Why Choose MirrorFly Feeds?

Keep your users stay connected & informed with personalized Social Feed API, everytime they use your social app.

  • activity feed sdk for custom chat app

    100% Customizable

    Dynamically improve user experience with personalized communication features, powered by MirrorFly’s customizable APIs & SDKs.

  • enterprise-ready activity feed api

    Enterprise Scalability

    Upscale or downsize your app’s infrastructure as per growing demands of your users, by implementing scalable activity feeds.

  • activity feed architecture & framework

    API Infrastructure

    Ensure app performance & reliability with ultra-low latency, 3ms average response time, and 99.999% uptime SLA.

  • build any kind of activity feed experiences

    Trusted for Excellence

    Leverage our 15+ years of building in-app communication, and 300+ in-house developers to build the exact app you desire.

  • implementing scalable activity feeds features

    Feature Richness

    From topic-based chat to chat history, MirrorFly has got everything you need to build a complete communication infrastructure.

  • activity feed secure chat

    Custom Security

    Gain the freedom of choosing the security features you need for your app. Protect conversations just the way you want it.

Key Activity Feed Features

Keep users on your app connected, informed, and engaged like never before with our real-time feeds. Keep everyone in sync and create a dynamic, engaging atmosphere.

social feed api features
  • news feed api

    Likes, Comments, Reactions

    Boost interaction by adding features to express user interests, and comments. Make experiences even more enjoyable with reactions.

  • feed api infrastructure


    Streamline user experiences with Activity Feeds! Organize similar actions using personalized rules, ensuring a neat and efficient feed.

  • activity feed ui examples

    URL Enrichment

    Display image, text, & video previews of the links users share on your app. Elevate user experiences for a visually engaging feed.

  • activity feed social experiences

    Hashtags & @mentions

    Make every interaction a potential conversation starter. Amplify engagement by connecting users through personalized tags & mentions.

  • activity feed scalability

    Built-in Realtime

    Experience real-time updates with our built-in feature! Instantly notify users of new posts in the feed, ensuring timely and engaging interactions.

  • white-label activity feed app

    Custom Ranking

    Personalize your content display by configuring unique ranking methods within any group. Showcase popular content first, curating user experience.

Explore 100+ Feed Features

  • Notification feeds
  • Personalized feeds
  • Follow feeds
  • Unfollows
  • Flexible discard rules
  • Flexible discard rules
  • Pagination
  • Read feed followers
  • Realtime server-side
  • Realtime web & mobile
  • Fully customizable
  • User roles
  • Media attachments
  • Media resizing
  • Enterprise SLA
  • Webhooks
  • Custom fields
  • Engagement analytics
  • Aggregated feeds
  • Import and export data

Real-time Feeds, For Any Kind Of Apps

Start delivering highly interactive experiences on your app with MirrorFly’s real-time communication features.

Chat Channels

Turn Broadcast Experiences More Interactive With Chat Channels

Drive collaboration among users in live broadcasts, creating a space for unlimited conversations. Whether it's shared interests or shoutouts for events, MirrorFly ensures that your users stay connected in real-time conversations.

  • Real-time broadcast updates and alerts.
  • Notifications for user entries and participation.
  • Updates or on-stream announcements.
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Unmatched Infrastructure + Unparalleled Reliability, For Any App

We created our Acitivity Feeds API, with your priorities in mind.

Easily set up activity feeds on your app and drive 10x engagement than before. With 100% uptime and fastest performing APIs, your users can always access your app, click on the feed of their interest and spend longer time at their comfort.

  • Launch Easily: With MirrorFly, you’ve got the freedom of hosting your app on your own servers, at your own convenience.
  • 99.999% uptime: Leverage the SLA of almost 0% downtime. Your app will always be accessible to users.
  • Zero Maintenance: Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our Activity feed SDKs update regularly, ensuring performance at scale.
  • Hire Dedicated Team: Just tell us your needs. We’ve got a happy team of 300+ developers who can build your app. Explore More
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