer comfortable in the first place. Later assist them with their online shopping journey.

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Why Do You Choose the MirrorFly Chat API?

Highly Scalable & Secure, 100% Customizable with 500+ Chat Features, What Else do You Desire for in a Real Time Chat API?

World Most
Scalable Infrastructure

Connect to over 1 billion + users anytime anywhere instantly through any mobile or web app in no time ensuring a secure E2E encryption with multiple layers of safety.

Revenue 2x

Connecting and engaging to users globally enables you to generate revenue in many ways like sticker, in-chat advertisements, subscription based model, in-app payment, etc.

Whitelabel Solution

Create a chat platform that's specially meant for your business with your brand, color, logo and custom features, using our business-ready whitelabel solution and experience your brand at any app store or Google play store.

Save 50%
Customer Support Time

Real time communication provides interpersonal connections between the seller and buyer, that clarifies the issues instantly building trust resulting in increase in sales.

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