Enterprise-grade Secure Infrastructure

Ensuring the Highest-degree of Confidentiality and Integrity of Your Data at its Vertex

Cloud Infrastructure

Ensures every data is under a robust in-house security infrastructure equipped with AES 256 encryption to tighten the restriction of access. Mirrorfly proactively examines the security logs to safeguard from potential traffic hackers.

Data Encryption

The entire session traffic between the application and Mirrorfly’s server is encrypted with TLS to protect all the data in the app & website. Additionally, the TLS protocols provide solid authentication between the servers to prevent stealing of information.

Network Security

Offering a sublime uptime of application’s performance through strengthening the network firewalls & load balancer in case of third-party penetration. Also, embedded with a clustered infrastructure to ignite smooth transition between the apps & servers.

Ironclad Security Layers Fortify the Communication Platform

The Rock-solid Security Models that Shields the Conversation from Threads

End-to-end Encryption

Your conversation is encrypted using E2EE to protect the overall transit between the application and server. Both the ends of a conversation is secure by preventing anyone (hackers, & even Mirrorfly) from reading or accessing the private communication.

end-to-end encryption
ssl encryption

SSL Encryption

Ensuring the connectivity from and to Mirrorfly is completely secured within an established network. With 256-bit SSL encryption, fortifies all the conversation/data passed between the server and application remains private.

AES Encryption

Embedding one of the strongest encryption standard AES-256 to safeguard the whole backup of the application such as call logs, call recordings, and account information. The data stored redundantly are encrypted with the key algorithm for decrypting & encrypting with authorized access.

aes encryption
robust authorization

Robust Authorization

The tangible infrastructure enables the data is protected and adds an extra layer of security to your chat application to avert the data from unauthorized access.

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