We Simplify Your SDK Integration Experience

We mean it when we say complete integration: our developer will cover installation and maintenance, end to end.

  • Complete Integration

    Leverage the skills of our professional developers who can integrate communication features into your apps within a matter of 20 minutes. Hiring our expert can forge you to launch your apps in days, not months.

  • Hosting Management

    Not just SDK integration, our developers also take up the responsibility of hosting your app on our servers. Plus, they’ll make sure that the storage, security, bandwidth, speed and performance is at the optimal numbers.

  • App Data Security

    We completely understand the chat security concerns that might arise with hiring developers into your project. Our developers abide by the privacy regulations, to refrain from disclosure of any information related to your app.

  • Flexible & Future-proof

    Sourcing a pro developer into your project comes with its own perks. Our experts have handled plenty of integration projects, and are capable of working on any tech stack that you prefer to use on your chat app.

  • Save Your Time

    Hiring our tech engineer for the SDK integration eliminates the need to spend your time on development. Our experts take care of the entire process end to end, so you can focus on your core business activities.

  • Meeting Developer Persona

    We understand what it is like to integrate a communication feature into an app. We take the time to listen, understand your needs, prioritize the things that make you different, and then perform the integration in your way.

Smooth Integration, Hassle-free Deployment

We put the effort into understanding your business and streamline the integration process that matches your brand value.

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Get Expert Help

Dedicated Developer Support

Hire our developer, and relax, while we integrate the SDK into your app and take care of everything until it goes live. Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality integration experience, at your own pace.

100% Promises

Easy Migration Without Data Loss

Worried about data loss while migrating from your existing provider? We got you covered! Our developers ensure that every data from your previous provider is flawlessly transferred to your MirrorFly libraries.

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Expert Consultation

Get Consultation From Our Expert Dev Team

Our developers have a solid experience in the integration process over years. Take advantage of their expertise to strengthen your strategies for any upcoming challenges that arise with market changes.

Be It Any Platform, Any Language, We’ve Got The Top Skills!

Our developers specialize in Android, iOS and web app platforms, along with professional expertise in all major tech stacks.

  • Platforms

    We take care of the SDK integration into cross-platform apps covering mobile and web.

  • Programming Languages

    We specialize in server-side SDK integration on top of any programming language.

  • MirrorFly APIs for Hybrid Support

    MirrorFly APIs for hybrid support (Available only for Chat)

  • Chat UI Kit

    Add highly responsive design elements to your apps with our UI components.

Why Choose MirrorFly Developers?

With a unique blend of technical expertise and unwavering commitment, we are passionate to help you with the SDK integration thoroughly.

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  • voice call api integration Deep knowledge on SDK methods
  • video call api integration 300+ in-house developers
  • chat feature integration Dedicated assistance
  • chat ui kit integration Exceptional coding & UI/UX skills
  • chat integration Go live in 20 minutes
  • saas sdk integration 24/7 dedicated support
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We are always ready to help you every step of the SDK integration, on any platform.

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