Drive All Educational Related Communication In One Place

Enrich students’ learning experience within multiple communication channels

  • Online Tutoring like In-person

    Empower students to connect with personal tutors instantly to foster their doubts & learning in real-time. Tutors can also connect with global students within the e-learning chat application.

  • Teach Lively with Virtual Classroom

    Enable educational professionals to broadcast effective learning classes to global students with interactive sessions. Turn traditional classes into virtual through high-quality video interactions.

  • Live Seminars to 2000+ students

    Create interactive seminars to a huge number of students across the globe. Share content and leverage student participation within the chat app with low-latency video calls.

Bring Parents, Teachers & Students Into a Closed Community

Let Teachers Send Messages That Parents & Students Can’t-Miss!

Empower students & parents to communicate with teachers through text, real-time voice & video calls to enrich students’ learning experience. Create groups and communities that allows teachers or professionals to reach parents and students at a time to track, analyze student’s academic performance through video conferencing or collaboration tools. Engage students and increase student participation in every session, discussion happening within the mobile or web application with real-time notifications.

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  • Connect Students, Teachers from Any Device in Real-time

    Drive teachers to make one to one, group interactions, video call & voice call from any device.

  • Share Educational Materials On-the-go

    Make learning more engaging with video & audio conferencing, task scheduling, screen sharing & interactive live broadcasting.

  • Send Real-time Notifications to Students at Anytime

    Notify & personalize messages to students with push notification, tagging, broadcast messages, & communities.

create video chat app android

Connect Students From Any Part of the World For a Better Learning Experience

Streamline every conversation carried among students, teachers, and parents under one insightful environment. Personalize, Manage, and protect channels & groups to safeguard the integrity of the platform with numerous in-built moderation features. Let the conversation to start quickly between students and teachers without any qualms where students and teachers can personalize whom they wish to speak and receive calls and messages.

  • Control Chats, Groups & Communities in One Dashboard

    Analytics, History, Access control, Account or user deactivate & freeze channels.

  • Protect Student’s Chat by Masking Obscene Words

    Profanity Filters, Spam Flood Protection, Blocking Students, Automatic Image blocking, Mute.

  • Engage & Interact Million of Students

    Create unlimited groups, communities and channels to send announcements, Materials, Videos, & Images.

Security Infrastructure to Trust Without a Second Thought!

  • Authorize Students & Teachers in the Loop

    One time authentication options - SSL Certificate - Two-step verification - Single Sign-On Authentication - Token based access control.

  • Secure Every Message & Data You Share

    End-to-end encryption of messages sent from and to MirrorFly servers, Distributed infrastructure, AES encryption.

  • We Don't Sell Your Information

    HIPAA Compliant, GDPR, Data Privacy Certification, and EU-US Privacy Shield.

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