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Ejada Is Boosting Digital Transformation With MirrorFly

Ejada is a leading IT services provider based in Saudi Arabia, serving the Middle East and Africa regions. Established in 2005, the company offers digital transformation solutions across mobility, data analytics, cloud,cybersecurity and emerging technologies.

With a focus on innovation, Ejada has implemented real-time communication capabilities with MirrorFly’s custom in-app chat solution. Read More

Why Multi-tenant SaaS Platforms Choose MirrorFly?

Experience excellence is hosting your SaaS platform with numerous flexibility including data isolation and focused security.

  • Maximum Resource-usage

    Get access to host your app on our multi-tenant architecture. Host any number of apps, without sweating on server utilities.

  • Scalable Infrastructure

    Add or remove resources as per your requirements. Meet changing demands dynamically with the flexibility in resource allocation.

  • End-to-end Encryption

    Mitigate the risk of data theft & privacy intrusions on a shared environment, with MirrorFly’s end-to-end encryption, powered by AES-128.

  • Maintenance-free

    Just host your SaaS app on our cloud, and leave the maintenance, updates, & upgrades for all your customers to us.

  • Budget-friendly Hosting

    Stop emptying your bank to build & manage your backend infrastructure all by yourself, Pay only for the resource you use on our cloud server.

  • Easy Deployment

    Tired of deploying a new app each time a new customer joins your platform? Host on our cloud & create unique instances for multiple tenants.

Key Chat & Call Features Your SaaS App Needs

Add real-time communication features to its app or web and host your multi-tenant platform on its chat engine.

In-App Messaging

Integrate Instant Messaging Into Any App Or Website

Easily create high interactive messaging features with our Chat API, that perfectly fit SaaS businesses.

  • Topic-based Chat Classify the messages in your chat platform based on topics or interests.
  • Push notifications Alert users and draw their attention to any incoming message to your platform.
Explore Chat

Explore More 500+ Features

  • Real-time Translation
  • Upload Large Files
  • ChatBot
  • Secure File Transfer
  • ChatGPT-powered Support
  • Chat History & Backup
  • Hire Development Team
  • Typing Indicators
  • Location Sharing
  • Chat Mentions
  • Offline messaging
  • Mute users
  • Archive chat
  • Unread Message Counts
  • Message Search
  • In-app Chat Rooms
  • Starred Messages
  • Emojis & Stickers
  • Message Notifications
  • Chat Tags

Ready To Build Your Own Customizable Chat & Call App?

Develop your own communication apps as you prefer with 500+ customizable features, 99.999% SLA and < 100ms avg. response time, for a one-time license cost!

  • Whitelabel solution
  • Complete ownership
  • Hire Dedicated Team
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One Chat Server. Deploy N Number Of Apps

Easily manage multiple clients on a single cloud server with our multi-tenant chat architecture.

  • Usage Isolation

    Give Unique Space To Each Tenant

    Accommodate any number of clients across in MirrorFly cloud server, and still ensure that the performance of one client does not impact other tenants in your platform.

    flutterflow self-hosted chat
  • Data Security

    Secure Client Conversations Tightly

    Keep conversations in each tenant separated from other tenants, in such a way that only authorized prospects can access the chats, calls and details on your platform.

    flutterflow video call
  • Recovery & Backup

    Reduce The Risk Of Data Loss

    Do not fear losing customer data, while hosting multiple tenants. MirrorFly’s server is fully equipped to backup data securely and lets you recover it whenever you need.

    flutterflow feed api
  • Metered Usage

    Pay Only For What You Use

    Choose features in our chat SDK that you need for your SaaS chat platform, pay only for those features on a monthly subscription & deploy on our cloud server.

    hire dedicated team for flutterflow chat app
  • Chat
  • Video
  • Activity
  • Team

A Chat Engine, That Work For Any Industry

Integrate our Video, Voice, and Chat SDK to your SaaS platform across any industry. Launch your app on our chat server engine on the cloud.


Share Same Infrastructure For Multiple Tenants

Easily manage updates and patches easily on your ERP apps, with a centrally shared infrastructure. Reduce downtime and administrative overhead for all the tenants in your app.

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Resource optimization
  • Improve security
Development Companies

Develop Your Apps Efficiently With Shared Server Space

Dynamically allocate requirements to individual tenants, test your app, identify potential issues or conflicts even before deploying changes in the production environment.

  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Ensure optimal performance
  • Assure quality of development

Protect Financial Data & Conversation

Safeguard sensitive financial data, by ensuring data isolation and protection between different tenants. Leverage built-in encryption, access controls, and regular security audits with Chat APIs.

  • Handle fluctuations in user activities
  • Robust security
  • Scale customers rapidly
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Build Amazing Talent Pools In A Shared Space

Maximize the chances of finding the right fit for each job opening while reducing redundant efforts in sourcing candidates. Share the infrastructure, yet have your own branded infrastructure and workflows.

  • Shared talent pool
  • Collaborative recruiting
  • Meet unique recruitment needs

On-road Assistance With Instant Connectivity

Enable remote technical support via our cloud-based call center software for troubleshooting vehicle issues, and addressing technical challenges.

  • Remote Technical Support
  • Efficient Logistics Coordination
  • Customer Assistance for Travelers

Ready to Deploy Your SaaS App On MirrorFly Multi-tenant Server?

Host all your apps in one Chat Engine. Manage all your platforms easily with multi-tenant infrastructure.

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