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video call api ios

Optimized Organization Productivity

Enhance employee productivity and time efficiency through integration of video calling feature into your existing platforms. Transfigure the internal & external collaboration in real-time conversation on the go regardless of mobile and desktop applications.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Live Streaming
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video chat api

Enriching Learning Possibilities

Empower real-time learning experience by creating effective video collaboration between students, and educational experts. With Mirrorfly’s Video calling API & SDK, foster your e-classroom, tutoring, virtual classrooms, and entire learning management system.

  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Online Coaching/ Tutoring
  • Seminar
  • Call Recording
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video chat api ios

Supercharge Screening Process

Schedule, interact and enhance decision making of your recruitment screen process in a real-time video chat by integrating Mirrorfly’s API into your application or website.

  • Virtual Interview
  • In-browser Group Call
  • Live Code Execution
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Customer Support

video chat api android

24x7 Live Connection

Magnify retention, engagement and customer satisfaction instantly with a peer-to-peer video chat between executive & customer. Allow customers to interact in real-time via one-to-one or multi-party video chat for better user-efficiency and conversion.

  • Technical Assistance
  • Help Desk
  • Sales Support
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Med-care Anytime, Anywhere

Deliver insightful solution and immense care to your patients through video calling. With Mirrorfly’s Video chat API & SDK, enable healthcare professionals to share medical reports and real-time chat under a secure application.

  • E-visits & Medical Consultations
  • Wellness & Fitness
  • Connected Devices
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video chat sdk android

Real-time Gaming Experience

Reshaping the gaming community conversation to a new level of real-time video chat experience to boost engagement and social activity. Additionally, create multi-party video chat sessions & virtual games sharing to provide true-gaming experience.

  • Electronic Sports
  • Online Gambling
  • Virtual Tabletop
  • Live Streaming
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video chat sdk ios

Engagement at its Highest

Bring immense interaction between users and brands to empower your social app’s engagement & communication through seamless video chat integration. Additionally, increase audience participation, bolster fun and retrieve existing users.

  • Interview/Talk Show
  • Broadcast Entertainment
  • Community
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Highlights of Mirrorfly’s Video API

That Stands Out from the Crowd

From determining the ideal building blocks, experts in-depth involvement in choosing the right technology stack and building roadmap from pre-deployment, Mirrorfly understands your business demands. We make more experts support to bring out the best-in-class video chat app that enriches your business communication in real-time.

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High Performance
Backend Infrastructure

DevOps Grounded

300+ In-house
Development Team

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HD Video

Powering Video Chat Experience with High-performing Capabilities

Harness the hallmarks of video chat app across platforms with Mirrorfly’s SDK and WebRTC

Meet Our Feature-enriched Video Calling API & SDK

Drive the highest degree of peer-to-peer video chat connection on any platform

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Communication & Collaboration

1-to-1 or Multi-party

Connect users in a whole of about 6 participants or individual for a lively conversation on the go. Mirrorfly’s video calling features serve beyond the possibilities to make secure & peer-to-peer video chat on desktop & mobile applications.

File Sharing

Experience easy sharing of files to N number of users within a group or individual through drag-and-drop. Share any number of file formats that includes documents, multimedia (audio/video), images and graphic files.

Data Channel

A real-time sharing of contextual information during a discussion or conference helding within the channel or group. The feature lets the user share the highlighted information on the video chat screen for effective productivity and lessen the time.

Video Recording

Capture live video chat sessions for archiving and playbacks. Whatever the recording sessions, Mirrorfly’s video calling SDK & API allows recording video calls under an encrypted platform to meet all your recording possibilities.

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Data & Moderation

Centralized Administration

Empower with 360° view of your video chat through granular authorization in order to track usage of the data, manage organizational users, monitor groups/channels and access the analytical reports within a dashboard.

Video Call insights

Explore a complete insightful analytics of your video chat application or conferencing app to understand the performance of active participants, geographical users and export the overall result for better decision making.


Reduce the entering of spam accounts signups into your video chat application through Mirrorfly’s video SDK. The lookup toolkit progressively enhances the relationship between the users.

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Establishing an Ironclad Security Standards

Explore 4-tier secure environment throughout the wide-array of real-time video communications


The conversation carried between the client and inter-server are completely fortified to protect against unauthorized access. Moreover, the entire client-server is routed through a DTLS connection for an extra layer of security.

TURN Relay

The entire data is a relay on our TURN server which cannot be decrypted or accessed in a peer-to-peer connection. Mirrorfly ensures whether the direct connection is encrypted with multiple layers of security.

Your Own
TURN server

Mirrorfly offers additional security, where you can use your own TURN server through our API to replace and disregard the complexities of WebRTC integration in a real-world network.


Routing the conversation loop as an encrypted connection with the usage of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 265 bit, Mirrorfly ensures the end-to-end connection between the users and servers are secure for making video calls.

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