End-to-end Encrypted

Your messages, photos, videos, files and calls are E2E encrypted.

Signal Protocol

Provide multi-end to multi-end encryption across multiple clients

HIPAA Compatibility

Secure & improve the privacy of every health-related message across platforms.

Enterprise-grade Secure Infrastructure

Ensuring the Highest-degree of Confidentiality and Integrity of Your Data at its Vertex

Cloud Infrastructure

Ensures every data is under a robust in-house security infrastructure equipped with AES 256 encryption to tighten the restriction of access. MirrorFly proactively examines the security logs to safeguard from potential traffic hackers.

Data Encryption

The entire session traffic between the application and MirrorFly’s server is encrypted with TLS to protect all the data in the app & website. Additionally, the TLS protocols provide solid authentication between the servers to prevent stealing of information.

Network Security

Offering a sublime uptime of application’s performance through strengthening the network firewalls & load balancer in case of third-party penetration. Also, embedded with a clustered infrastructure to ignite smooth transition between the apps & servers.

Full Data Ownership

Access, modify, create, remove and take control of the entire communication (data) of your messaging platform. MirrorFly grants access to the clients for exclusive control & full ownership over the encryption.

Multiple Encryption Strategies To Secure Messages Across Platforms

A wide security encryption configurations to ensure no accessibility to sensitive messages

end to end encryption app

AES 256

Embedded with AES-256 one to safeguard the whole backup of the application such as call logs, call recordings, and account information. The data stored redundantly are encrypted with the key algorithm for decrypting & encrypting with authorized access.

Signal Protocol

MirrorFly uses Signal Protocol to provide end-to-end encryption for video, voice calls, and Instant messages. The protocol combines with Double Ratchet Algorithm, Triple Elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman, AES-256, and HMAC-256 to triple the security of the conversations.

OMEMO Encryption

Offering Multi-end to multi-end encryption to synchronize multiple clients server while they are offline. Open double ratchet algorithm offers future and forward secrecy where the session keys will not be compromised even the private key in server compromised.

KDF Chain

The Key Derivation Function derives secret keys and turns human-readable password text into bits and bytes. It is used to stretch keys into longer keys and convert the Diffie-Hellman key exchange into a symmetric key with help of AES.

X3DH Agreement Protocol

MirrorFly offers Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman key agreement to establish a shared secret key between the client & app server based on public authentication keys. It supports asynchronous encryption to send future secret keys when one user is offline.

ECDH Key Exchange

MirrorFly supports ECDH key exchange protocol that uses Elliptic Curve group to establish a shared secret key without sending it directly over an insecure channel. It allows two parties to have an elliptic-curve public-key pair to establish shared key.

Ironclad Security Layers To Fortify the Communication Platform

Rock-solid Security Models that Shields the Conversation from Threads

Infrastructure & Network Security

Spam Flood Protection

Achieve a cool chat environment by ensuring the conversation is protected against profanity. Enable real-time filtration to avoid toxicity and increase the integrity of the app

Legislation and Compliance

MirrorFly authorizes Unsolicited Electronic Messaging Legislation Act to ensure the transmission of spam messages within the MirrorFly’ database to protect the security and integrity.

TLS Connection

With the cryptographic protocol, MirrorFly ensures to provide end-to-end communication security over the communicating networks. To make sure the platform is a secure messaging platform, the TLS protects the connection between a client & server to provide privacy & data integrity.

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Advanced Encryption

SSL Encryption Chat

Ensuring the connectivity from and to MirrorFly is completely secured within an established network. With 256-bit SSL encryption, fortify all the conversation/data passed between the server and application remains private.

SSL Pinning

With the certificate pinning, the security of your chat platform/application is improved which relies on the SSL certificate. It creates a specific cryptographic identity that allows users to accept while accessing the messaging application.

End to End Encryption

Your conversation is encrypted using E2EE to protect the overall transit between the application and server. Both the ends of the conversation is secured by preventing anyone (hackers, & even MirrorFly) from reading or accessing the private communication

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Token Based Authentication

Token-based Access Control

An additional authentication method to enhance security by generating token access which offers secure access when a user connects with the app. The unique access code identifies the user and app during every login.

Two-step Verification

MirrorFly ensures two authentication methods followed one-by-one when a user accesses the chat app account to verify the user. The two-step verification involves user password and a code sent to the user’ chat app device.

Authorization Schemes

By collecting the credentials and determining the identity of the user, MirrorFly uses authorization schemes to control unauthorized access to any specific chat or data within the chat app.

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Data Retention Policy For Overall Data Management

MirrorFly follows data retention policy to retain the information for regulatory compliance needs and to hold overall data management based on enterprise needs. MirrorFly outlines the business factors in retaining any specific user data depends on clients’ authorization to preserve as long as it needed or targeted for the disposal to ensure unnecessary data storage in the cloud and DB.

End-to-end Enterprise Secure Architecture

A well-defined architecture for a standardized flow of messages between encrypted servers

enterprise secure architecture

Enterprise-grade Security Compliance For Utmost Privacy

Ensuring every message relayed complies of law enforcement standards

  • HIPAA Compatibility

    The encrypted messaging platform complies with HIPAA security protocols to protect patients’ and doctors’ sensitive data shared through the application irrespective of channels. The entire data is protected against data exposure and message forgery.

  • COPPA Compatibility

    MirrorFly supports Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule where the messaging application is COPPA compliant that doesn’t disclose any personal information, chat and other conversation collected by the children under 13 years of age.

  • GDPR Compatibility

    MirrorFly applies to the General Data Protection Regulation to provide privacy protection and control for EU citizens accessing the messaging application irrespective of the geographical location. MirrorFly is designed to offer individual control of the personal information and data collected via applications.

MirrorFly Supports Multiple Android OSS For Privacy Standards

Deploy Secure Messaging Experience on Across Any Number of Android Platforms

multi platform encrypted chat

Rattlesnake OS

Build your privacy-centric secure real-time chat platform with user-specific keys. With Rattlesnake OS, expect security features like verified boot and built it via AWS enabled cloud infrastructure with user-supplied signing keys.


Develop security-hardened, privacy-focused and open-source Android-based messaging applications with ideal features for any purpose of communication. MirrorFly’s encrypted Chat API & SDK supports Graphene OS to improve the security & privacy of the communication.

Copperhead OS

The predecessor of Rattlesnake OS. Develop a most secure & privacy-focused messaging platform on Android to establish secure relaying of messages at both the endpoints. MirrorFly API supports hardened Android


Build encrypted messaging application on Lineage OS which is open-source and privacy-centric OS for Web and Smartphones. MirrorFly’s SDK/API supports the successor to custom CyanogenMod to develop an application with splendid communication channels (text, voice & video calls).

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