An Interactive Virtual Edutech Platform for All Sorts of Online Classes

Leverage modern learning experience with hybrid collaboration tools for Teachers & Trainers

Interactive Video Chat solution for Elearning Platform

Voice & Video Calling for Immense Virtual Collaboration

Bridge the gap between students and teachers through virtual interactions like face-to-face calls, group video calls, & voice conferences to make learning sessions more interactive. Leverage distance learning as a part of new-age digital learning by connecting trainees & learners from any device.

online virtual classroom software

Deliver Classroom Teaching-like Experience

With interactive Whiteboard, replace traditional learning into a virtual classroom experience by demonstrating solutions, math problems, biological diagrams and more. Turn every online session into a more engaging session with whiteboard & reach students & trainees on any device.

Live video chat for Education

Broadcast Online Lectures & Classes in Real-time

Stream live classes and lectures to multiple participants irrespective of device and screen sizes. Broadcast live video call sessions to multiple number of channels, closed and open groups simultaneously to reach a wider audience. Make live broadcasting more engaging with real-time chats, polls, etc.

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The All-In-One Self-HostedVideo, Voice & Chat Solution For Your Apps!

Get 1000+ in-app communication features, 99.999% uptime SLA and <100 ms avg. response time for a one-time license cost.

  • 100% Customizable SDKs
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Crucial Elements To Deliver Utmost Online Learning Experience

Powerful Virtual Collaboration Tools To Improve Students’ Learning Outcomes

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Multi-facet Communication Channels for Today’s Online Classes

HQ Video Conferencing To Connect Students & Trainees

Connect over multiple participants (teachers, students, & trainees) through audio and video conferencing. Host unlimited virtual learning sessions, webinars to teach, interact with students & trainees in real-time right from your desktop or mobile application.

Unlimited Groups & Channels for Real-time Discussions

Create unlimited groups, channels to connect students, trainees, professors, and experts from all over the world to host Q&A sessions, deliver announcements, and many more. Engage more than multiple participants in one group through polls, interactive emojis and more.

Host Webinars, Training sessions, & Online Tutoring

Transform your physical tutorings, training into virtual by connecting with around 1000s students & learners in real-time. Host webinars to students, learners, business professionals and customers to enlighten them with knowledge irrespective of industry.

Record Live Sessions And Convert Into downloadable

MirrorFly’s custom Edutech solution provides options to record every online class, webinars into a downloadable asset with playback options for future reference. Also, the live-recorded sessions can be used as any form of learning material such as video or Audio for monetization purposes.

Unlimited Collaborative Tools for Real-world Learning Experiences

Screen Sharing Options For More Collaborative Teaching

With MirrorFly’s feature-rich online learning platform, sharing of screens is made simple! Share your entire screen, on-screen activities with students, participants, & attendees to deliver on-the-go demonstrations of topics, mathematical problems, & other problem-solving activities in real-time.

Unlimited Sharing of Images, Documents & Materials

Enable students and trainees to share their questions in any format. MirrorFly enables trainers, teachers to share documents, learning videos, images, presentations, voice records and more within the same chat screen irrespective of file size. The entire files are stored under MirrorFly’s secure cloud server.

Effective Engagement Tools To Sustain Participants

Create unlimited polls, Q&A sessions and surveys during or after every online class to understand the intake of your participants. With online polls, engage participants and receive feedback instantly to improve your online classes.

Video Conferencing for Education & Virtual Classrooms
Virtual Edutech Platform

End-to-end Analytical Reports for Your Entire Virtual eLearning Platform

Centralized Administration To Monitor & Track

Mirrorfly’s virtual classroom offers a centralized administrative interface to take control of your entire virtual education platform by tracking the number of attendees, tests, courses, live classes and many more activities.

Insightful Dashboard To Generate Overall Reports

Track every session hosted, number of attendees, engagement and much more through graphs within one dashboard. Mirrorfly offers an intuitive dashboard interface to download reports for better decision-making.

Detailed Access To Students & Participants Attendance Reports

With a powerful reporting and analytics dashboard, obtain a wide range of reports such as duration of the sessions, number of attendees with In/Out times, etc., to decide whether to increase or reduce the sessions.

Individual, Groups & Attendees Performance Results

Track every attendee’s result based on their activity on courses, tests and results obtained by them. Obtain a thorough performance measurement of every attendee to offer certifications.

Performance of Teachers/Trainers Through Ratings

Collect thorough and reliable reviews from students and attendees based on teachers’/trainers’ performance. With the reviews and ratings, assess multiple numbers of teachers/trainers within your virtual classroom platform.

A Virtual eLearning Platform With Enterprise Security Standards

MirrorFly is equipped with reliable security protocols & E2EE to Safeguard Every Virtual Session

secure learning chat solution

Broadcast Online Lectures & Classes in Real-time

  • Configured with 512-bit for secure encryption & decryption of online classes
  • End-to-end encrypted to secure both ends of servers
  • Signal protocol to encrypt client servers
  • Experience Full Virtual Classroom data ownership through self-hosting
  • AES 245-bit with SSL to a establish secure connection
  • MirrorFly is compatible with COPAA, HIPAA & GDPR Policies.
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