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Discover More than You Expect With MirrorFly's Voice Call API

With a dedicated team of 300+ specialized voice call api developers, diverse hosting options, package of enriched-features and advanced protocols to build the exact voice chat app you demand. The Contus MirrorFly Voice Calling API lets you make and receive calls over browsers, apps and web applications in order to add an extra performance to your business needs.

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High Performance
Backend Infrastructure

DevOps Grounded

300+ In House
Development Team

Built With

On-premises &
On Cloud

Explore Voice Chat API & SDK Multi-facet Infrastructure

Fully Comprehensive Solid-feasibility to Build Custom Voice Communication Apps Across Web & Mobile

Driving Future-centric Voice Chat SDK & API Features

Elevating the Quality & Routing Calls Effectively for a Strong Static Connection Across Android & iOS

Voice Communication

Make, receive, and monitor calls around the globe using the voice api, it is now easier than ever with voice chat app.

One to One

Make private or direct calls to any specific user regardless of devices and platforms embedded with ultra-low latency to experience clear and high-quality audio calling apps. With end-to-end encryption, make secure calls over PSTN from app to geographical users without worrying about carrier connections.

Group Audio Calling

Integrate voice conferencing functionality to amplify efficiency and productivity. Our powerful voice call SDK comes with advanced features and multiple participants in order to streamline your voice conferencing across the geographic regions.

Voice Call Notifications

Reach millions of users through voice experience they want to be reached. Send bulk notifications as voice template across channels, platforms and devices to deliver alerts, updates and information within a single tap with Contus MirrorFly’ push API.

Text to Speech

Create custom text to voice tone as you prefer or from Contus MirrorFly’ in-house tones with unlimited languages. Synthesize voice in real time to multiple users through a human voice dynamically generated with raw text as your input.

Speech Recognition

Build responsive and automatic speech recognition feature with Contus MirrorFly’ live voice chat API & SDK infrastructure to act as a partial recognition of your users’ request which supports a global user base.

Voice Callkit

Voice Chat, Surf and process other activities on your mobile during voice calls within the app through MirrorFly’ Voice CallKit API. Make independent operations on your wish to enhance personalization on conferencing with friends & professionals.

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Voice Conferencing

Easy to integrate voice conferencing into web and mobile apps that helps to engage more users with in-app voice api & sdk.

Multi User Conferencing

Make persistent voice conferences across the devices and platforms. With MirrorFly’ low-latency voice api, hosts up to 250 participants across the globe to make discussions, meetings and webinars in clear voice quality.

Voice Conference Scheduling

Initiate instant meetings, discussions without follow up emails and phone calls. Schedule any number of audio conferences based on calendar and participants availability regardless of platforms and devices.

Active Directory / LDAP

Manage the entire users’ accounts with advanced admin-portal. Automate the synchronization of large corporate infrastructure containing a huge number of accounts to the app to host conferences.

Clear & Crisp Voice Quality

With MirrorFly’ voice api, contrive the best possible voice call experience you want. Our infrastructure routes the calls to the nearest data centre to deliver low-latency emitted voice quality across landline, mobile, iOS, Android & Web.

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instant voice chat in android app
instant voice chat in android app

Advance Media Handling

Ideal choice to implement audio api to your industry, engage your customers like never before on any existing application.

Natural Language Processing

Record, control and retrieve your valuable conversations under a sensitive data protection or cloud resources. Record any type of audio formats with unlimited cloud storage and get a complete authenticated access to monitor, control and retain the worthy

Answering Machine Detection

With MirrorFly’ beta answering machine, streamline the outbound calls more effectively through connecting the calls with human and leaving voicemails according to the situation. Our Algorithms plays a major role in AMD.

Dual Channel Recording

Retrieve the backup calls through recording REST APIs. Record multiple numbers of calls and conferences to fetch information through recording options like start, stop, delete, pause and resume voice recordings.

Audio Re-routing

Setup routing of audio calls to other external devices such as Smart-TV, Bluetooth for an efficient remote accessing of the voice calls. The feature creates a bridge to connect with a large group of users.

Call Conversion

Convert the entire video calls taking place within the app into call with multiple format supports. Automatically convert any number of video calls into audio and vice versa in the recorded portal with clear & crisp quality.

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Outstretched Voice Call Experience! Anytime Any Device

Create persistent voice conversations to any carrier networks from web and mobile with CONTUS MirrorFly audio call api & sdk

white label voice call solution

VoIP Calling

Build the sublime voice call experience on Android and iOS apps by embedding VoIP functionality to make voice calls on VoIP connected mobile phones and browsers. Make clear voice calls with unlimited cloud data infrastructure where the voice calls data is a one-time payment.

SIP Trunking

Widen the line of communication across carrier networks with the help of VoIP infrastructure embedded with SIP interferes. Connect to a broad number of devices - landline, Desktop, mobile from MirrorFly voice api integrated apps or browsers to make persistent & clear voice calls.

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SIP Interface

Scale concurrent calls across the globe to widen the presence globally. MirrorFly offers elastic SIP trunking connectivity to reach overseas calls with local network availability. Create unlimited call paths with infinite data connectivity to bring splendid experience for any voice calling purposes.

Effective Highlights to Leverage Your Call Management Operations

Empower Smooth Customer Support & Sales with Multi-channel Communication APIs

  • Call Barging

    Listen and drop into the live calls to speak both with the caller and support agent to minimize the call transitions. With a quick drop in calls, increase customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Call Queueing

    Place all incoming calls in the line while your agent is busy attending other customers. With Call queueing API, calls will be notified and answered in the order, thus increases your agent efficiency and courteous treatment.

  • Call Forwarding

    Divert any number of calls to any device or desired number right from your call center application. Make Immediate or unconditional call forwarding for your customer support team in case of any situations.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Offer more voice response than simply say “Press 1”. Provide modern IVR that allows customers to find what they’re looking out faster and quicker. Reduce operational costs and increase customer loyalty.

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Powerful Push to Talk for Refined Team Collaboration

Connect Instantly through on-demand voice transmission capability over any industry without the use of regular cellular plans

IP-radio Gateway

Redefined Audio Management

Enriched Server-side Audio Management

Messaging and GPS Functionality

Multi-datacenter Infrastructure

Telco-grade Infrastructure

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self hosted voip calling sdk

Fine-tuned Data & Moderation Tools with Voice Calling API

Augment Deeper Insights on routing & Manage your voice call system across Android, iOS & Web Than ever Before

self hosted push to talk api & sdk


Manage your entire voice call insights with a quality analytics report. With the voice insights for Carrier/SIP calls, you can export a complete report of network & performance metrics, call data usage.

Centralized Administration

Take control of your entire centralized programmable voice call app, system integrations, user management capabilities and groups control within the admin console to create seamless workflow experience and to make decision makings.


Disregard the calling of defunct numbers into your mobile application and website in order to secure the HLR data and contact details of the users from unauthorized access.


Add real-time transcription feature into your mobile and web applications which recognizes 100+ languages. The automatic speech recognition is simply the top of the line strategy to upgrade your business responsiveness.

Dynamic Caller ID

Customize your own caller ID to strengthen the identity of your business or enterprise on outbound calls. With simple configurations, change caller ID periodically in trunk according to locations.

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Build a Developer-friendly Voice API Platform

MirrorFly’s voice API empowers the future of business communications by connecting people globally

Technical Specification

With a supportive team of 300+ dedicated expertized developers now you can build voice chat apps for your business.

Low-Code Embed

Select the IFRAME code of your choice and get simplified codes to build a robust, scalable high speed app that can go live within minutes

Feeds API

Enables to scale the feed infrastructure without affecting the app usability or performance. It updates the user with all current happenings like reactions, feed ranking, etc.

Real-time Dashboard

Easy-to-use dashboard allows the user to chat without disturbance with an effortless ticket routing system, productive workflows and a huge user engagement.

Multiple Platforms & Languages

Build your voice app with your preferred programming languages like kotlin, React Native, etc. in any platform, desktop, or mobile app.

World Class Docs and SDKs

Oue easy and simple guided document helps you integrate our voice APIs into your web and mobile app, without the need of developers.

Security & Compliance

Solid Secure Cloud-infrastructure Eradicates Vulnerabilities


MirrorFly is entirely encrypted with E2EE to prevent the api voice call data being read or decrypted by traffic hackers. The servers between MirrorFly and client are safeguarded with key encryption and HTTP authentication to protect from unsanctioned access.

TURN Relay

MirrorFly ensures in providing you a TURN (Traversal Using Relay NAT) media Relay point where the voice call system connection is routed through symmetric NATs which acts as a firewall to secure huge enterprise load connections.

Your Own
TURN Servers

In this scenario, MirrorFly offers an additional layer of security to utilize your own TURN media relay point in order to safeguard the route of peer-to-peer connection of voice chat across the regions.


The entire backups of the MirrorFly’s customer data, subscription details, call logs and call recordings preserved are encrypted using (Advanced Encryption Standard) AES-256 bit to shield from third-parties.

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Powerful Solution to Orchestrate Voice Calling Across Verticals

Empowering the Voice Communication App’s Performance for Every Sector to Unparallel the Network Scalability on Android, iOS & Web

Enterprise Arrow Arrow

voice call software for enterprise business

Seamless Remote Access

Deliver high-quality voice calling features to enhance the collaboration efficiency, engage customer-centric experience and peer-to-peer voice chat connection. Integrate voice chat software into your existing organizational application to make unlimited audio calling across PBX devices, carrier networks with the help of SIP & VoIP protocols.

  • Voice Conferencing call
  • Call Insights
  • Cross Platform Communication
  • Group Chat
  • Secure File Transmission
  • Unlimited calls
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Telecommunication Arrow Arrow

voice broadcast api for telecommunication

Tweak Voice Calling Over Carrier Calls

Network Providers can enable high-quality programmable voice calls to any device across the globe with their own network brand name. With live voice API & SDK infrastructure, network providers can transform the telecom landscape to yield customer satisfaction and business profit over outdated carrier calls. Reduce the overall call service cost into half the rate by replacing SIM-based telephony calls into SIP & VoIP-based calls

  • Internet Calls
  • Over-the-top Communication
  • Cost-effective
  • Multi-country Direct Connection
  • Live audio Streaming
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Construction Arrow Arrow

 self hosted voice chat for construction

Resolve Reworks on the Go

Connect site workers instantly to eradicate confusion, rework, and emergency alerts with our voice chat APIs to deliver a real time communication system where a prolonged chain is no more effective. Engage, reach bulk employees at a moment to amplify workers safety and productivity.

  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Meetings
  • Photo & File Sharing
  • Real-time Site-walk Through
  • Organized Data Sharing
  • Conference Scheduling
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Customer Support Arrow Arrow

On premises voice calling Sdk for Customer Support

Heighten Cost-effectiveness

Establish an immense connection between enterprise and customers via live voice calling possibility to exceed the higher degree of customer experience and multiple opportunities for business growth. Give more sophisticated communication space to your support to handle call operations more efficiently than ever with voice call APIs

  • Advanced Call Control
  • Answering Detection
  • Custom Hold Music
  • One to one
  • Call Notification
  • Audio Encrypted
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Manufacturing Arrow Arrow

Top voice chat software for manufacturing

Connect Supply-chain Instantly

Drive measurable benefits on service productivity, resolve onsite issues and service delays with a modern voice communication platform on Android, iOS & Web with MirrorFly’ voice call software. Broadcast updates, technical issues to the entire organization with a clear audio conferencing to resolve problems and enhance organizational productivity.

  • Troublshoot Customer Problems
  • Conference Calling
  • Document Sharing
  • Real-time Broadcasting
  • Dual Channel Recording
  • Audio Rerouting
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Gaming Arrow Arrow

white label voice call solution for Gaming

Bolstering Community Collaboration

Maximize the true gaming experience of the user with one-to-one or multi-party voice chat features to strengthen player participation, social sharing of your gaming community application. Leverage in-game api voice call experience to your users where they can engage with other gamers through audio calling apps. By creating channels and groups, social gamers can team up and communicate in real time.

  • One to One Call
  • Voice Conference Call
  • Hold & Pause
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Dual
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Logistics Arrow Arrow

real time voice calling sdk for Logistics

Grow Rapidly with Click-to-call Action

Reduce last-minute losses through creating real time audio calling systems across all the delivery areas by integrating live voice chat API & SDK on existing applications. Make announcements, discussions with audio to streamline services and bring efficiency that results in business growth.

  • SIP Calling
  • Reliable Communication with Drivers
  • Delivery Notifications
  • Emergency Updates
  • Active Directory
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