Discover Messaging Feasibility Across Vertices

A feature-enriched chat application for Enterprises covering Web and Mobile Apps

Enterprise Communication

Enterprise Chat App

Stay Omnipresent

Enhance the working efficiency of deskless workers and create connected networking possibility to streamline discussions, tasks and meaningful conversations through developing a secure chat application.

  • Unlimited Channels
  • Secure File Transmission
  • Centralized Admin
  • Guest Accounts
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In-app Messaging

In-app Messaging

Go Personalized Anywhere

Build a completely user-centric chat experience within your existing applications to drive meaningful conversation, retention and engagement with enriched features.

  • Push Notifications
  • Fully Searchable
  • Sync and Store
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Broadcasting & Streaming

Broadcast Chat App

Chat Like a Pro on Streams

Drive fun and engaging conversations in a real-time within the live streaming applications to allow users to interact and gather insightful information for your video content.

  • Audience Interaction
  • RSS Feeds
  • Live Updates
  • Publish/Subscribe
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Customer Support

Android Chat App

Live Support Around-the-clock

Generate every potential conversation into a business by providing a complete 24x7 desk support to magnify customer retention and offer a solution to their queries in a real-time chat experience.

  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Multi-lingual
  • On-going Tech Support
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Team Chat

Team Instant Messaging App

Always in Sync

Build top-notch networking application encompasses more than 1 million users to transmit information in real-time to maximize productivity and diminish time consumed.

  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Two-way Audio & Video
  • Chat Presence
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Social Chat

Social Video Chat App

Extend Networking Possibilities

Integrate Mirrorfly’s chat SDK into your social application to engage between users and brands in order to stay informed through text, audio & video chat.

  • Tagging
  • Emoticons & Bots
  • Real-time Feeds
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Personal Chat

Private Chat App

Keep Conversations Private

Optimize the conversation taking place between the users under a secure & private chat room through a wide range of chat mediums such as text, voice and video chats.

  • Direct Messaging
  • Hidden Chats
  • Two-way Deletion
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Not Just Chat APIs & SDKs

We Got You Everything

Say goodbye to regular APIs & SDKs. Experience an outstanding development of a modern chat app with a team of dedicated In-house developers & flexible hosting possibilities to add extra mileage to your chat app without counting into heavy liftings.

Get Started
Chat API & SDK

300+ In-house
Development Team

3-tier Security &

Centralized Administration

Less than
30ms latency

DevOps Grounded Development

On Cloud/On-premises Infrastructure

High Profile Technology Stack

Supports < 1 million concurrent users

Powerful Alone. Awesome Together.

Accelerate the user-centric communication wheel in real-time across platforms


Ignite the messaging experiences through chat SDK that offers wide chat functionalities with enriched-features to enhance instant messaging across platforms.

  • 1-1 Private & Group Chat
  • File & Screen Sharing
  • Push Notifications
  • Broadcast

Voice Call

Integrate voice calling functionality using voice SDK to let users interact in a clear voice quality and also make telephonic calls through SIP integration.

  • Cross-platform
  • Multi Party Calls
  • Fast Connect
  • Transfer Calls

Video Call

Power the real-time communication through WebRTC SDK integration to any application that allows users to make high-quality video calls without any interferences.

  • 1 to 1 or One to Many
  • Own TURN Server
  • Low Latency
  • HD Quality

Pre-equipped Infrastructure of SDKs & Chat APIs

Driving from roadmap, deployment, and battle-test to build future-centric chat applications

Features That Propels the Performance of Your Messaging App

Delivering access to the real-time communication features that are reconcilable across Android, iOS & Web


Real-time Language Translation

Bringing the native language chat experience through real-time multilingual setup which translates messages up to 100+ languages that are sent and received within the chat screen.

VoIP Functionality

An impeccable replacement to physical telephone systems where businesses and individual can make unlimited voice calling to carrier networks (Telephone device) through internet protocol to enhance mobility and cut calling cost.

Create Community

Build up to 'N' number of user communities within the chat application regardless of the user limitation to streamline the discussions, announcements, and projects in a more convenient way.

Proactive Chat

Triggering the responsiveness between two end users in order to initiate the conversation and respond to the messages in real-time through ideal features such as last seen, read receipts and typing Indicators.

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Data & Collaboration

Group Chat

Create up to an infinite number of groups to make discussion, announcement and conversations to enlighten the group members.

File Transfer

Share any number of file formats & sizes such as audio, video, images, and prospects in a real-time basis to maximize the productivity and user engagement.

Chat Analytics

Acts as a rundown of your entire chat app through reporting user activities, the location of users, total number of chats, user engagement etc.

Centralized Administration

Add and organize the entire channels, groups, and users within one centralized dashboard to enhance the productivity and performance of the chat application through real-time access.

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A Secured Cloud Infrastructure

Fortified Chat Experience ensuring the confidentiality and security of the messages transferred.

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