A Pre-packed Chat SDKs To Enhances an App’s Capabilities

The Most powerful chat SDK features for iOS to build a chat experience with Swift technology

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Let’s Know Why MirrorFly’s Swift Chat SDKs are The Best Fit For Any iOS!

MirrorFly’s Chat SDKs for iOS highly flexible and fully customizable with over 500+ chat features that can scale billions of Conversations. These features include push notification, file sharing, location sharing, and much more. Integrating our SDKs can enhance the capability of any existing swift chat app easily.

Our guided documentation supports you throughout your integration/migration process. To stand out in the market we constantly enhance our SDKs functionalities based on developers reviews. Explore Swift Chat App Tutorial Arrow

A Powerful Components To Build a Modern Chat Experience

MirrorFly's power-packed chat components for any iOS app to build an engaging chat experience.

  • iOS UX Views

    Sign-Up Select a common font size for entire library Specify certain fonts for specific components alone Customize the Navigation tool Customize the webview Select the camera
  • Live View

    Make the watcher counts visible for participants Make a note of users who are typing Highlight the current user who is typing Get read state for all users who are there in channel Make the new messages visible outside of the scroll
  • Message List UI

    Show reactions on each message Edit and modify previously sent messages Get to know the typing indicators Obtain read state Get the preview for rich URL Make a list of threads found
  • Channel Header

    Back navigation button Show channel name Show the Last active time of user on the channel Indication about other users who are online currently Staying sticky to the top of the app
  • Channel List UI

    Channel name Read states of the user User’s Last message Time of last sent/received messages Select the layouts of your choice Event listening
  • Message Composer

    Add Emoticons for expressions to messages Attach documents like image, GIFs and movie of different size Give Slash Commands for giphy Typing events Switch to other messages to edit Compose threads to have a focused responses

Limitless Chat Features for iOS App You’ll Ever Need

Discover your ultimate chat app for iOS by integrating the perfect chat, voice and video calling features with swift source codes and boost your conversation experience.

  • 1 to 1 & Group Text Chat
  • Push to Talk
  • Unread Message Count
  • Chat Archiving
  • Mute/Ban Users
  • User to User Blocking
  • Chat Moderation Tools
  • Call Search
  • Data Insights
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Automated Voice Message
  • Remainder Voice Message
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Waiting Lobby

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