HIPAA Compatible Chat App - A New Standard in Healthcare Communication

Build a secure patient-centered communication infrastructure experience and have a track over every provided treatment.

Track Entire Patient Journey with Telehealth App

Empowers the doctor-patient interaction with highly HIPAA compatible chat infrastructure and build a secure in-app chat, video and voice conversaation.

Improved Quality Care at the Patient’s Doorstep!

Connect patient-doctor through highly HIPAA compatible chat app and monitor patient’s data, reduced overhead cost, no-shows with speeding-up consultations, and enhance patient’s experience at cost-effective treatment.

You can also creates optimum protection for patients by allowing them to experience a more personal level of interaction with their doctors with no compromise in security and care.

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Real time Features for Better Doctor-patient Interaction!

Acquire a personalized post-care experience to the patient by integrating our highly HIPAA compatible chat APIs and SDKs.

Feature-rich Video Chat Experience

Our pre-packed APIs and SDKs get you a high performing video call experience despite you're on Wi-Fi or mobile network, without any call drop-off or video call degradation. With our intelligent network optimization and better quality conversations you can engage a global audience instantly.

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Build the Voice Experience You Need

Our real time hassle-free solution gets you the freedom to reach people around the world through VoIP and SIP Calling. Engineered on WebRTC, We built in powerful functionalities and audio calling quality optimisation for you to experience outstanding crystal clear conversation.

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Deliver the Ultimate In-app Chat Experience

Packed with high-performance and security, our easy to accomplish APIs and SDKs allows you to experience live video chat and messaging functions on a wide global scale with the world-class features, functionalities, UI/UX, hosting services - across any iOS, Android, and web app.

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Reliable Video APIs to Build a Modern Video Chat App

Integrate HIPAA compatible video calling capabilities into any 3rd party device and scale patient-doctor connection in real time.

Live Streaming

hipaa compliant video conferencing
Live Streaming
Lets you connect and interact online with a large scale of audience instantly anywhere.

Active Talker

hipaa compliant video
Active Talker
Makes the app user to send the video streams of the recent speakers to display window.

Screen Sharing

hipaa compliant video call
Screen Sharing
Supports the user to share their screen with multiple participants simultaneously.

Audio Detection

hipaa compliant video streaming
Audio Detection
Enables the user to recognize sound events with particular temporal start and end time.

Individual Stream Pinning

hipaa compliant video platform
Individual Stream Pinning
Provides host to disable active speakers view on the window, allowing to view specific speaker.

Ready to use UI Modules

hipaa compliant live chat
Ready to use UI Modules
UI kit & UI components are fully customizable for entire UI library source code with modify option.

Dual Monitor Screen Sharing

hipaa compliant communication apps
Dual Monitor Screen Sharing
Gets you share the video layouts and content of two different monitor in a single window.

Group Video Call

hipaa compliant messaging software
Group Video Call
Connect the user with multiple participants instantly around the world by creating several groups.

Empower Telehealth Communication with a Powerful Infrastructure

Drive a large user engagement, retention, and patient satisfaction with the most highlighted features of our In-app chat APIs & SDKs.

HIPAA Compatible Enterprise-grade Optimal Security

Build a high-end workflow with HIPAA compatiblity supporting TLS and AES256 encryption to protect communication among servers. Also, ensure protection towards your infrastructure with our no inbound open ports of regulatory environments including HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 Type 2, and CCPA.

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