Powerful Solution To Orchestrate Voice Calling Across Verticals

Empowering the Voice Communication App’s Performance for Every Sector to Unparallel the Network Scalability on Android, iOS & Web


voice call sdk

Seamless Remote Access

Deliver high-quality voice chat feature to enhance the efficiency of the workflow, engaging customer-centric experience and peer-to-peer voice chat connection to add value to loyalty under a secure layer of web and mobile applications.

  • Conferencing Call
  • Call Insights
  • Cross Platform Calling
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In-app Voice

voice chat api

Strengthen User Engagement

Add an extra mileage of performance to your in-app voice chat experience by integrating feature-enriched voice chat API connection. Voice chat actions play most of engaging part to multiply your productivity by converting engagement into leads.

  • Sync & Store
  • Text to Speech
  • 3rd Party Integration
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Broadcasting & Streaming

voice chat api android

Enhances Real-time Notifications

Integrate Mirrorfly’s voice chat SDK to make a high-grade voice chat app in order to transfigure your entire Android & iOS applications into more engaging and increase deeper connection between users and brands with authentic high-quality voice chat.

  • Sound Quality
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Recording Capabilities
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Customer Support

voice call api ios

Heighten Cost-effectiveness

Establish an immense connection between enterprise and customers via real-time voice calling possibility to exceed the higher degree of customer experience and multiple opportunities for business growth.

  • Advanced Call Control
  • Answering Detection
  • Custom Hold Music
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voice calling sdk

Surpass Patient Expectations

Deliver an extra potentiality of healthcare solution to your patients in real-time with voice call API integration on your Android, iOS apps. The efficient solution allows professional healthcare experts to assess patients in a secure platform.

  • One-touch Calling
  • Cross Platform Calling
  • Noise Control
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audio call api

Bolstering Community Collaboration

Maximize the true gaming experience of the user with one-to-one or multi-party voice chat features to strengthen player participation, social sharing of your gaming community application.

  • One to one call
  • Conference Call
  • Hold & Pause
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audio chat sdk

Magnify Brand Response

Integrating the most attention-grabbing feature (voice chat API) into your social application offer you the opportunity to maximize users into a huge volume of users, amplify engagement and brand-buzz.

  • Access Roles
  • Privacy Control
  • Contact Synchronization
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Discover More than You Expect With Mirrorfly’s Voice API

With a dedicated team of 300+ developers, diverse hosting options, package of enriched-features and advanced protocols to build the exact voice chat app you demand. The Mirrorfly’s Voice API let you make and receive calls over browsers, app and web applications in order to add an extra performance to your business needs.

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High Performance
Backend Infrastructure

DevOps Grounded

300+ In House
Development Team

Built With

On Premise &
On Cloud

Explore Multi-facet Infrastructure

Fully Comprehensive Solid-feasibility to Build Custom Voice Communication Apps Across Web & Mobile

Driving Future-centric Voice API Features

Elevating the Quality & Routing Calls Effectively for a Strong Static Connection Across Android & iOS

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Voice Communication

Call Recording

Record, control and retrieve your valuable conversations under a sensitive data protection or cloud resource. Record any type of audio formats with unlimited cloud storage and get a complete authenticated access to monitor, control and retain the worthy assets.

Audio Conferencing

Integrate voice call conferencing functionality to amplify efficiency and productivity. Our powerful voice call SDK comes with advanced features and participant limit up to 5 in order to streamline your voice conferencing across the geographic regions.

Cross-platform Communication

Make conversations anywhere, outstretch your voice calling capabilities within a click from the mobile & web applications to any carrier network. Mirrorfly’s solid voice call API & SDK infrastructure have the potentiality to withstand thousands of concurrent calls with strong sound quality.

Speech Recognition

Build responsive and automatic speech recognition feature with Mirrorfly’s voice API infrastructure to act as a partial recognition of your user’s request which supports global user base.

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Data & Moderation


Manage your entire voice call insights with a quality analytics report. With the voice insights for Carrier/SIP calls, you can export a complete report of network & performance metrics, call data usage.

Centralized Administration

Take in control of your entire voice call application’ centralized control, system integrations, user management capabilities and groups control within the admin console to create seamless workflow experience and to make decision makings.


Disregard the calling of defunct numbers into your mobile application and website in order to secure the HLR data and contact details of the users from unauthorized access.


Add real-time transcription feature into your mobile and web applications which recognizes 100+ languages. The automatic speech recognition is simply the top of the line strategy to upgrade your business responsiveness.

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Security & Compliance

Solid Secure Cloud-infrastructure Eradicates Vulnerabilities


Mirrorfly is entirely encrypted with E2EE to prevent the voice call data being read or decrypt by traffic hackers. The servers between Mirrorfly and client are safeguarded with key encryption and HTTP authentication to protect from unsanctioned access.

TURN Relay

Mirrorfly ensures in providing you a TURN (Traversal Using Relay NAT) media Relay point where the voice call connection is routed through symmetric NATs which acts a firewall to secure huge enterprise load connections.

Your Own
TURN Servers

In this scenario, Mirrorfly offers an additional layer of security to utilize your own TURN media relay point in order to safeguard the route of peer-to-peer connection of voice chat across the regions.


The entire backups of the Mirrorfly’s customer data, subscription details, call logs and call recordings preserved are encrypted using (Advanced Encryption Standard) AES-256 bit to shield from third-parties.

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