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Why is MirrorFly the Best Agora Alternative?

A collaborative real-time chat solution with the best security and self-hosting infrastructure to build your chat app in real time with easy integration of APIs into any 3rd party app.

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    Utmost Scalability

    A highly scalable infrastructure that enables your app to scale up to billions of concurrent users and their conversations around the clock across any platform with high tech quality at no downtime.

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    Cross-Platform Compatibility

    Make your app users connect and interact instantly with other users across the world around multiple platforms like desktop, iOS, Android, web browsers, etc., and scale your user quickly without any lag.

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    White Label Solution

    Uplift your brand with our readymade solution and experience your company's logo, color, and custom features, with several hosting options - on cloud or on premises that meet your business needs.

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    Self Hosting

    A smarter real time communication platform with self hosted infrastructure provides a variety of hosting options with your cloud or our on-cloud/premises to meet your unique application requirements as per your business demands.

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    Hire Dedicated Team

    CONTUS MirrorFly has a team of dedicated messaging app developers who can be hired anytime to work remotely on your project to build your end-to-end apps in the most flexible terms as per your business requirements.

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    Pre-Build UI/UX Design

    Power your application with easy and agile UI customization supporting the core chat SDK features. You can create and assemble your app structure as per your needs and have your desired interface with color, fonts and icons or your choice.

CONTUS MirrorFly vs. Agora Chat : A to Z Feature Comparison

The best features that make CONTUS MirrorFly the best alternative to Agora.

High-end Comparison Chart #
# Real-time chat
One-to-one Chat # #
Group Chat Limit # UNLIMITED
Cross Platform Messaging # #
Private Group Chat # UNLIMITED
Public Group Chat # UNLIMITED
Message Translation # #
Auto-Thumbnail Generator # #
# Video call
Unlimited Video Calling # #
Video Conferencing # #
Live Broadcasting # #
Active Talker # #
Breakout Rooms # BETA
Low Latency # #
Moderated Entry # #
# Voice call
Unlimited Voice Call # #
Live Voice Streaming # #
SIP/VoIP Calling # #
Push to Talk # #
Call Queuing & Waiting # #
# Platform
Third-party integration # #
HIPAA Compliance # #
End to End Encryption # #

Why is CONTUS MirroFly an Ideal Solution for Real-Time Communication?

Agora is a real time engagement platform that mainly deals with video, voice and chat but with certain limitations with user engagement in group chat, video calling, etc. Whereas, CONTUS MirrorFly with high-end flexibility and customizability stands out among all other real time chat API & SDK providers globally. With voice, video and chat we offer over 150+ features that can be integrated easily into any 3rd party device. Additionally, our custom features like voice/video recording, file sharing, etc., are available anytime as per business requirements, all these make us to be the best alternative to Agora.

More of our highlights includes one time license cost, UX/UI designs, 300+ developers, end-to-end encryption, self hosted infrastructure - our on-cloud/premises, or your cloud option, and much more.

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