Engage and Retain Your Online Community Apps Strongly

Grow your communities Users with In-app Multi-chat channels

  • Set Personalized Interaction for Every Interest

    Add a real-time communication possibility to your online communities to chat & interact privately or group instantly over text, video, and voice calls on different live streams regardless of time and device.

  • Keep Everyone & Every Discussion Updated

    Engage your users by sending real-time push notification and let them stay connected. Notify your users on every discussion, update taking place in community & increase the online community app’ retention rate.

  • Let Them Stay Connected from Any Device

    Expand user’s count without any limitation in accessing your social community chat app. Enable your users to participate in the conversations and discussions to reach out to users right from any device (Android, iOS & Web) and anytime.

Connect Your Social Community Users Instantly With Real-time Chat

Scale Millions of Users on Your Social Community App by Engaging Them With In-app Chat

With the world’s most scalable Chat API & SDK for Social Communities, customize and design the community app with powerful features, intuitive UI/UX & collaborative possibilities to captivate & engage over 1M+ concurrent users that meet your target users.

create video chat app android
  • Drive Your Community App Globally with Channels

    Create unlimited channels, supergroups and enable users to interact in private/public chat. Empower users to participate in the unlimited channel for every interest with quality content within the social community app.

  • Add Virtual Video Interactions for More Fun

    Make your community more interactive and bring them closer virtually through video/voice calling. As your community grows, scale the interactivity opportunity by creating video conferencing to connect users across the geographical areas.

  • Empower Users by Going Live Broadcasting Globally

    Cover a massive audience base within your community app by creating an opportunity for users to live broadcast the happening with MirrorFly’s broadcasting API & SDK. Allow users to host live interactive broadcast within the channels & groups.

create video chat app android

Make Networking More Intriguing With MirrorFly’s Messaging APIs To Strengthen Your Social Community Apps

Enrich the community interaction experience & optimize instant participation of users with real-time communication channels. Enable users to create channels for any community such as Gaming, Dating, Humour, Crazy Series followers to hangout by sharing media, and chatting 1-to-1 or in a group.

  • Make Conversations More Entertaining & Cheering With Emoticons

    Add stories, Stickers, typing indicators, smart reply and colorful emojis to make the interaction more enthralling than you expected to be. Establish intuitive features that keep users glued into the amusing moments and, as a result, boost the app’s engagement.

  • Drive Interactions Deep With Unlimited Sharing

    Create meaningful discussion within the community channels, groups by letting users share unlimited videos, Audio, Images, Gifs and any file format that is relayed within no time. Just Drag & drop the file, to experience real-time community chat.

  • Multi-lingual Isn’t a Barrier In Your Community List

    Enable users to chat pretty much from any part of the world! Integrate language translator API that covers over 100 languages and helps community users to translate messages in any language within the chat interface.

Engage and Monetize Your Community With In-app Monetization

More than just creating engagement, collaboration within your social community app, monetize every user’s participation with effectual monetization tools

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Add Custom In-app Advertisement

Empower brands to advertise on your community application right on the user chat screen, stories interface, and on any screen of the social community app.

Cash in On Stickers & Features

Allow only subscribed users to access some extraordinary features and stickers to use within the social community chat application. The Stickers-based model has more impact on generating revenue.

Messaging as a Payment

Allow users to pay for purchases directly within the community application. The huge user base in communities is a gift for brands to market products and services on the presence of millions of users.

Keep Overall Communication Secure With Ironclad Infrastructure

Whatever the community user base, 1Million or 10 billion, MirrorFly ensures to safeguard against any toxic & trolls with top-notch moderation tools

  • Protect the Privacy of your Communities

    Defend the social community application from illegal invaders with the help of HIPAA policies, GDPR, HMAC authentications, AES encryption, and SSL/TLS security layers.

  • Spam Protection for Toxicity Flood

    Proactively monitor every conversation taking place within the social community app with automatic filters to spam & block abnormal users, and words that create toxicity within the application.

  • High Standard Security for Managers

    MirrorFly infrastructure is equipped with end-to-end encryption to protect data, messages and files relayed within community app from unauthorized access, and hackers.

  • Automatic Moderation Tools

    Prevent spam accounts, messages, freeze bad actors and automatic image filters through a real-time community chat analytics dashboard to increase the integrity of the app.

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