Communication APIs: Top 7 In-app Chat, Voice & Video APIs

Published On May 31st, 2024 Tech Talks

Hot topics of the web recently are these communication APIs,

  • What are they?
  • Which one could work for your business?
  • How do they work?
  • Which communication API vendors lead the industry?
  • How do I get started with it?

Don’t overflow your mind with such queries. Here we can have a clear outline of all your queries about communication APIs.

What are Communication APIs?

A communication API is a set of protocols or instructions that allow developers to easily implement video, voice, and messaging capabilities into any software application or web. 

Whereas, an API is just an interface allowing two software applications to communicate with one another.

How Do Communication APIs Work?

APIs generally have their own set of working protocols with each differing from the other. There are different types of APIs like REST API, WebSocket APIs, SOAP, and more. And each API has its working mechanism. Usually, communication APIs establish a framework between a business’s platform with other apps.

Businesses can easily integrate communication APIs into their existing apps. And not hire developers with proficiency and core knowledge for building chat apps. By doing so, they can streamline their workflow. Further, solving queries and enabling a better work environment.

Types of Communication APIs

We know that with a communication API, web and mobile app developers can quickly integrate pre-built communication features like messaging, voice calling, and video calling into any software app.

But, is it possible to add only video, voice, and chat capabilities? Well no, even SMS and email features can be implemented using a communication API provider.

However, below we will see the top three types of communication APIs:

  1. Video API
  2. Voice API
  3. In-app Messaging API/Chat API

1. Video API

Whether you need to build a customizable video chat solution or need to add a specific video calling feature, video APIs come in demand. 

Because they give you the flexibility to easily create richer engaging experiences in your chat apps. Want to see how easily you can build a video chat app using MirrorFly video SDK? Talk to us.

2. Voice API

Like the previous type, voice API is used to embed audio calling capability into chat apps. This type of communication API is slowly earning its pace because of exquisite speech-enabled features like group audio calling, voice-to-text translation, one-to-one audio calling, push notifications, and more. 

In addition to all the above said, some of the communication API providers like MirrorFly offer complete customizations on voice calling features, and migration with zero downtime. Learn here why you should migrate to MirrorFly from your existing API provider.

Need to add voice IVR to your chat apps? You can simply use a programmable communication API in this case. 

3. In-app Messaging API/Chat API

Messaging APIs best called MirrorFly’s in-app communication API make it possible to seamlessly add interaction capabilities like one-to-one chat, group chats, push notifications, and presence indicators into any instant messaging app in a breeze. 

Did you know that a rest-based communication API can work collectively with a video API to implement communication between apps?

What are the Benefits of Using a Communication API?

Here are some of the benefits of using a communication API:

  • Enhanced levels of security: When it comes to security and data privacy, communication APIs are built with robust encryption protocols to handle any type of intrusion and data theft. 
  • Boosts user interactions: The different types of APIs offer a frictionless medium for communication thereby enhancing user interaction within the app.
  • Quick integration: Nowadays, in-app messaging API providers like MirrorFly ensure the implementation of call and chat features into any software app within 10 minutes. Such fast API integration has become.
  • Unique features: Besides the fact that MirrorFly’s self-hosted solution helps developers to build a completely customizable or white-labeled solution letting them add features they need. Several other API providers make sure to offer features like push notifications, alerts, moderations, reminders, presence indicators, and more.
  • Complete scalability: It has become an evident attribute of certain providers to make their APIs scalable so that they can easily accommodate a growing user base.

To conclude, communication APIs are pillars of strong in-app interactions and retention. As a result, some businesses these days mandate the implementation of messaging features into Android, iOS, and web apps to draw users’ attention.

Editor’s pick: Did you know that IoT communication APIs work extremely well even during unstable network conditions? And, it is because of this attribute, that it is possible to foster API-to-API communication between devices.

6 Best Communication APIs of 2024

There are a lot of communication APIs available in the market, but these API communications are better in performance and rankings.

1. MirrorFly

real-time communication api
The #1 SaaS & SaaP Communication SDK Provider!

MirrorFly is the #1 real-time communication API, specially designed for developers and enterprises. They offer in-app chat, Voice, and Video call APIs with 1000+ enriched features. They lead the market with two of their best business modules.

SaaS: Their highly scalable SaaS modules provide you with a budget-friendly month-on-month subscription for chat, voice and video calls. Their scalable SaaS modules provide high-end chat and call features. These include push notifications, group chats, one-to-one video calls, video conferencing, and more. Developers can avail these for monthly subscriptions.

SaaP: Their SaaP, or self-hosted module, comes with 100% customizable SDKs. Developers can also build a white-label solution for a one-time license cost.


Ready to Integrate Our Video Call SDK Into Your App In < 10 Mins!

2. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is the most widely used team collaboration and communication platform.

Enterprises, military, and the government trust the platform for its performance and innovation. Plus, Troop Messenger is acclaimed for boosting productivity and internal team collaboration. It is widely known for its messaging, voice, and video calling capabilities.

communication sdk provider
Best Power-packed Complete API & SDK Provider!


  • SaaS, Self-hosted, White labeling, etc., service models
  • End-to-End Encrypted Business Communication
  • Advanced Chat Area Filters
  • Zapier Integration
  • Video Calling Experience

3. Apphitect

customizable communication api
100% customizable, feature-enriched communication SDKs provider!

Apphitect is considered one of the best communication API providers in the market. Its features are 100% customizable and offer them at a one-time license cost.

They are also known for 99.999% uptime SLA and low latency support. With these, you can deliver perfect modern messaging experiences.


  • 100% customizable SDKs
  • On-cloud/On-premise hosting
  • White label solution
  • All video and chat solutions
  • Enriched chat, voice, and video features, etc.
Ready To Create Customized Video Chat Experiences With MirrorFly?

4. Twilio

communication platform api and sdk
Best Power-packed Complete API & SDK Provider!

Twilio is the best in-app video communication API platform. It allows multiple features for video calls and video conferencing. Twilio is the industry-leading and trusted platform that efficiently powers customer engagement innovations.


5. Dolby

best real-time communication apis and sdks
A red carpet welcome for the digital communication era! communication APIs offer an award-winning platform for unified real-time communication. Their APIs are supported by decades of experience in the science of sight and sound.

Plus, you can integrate call recordings, voice calls, and video call features into any app.


  • Multi-party voice and video calls
  • Static noise and echo suppression
  • Dialogue leveling and activity deduction
  • Customizable streaming
  • Recording layouts

6. Vonage

best communication sdk
Powering your customer’s experiences across the journey

Vonage is an industry-leading customer experience communication API that powers up your customer experience and helps you connect your employees anytime and anywhere around the globe.


  • Highly scalable
  • Call recording
  • Video conferencing
  • In-app chat surveys
  • Customer experiences

7. EnableX

communication api solution
Developer’s choice for development

EnableX is similar to Apphitect, which offers you 100% customizable SDKs that allow you to integrate them into your own platform with low-code deployments at a one-time license cost. It helps developers choose their preferred programming language from the list of available languages.

Plus, it has a huge tech stack that makes it possible to build chat apps under any framework.


  • 100% customizable
  • White label solution
  • Enriched chat and video calling features
  • Developers choice
  • Hassle-free integration

Getting Started with Communication APIs

Users expect your app or website to have live text-based chat options to get answers in real-time.

So if you are confused between choosing chat, voice, or video APIs, here is a key that will help you. In order to start with a communication API, start with a chat. And more importantly, some of the communication API vendors provide chat for free with limited users.

If you are still confused, click here to speak with an expert about choosing the best free chat API for your business to get started with.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an API?

API or Application Programming Interface is a set of standards or protocols that acts as an intermediary between software applications, letting them exchange data and other information.

What are the different types of communication APIs?

Here are a few different types of communication APIs listed below:

What are communication apps?

A communication app is a platform that allows chatting with text, voice, and video among users in real-time. Communication apps are widely used to connect teams by facilitating chat, voice, and video call options to conduct team meetings, collaborations, and monitoring.

What is the importance of communication apps?

Communication apps play an important role in terms of both business and personal communication. For businesses, they facilitate seamless and instant communication, remote collaboration, enhanced productivity, real-time updates and notifications, cost savings, flexibility and mobility, integration with other tools, etc.

What does IoT Communication API Mean?

IoT communication API is a set of tools that allows two more software applications to interact with each other and with other systems when connected to the internet.

What does Rest-based communication API mean?

Rest API or Restful API is a type of communication API in IoT that allows developers to create, update, and delete data using HTTP requests in XML or JSON formats.

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