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Ignite Conversations With The Best Objective C Chat SDKs

Build a highly Secure chat, voice and video calling app using MirrorFly Chat SDK and objective C Technology

Most Streaming Real Time Communication

Manage your personalized chat, voice and video conferences with a future-centric communication

One to One & Group Chat create voice chat app

1-to-1 chat is conducted with any specific user retaining privacy. Group chat brings several users into one centralized channel.

HQ Voice Call create voice chat app

Users can make high-quality audio calling that is supported on any mobile and web app at any time anywhere to bring people together

HD Video Call create voice chat app

Connecting users via high quality video enables a meaningful conversation bringing real-time user engagement across the world.

Video and Voice Conferencing create voice chat app

Huge real-time multiple user engagement experience via face-to-face and voice conference calling API on any mobile and web app

Live Voice & Video Streaming create voice chat app

Bring events into reality with a reliable, powerful and secure live voice and video streaming to a large audience.

SIP & VoIP Call create voice chat app

Enable connecting people to make and receive calls from any geographical location supporting voice calling and instant messaging, all through internet connection.

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Drive Objective C Chat SDK’s Core Features For More Engagement

CONTUS MirrorFly’s Chat SDK integration supports and helps to build a powerful messaging app with customizable chat solution
and high-end scalability for any mobile and web apps.

  • Multi-Party Conversation
  • Cross-platform Messaging
  • Channels
  • Call Queuing
  • Tabbed Messages
  • Offline Messages
  • Status Visibility
  • Location Sharing
  • Cross-platform Calling
  • Voice Call Recording
  • Conferencing Call
  • Centralized Administration
  • Picture-In-Picture
  • Whiteboard
  • Active Directory

Build a Collaborative Chat App using Objective C Technology

Add the powerful chat SDKs of Objective C technology which makes your chat app collaborate and communicate across multiple channels.

  • Initializing SDKs with Objective C

    Within an app enables the messaging SDK to transform and respond to the changes made in the connection status with the help of an App ID found on the dashboard.

  • Highly Compatible SDKs

    Are easy to integrate into any pre-built or existing devices like iOS, Android, and Objective C, anytime, anywhere. Our solution is highly supportive to all kinds of technical languages.

  • Create a Chat Platform

    Enables you to get connected with a wide variety of users across multiple platforms where the participant can join the channel without an invitation and share documents, images, videos, etc.

  • Connect with Secured Codes

    A few lines of code that ensures a secure set up of connections with extra underlying protocols like multi-layer shielding, end-to-end encryption, AES-256, etc., across your app users entire conversations.

  • Build Robust Experience

    By integrating our UI kit with messaging SDKs into your app and extending your apps capability to the next level for a better global connection.

  • Transmit & Receive Message

    Send and receive messages on your channel using simple few lines of codes using Objective C technology and also send alerts on our dashboard.

Why Enterprises Go For MirrorFly’s Objective C Chat SDK?

MirrorFly chat SDK with Objective C framework is fully customizable and capable of being integrated into any mobile and web app within a limited possible timeframe. Available with over 500+ chat features like 1-to-1 chat, video calling, private video chat, video conference calling, and live talk, etc., all have made us the most desirable choice for any enterprise. Our chat API builds every other chat app specifically upon the business requirements that made us stand out from the crowd.

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Modern SDK’s for Your Preferred Languages

MirrorFly offers the most powerful UI kit with customizable SDKs using simple codes that suit your favorite tech stacks.

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