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Real-time Video Consultation for Virtual Experience

Integrate real time chat, voice and video features to build a patient-centric platform and create a more personalized healthcare experience of tomorrow.

  • Remote Medical Consultation
  • Video First Aid
  • Interactive Medical Education
  • Large-scale Event Streaming

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It's Time To Rethink About Face to Face Video Consultation

Make your consultation much easier with a real time communication solution that provides chat, voice, video calling functionalities to connect doctor and patients in real time for secured HIPAA compatible conversation.

Whether it's about connecting patient with a mental healthcare doctor to have a virtual consultation via live video calling, or sharing medical experiences of live seminar, live surgeries with other doctors, or else about sharing patient’s medical records like x-ray, prescriptions, etc., for further treatment, by integrating our video calling APIs, you can experience everything with high-quality communication and video/voice recording.

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Stream Medical Events Anywhere, Anydevice & Any platform

CONTUS MirrorFly's telehealth software offers a new mode of communication to connect with doctors and patients in real time. It's live video streaming allows you to experience a personalized, in-person consultation around the world.

You can reach the audience in real time with announcements of breakthroughs, paper presentations, and other important events. Our solution also supports you to record and store the event on cloud/on premises for archival purposes, that can be streamed later-on whenever needed.

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Modern Digital Care for Better Communication

Builds a personalized connection between doctor and patient, where the doctor continues patient care beyond their office timings

Real-time Video Consultation

Crystal Clear Audio Calling create voice chat app

Build a crystal clear conversation platform with Chat APIs by connecting the doctors and patients globally with the real-time voice, video and features ensuring a highest call-quality optimization for better conversation experience with no down time and low-latency.

High Quality Video Calling Experience create voice chat app

Integrating our video APIs in real time, gets you a simplified and best video consultation or a therapy, directly from the world’s top most doctors, anytime, anywhere through live video calling. You can also switch channels effortlessly in no time, under any challenging network conditions, and build real time communication within your telehealth app.

Highly Reliable Chat Infrastructure create voice chat app

Drive better communication by embedding CONTUS MirrorFly's real time chat, video and voice features and experience a better patient outcome. Whether it's one-to-one chat or a group chat during a live video call session with doctors or staff or patients, faster and effective communication with file sharing can be done with ease.

A Modern Way of Doctor-patient Communication for Remote Healthcare

Build your healthcare app and experience a fullest patient journey with the best quality care

CONTUS MirrorFly’s Best Technical Functionalities for Business Needs

Build your Unique real-time video calling platform by integrating powerful business logics - APIs and SDKs

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HIPAA Compliant # #

The HIPAA-compliant ensures a non- compromising high-end data protection and improves operational efficiency with reducing no-shows, easy patient hand-off and speed consultations.

End-to-end Encryption # #

Highest level of message and media file integrity and transmission between patients, doctors, and healthcare staff are encrypted with HIPAA compliant point-to-point encryption, TLS/SSL, AES-256, etc.

Maintain Call/chat Records # #

Improve future interaction and treatment among doctors and patients by keeping their sensitive call/chat data recorded, logged and stored for risk management.

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