Why Enterprises Choose MirrorFly Messaging SDK?

Drive secure instant messaging and video communication with our secure messaging solution that comes with end to end encryption and privacy standards.

  • Customizable Infrastructure

    Maintain the entire communication system of your platform effortlessly with MirrorFly’s secure communication solution.

  • Flexible Hosting

    Leverage full freedom to choose where you’ll launch your app - on your own data centers/ private cloud or on MirrorFly’s multi-tenant cloud.

  • Full Data Ownership

    Get lifetime access to control, utilize, and manage all the resources related to your platform, although it’s built on top of MirrorFly.

Multi-layer Protection, Everything Customizable!

Tighten app security with 100% end-to-end encryption. Make users stick around conversations confidently with 37+ encryption features, before it’s too late.

Custom Security

Security Standards Custom-built For Modern Apps

With MirrorFly, secure your app in every way, by flexibly modifying the encryption features just as you want!

  • AES Encryption Protect sensitive user information by encrypting every communication that happens on your app with AES.
  • SSL Prevent unauthorized access when user data is in transit with SSL, an industry-standard security protocol.
  • OMEMO Encryption Cipher conversations with OMEMO in a way that nobody can sneak into messages except the sender & recipient.
  • Gmail/ Phone/ Biometric Verification Replace conventional forms with gmail accounts, face recognition system, phone no. or biometric to help users prove their identity as legit quickly.
  • Custom Admin Controls Give full control to admins to manage their groups with permissions and settings to keep the space secure.
end to end encryption app
end to end encrypted chat
Advanced Privacy

Privacy-centric Features Beyond The Basic Encryptions

Let users chat, call and collaborate confidently in your app, without leaving their privacy at stake.

  • Burnout Avoid chat burnout with our timeout tools. Session limits and break reminders help your users find a healthy balance.
  • LDAP/SSO Make user login easier with LDAP/SSO integration. Enables customers to access their chat with existing credentials.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Double up on security by adding multi-level verification. Ensure only authorized users access their account.
  • Audit Log Track and review your app activity with a comprehensive audit log, providing detailed records to ensure security.
  • Profanity Filters Maintain the integrity of your app. Inappropriate language gets automatically detected and filtered out.
Backend Protection

Shield Your App Infrastructure & Network

Secure users' personal info anywhere. Whether you host your app on your servers or on MirrorFly cloud.

  • Spam Flood Protection Keep it clean without spam by using flood protection. Excessive or unwanted messages get automatically blocked.
  • Legislation and Compliance Ensure your chat app adheres to all relevant laws and regulations, maintaining compliance with industry standards.
  • TLS Connection Secure your data in transit with TLS connections, providing robust encryption and integrity for chats & calls.
  • SSL Encryption Chat All the chat messages and calls are securely transmitted and safeguarded from interception.
  • SSL Pinning Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks by validating the server's certificate against a known and trusted copy.
encrypted voice chat

10x Faster File Transfer: Zero Privacy Risk

Enable ultra-fast file sharing, without limiting the size or format, leaving no trace of data behind.

File Division for Added Security

To ensure utmost security, files are divided into smaller chunks and then transferred. That makes it basically impossible for hackers to sneak around.

No Copies Saved on Servers

Privacy is a big deal for us. We never save copies of the files on our servers. Once the transfer's all done, your data gets wiped clean; no traces left behind.

One-time Secure Paths

We use a fresh, secure path for every file transfer, with a unique encryption code each time. That blocks any sneaky attempts to intercept or replay your data.

No File or Size Limitations

Our secure messaging APIs and SDKs handle all file sizes and types. Just with a hit on 'Send File', the files get delivered smoothly and securely.

Resume Download

No need to start that download all over again from scratch. Users can pick right back up from where they left off with the resume feature.

High-speed File Transfer

Save a ton of your users' time without holding them at their 'File Uploading' status. Enable the exchange of any size of file at blazing-fast speed.

End-to-end Enterprise Secure Architecture

A well-defined architecture for a standardized flow of messages between encrypted servers

enterprise secure architecture
platform api

Keep Your App In Sync With Global Compliances

Every message & every video call that happens on your app stays compatible with global law enforcement standards and industry regulations.

  • GDPR

    With APIs and SDKs carefully built to adhere the EU’s privacy regulations, MirrorFly goes the extra mile to protect users personal info.


    When it comes to sensitive health info, MirrorFly strictly operates by the HIPAA standards. Drive medical communication with rock-solid security protocols.


    Build a secure communication app for the web and protect it from common security threats with OWASP-compatible APIs and SDKs.


    Give parents the control to choose what information can be collected on your apps (e.g. gaming/ e-learning) from kids, to ensure child-safety.

Drive Ultra-secure Conversations On Any Device

Deploy a secure messaging experience across any platform. Protect user conversations on any device (ios & android app) they use to chat or make calls.

multi platform encrypted chat

Rattlesnake OS

Build your privacy-centric secure real-time chat platform with user-specific keys. With Rattlesnake OS, expect security features like verified boot and built it via AWS enabled cloud infrastructure with user-supplied signing keys.


Develop security-hardened, privacy-focused and open-source Android-based messaging applications with ideal features for any purpose of communication. MirrorFly’s encrypted Chat API & SDK supports Graphene OS to improve the security & privacy of the communication.

Copperhead OS

The predecessor of Rattlesnake OS. Develop a most secure & privacy-focused messaging platform on Android to establish secure relaying of messages at both the endpoints. MirrorFly API supports hardened Android


Build encrypted messaging application on Lineage OS which is open-source and privacy-centric OS for Web and Smartphones. MirrorFly’s SDK/API supports the successor to custom CyanogenMod to develop an application with splendid communication channels (text, voice & video calls).

angular sdk

Ready To Build A 100% Secure Whitelabel Messaging App?

  • 100% Data Protection
  • Self-managed Deployments
  • Secure Infrastructure
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