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Why Choose MirrorFly Chat API?

Add online messaging to your platform with MirrorFly’s real time in-app chat SDK.

  • 500+ Messaging Features
  • Topic-based Chat
  • Lite-chat App
  • End-to-end Encryption

MirrorFly is a developer-friendly chat API that comes with a highly responsive UI Kit, plug & play messaging features.

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Pre-equipped Infrastructure For Real-time Messaging

Driving From Roadmap, Deployment, And Battle-Test To Build Future-Centric Chat Application.

Topic-based Chat

Segregate conversations based on the topics that your users chat about. Analyze the subjects of their interest and engage your audience accordingly.

Low-code SDK

Build your apps faster and make it more responsive with our SDKs and APIs, built with minimal hand-coding.


Optimize and manage resource allocation among multiple users with our multi-tenant chat servers.

Third-party Integration

Extend the capabilities of your chat platform by integrating with any third-party tools, extensions & services.

Real-time Translation

Bridge language gaps effortlessly with our real-time translation l that can convert texts to 100+ languages instantly.

Pre-built UI Kit

Make your app more intuitive and highly interactive to use, with engaging design elements and user-interface.

One Real-time Chat SDK, To Build Everything You Need

MirrorFly is an all-in-one in-app communication platform that is packed with everything you need to create a highly reliable messaging

Make Communications Easier With Messaging Features

Add in-app messaging APIs into your apps and drive better engagement & chat experience for your users.

  • One-to-one/ Group Chat

    Easily connect your app users over 1:1 and group conversations.

  • Smart Replies from Any Devices

    Allow the users to save their reply content and automate replies.

  • Push Notifications

    Alert users with real-time notifications whenever a user gets messages.

Collaboration from Anywhere & Any Device

Our real-time chat API makes your community more engaging with virtual collaboration features.

  • Secure File Transfer

    Share any number of file formats & sizes such as audio, video, images, and gifs in real-time.

  • Unlimited Message Broadcasting

    Alert/ update a vast group of users with a click-through one-to-many broadcast option.

  • Screen Sharing In a Click

    Display your entire messaging screen, channel and group discussions to other users.

Compatible With Any Platform, Language & Data Channel

Enjoy the flexibility of building the messaging features on any platform, using any tech stack that can run on any platform.

  • Any Programming Languages

    Use the tech stack that you prefer to use on your app or platform.

  • Private & Public Channels

    Connect N number of users or audience by creating several open channels.

  • Schedule Post

    Schedule any number of events, activities based on user’ availability.

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The Chat API That Builds Conversations Anytime, Anywhere

Out-of-the-box features to get you up and running fast while ensuring unparalleled reliability

1:1 & Group Chat

Make it easy for 2 individuals to converse with each other on your app.

Presence Indicators

Let users know who's online and available to chat on your messaging app.

Chat Tags

Sort conversations to enable access to messages based on specific topics.

Typing Indicators

Give users a heads-up whenever someone is composing a message to them.

Message Search

Simplify locating past conversations easily with advanced search filters.

Location Sharing

Ease up informing about an user's whereabouts to other users.

Unread Message Counts

Optimize the messaging experiences by managing unread message counts.


Enable sharing of photos, videos, and documents seamlessly.

Emojis & Stickers

Make every conversation memorable with our dynamic emojis & stickers.

Any Platform, Any Device; Integrate In Just 20 Mins!

Easily add chat features to your platform on any tech stack, with our rich set of developer resources.

We are Multi-lingual!

  • Spanish


  • Latin


  • Arabic


  • Urdu


  • Hindi


  • Japanese


  • Dutch


  • Chinese


  • German


  • French


  • Korean


  • English



Explore our easy-to-use API documentation on how to add MirrorFly chat SDK to your app.

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Check our step-by-step guide on the SDK integration, for each tech stack.

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See What Leaders Say About MirrorFly

Discover what our customers have achieved by choosing MirrorFly for their in-app communication needs.

Increased Viewership Subscription 15x Times

Based in Thailand, TrueID is a leading entertainment app that has over 25 million users. TrueID partnered with MirrorFly to add communication features to their app, so that users can chat, engage and interact with each other.

“We are happy in working with CONTUS TECH Team for over 3 years. I could say that the success of this service (TrueDigital Communication) is the result of our hard work between our TrueID and the CONTUS TECH Team.”

— Rattamont Teekavanich

(Senior Product Owner at True Digital Group)

Trusted By 500+ Brands Worldwide

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We’re Committed to Data Security & User Privacy

Our real time chat API is built with robust security protocols to ensure that your users can be confident of their privacy whenever they send or receive messages to other users.

A Single Chat Solution, To Build Everything You Need

MirrorFly helps you build any kind of chat use case for your business.

Drive Secure Conversations On Your Fintech Apps

Make it easy for customers to get their queries resolved via chat with a banking authority, instead of commuting to banks in person every time.

  • Instant Account Assistance
  • Convenient Banking
  • Personalized Financial Guidance
Explore Banking

Connect Patients & Doctors Anytime, Anywhere

Deliver personalized patient care experience by connecting doctors with patients in real time across any platform, anywhere instantly.

  • Quick Health Queries
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Medication Reminders
Explore Healthcare

Enrich User Engagement On Your Social Apps

Integrate messaging features that keep the members of your social community in close-knit. Amplify users’ participation with live polls, and Q&A sessions.

  • Event Planning and coordination
  • Interest-Based Discussions
  • Live Events and Q&A Sessions
Explore Social & Community

Max Up Sales Across SaaS Platforms

Engage users in real-time conversations and increase your opportunities to upsell or cross-sell your products/ services based on usage patterns.

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Customization Assistance
  • Data Migration Support
Explore SaaS Multi-tenant

Centralize Communication For Multiple Services

Facilitate an easy channel for your users to communicate with your agents for making bookings, ordering food, or arranging transportation.

  • Centralized communication
  • Integrated Services
  • Order Tracking and Updates
Explore SuperApp

Max Up Sales Across SaaS Platforms

Engage users in real-time conversations and increase your opportunities to upsell or cross-sell your products/ services based on usage patterns.

  • Remote Technical Support
  • Efficient Logistics Coordination
  • Customer Assistance for Travelers

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MirrorFly makes it easy & quick! Add up to 500+ in-app chat features for Android, iOS or Web apps.

  • Lite Chat App
  • Upload large files
  • Low-code SDKs
  • Topic-based Chat
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