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Why Choose MirrorFly For Your Enterprise?

From 100% customization to white-labeling, MirrorFly helps you build your own communication platform.

Keep Your Data 100% Secure. No Data Leaks

Protect every conversation that happens across your app with MirrorFly’s self-hosted chat solution. Customize the security features that fits your unique brand requirements.

100% Customization

Endless Customization For Any Size Of App

Build an on-prem corporate messenger, personalize features, white-label it and make it a true reflection of your brand. We ensure your app appears as if it were designed and built by you, for you.

  • Brand Consistency Maintain brand identity by incorporating your own logo, colors, & design elements.
  • Enhanced User Experience Personalize features for your target users & deliver a user-friendly experience.
  • Long-Term Value Make your app more adaptable by reducing the need for frequent changes in your app.
Customizable chat solution for Android
Complete ownership for messaging server
Complete Ownership

Take Full Control Over Your App’s Data

Get ultimate control of all the data in your communication app by hosting it on your own premise. Every chat and call data traverses through your server, enabling you to save them on your own servers.

  • Manage Data Integrity Preserve the reliability, validity and accuracy of your app data.
  • Improved Accountability Deal with data breach threats quickly and implement fail-safes promptly.
  • Easy Data Migration Make it easy to transport or relocate your app data from one place to another.
Enterprise-grade Infra

Highly Scalable Architecture With Flexible Hosting Options

Give your users an enterprise-grade communication experience with on-premise video call, voice call and live chat features . Host your app on any chat server as per your needs.

  • Unmatched Performance Deliver top-tier speed and reliability with our cutting-edge messaging infrastructure.
  • Upscale Anytime Seamlessly expand your resources to meet your growing demands.
  • Minimize Downtime Ensure that your app runs smoothly by choosing the server as per your needs.
Communication Software for Enterprises
Secure Chatting system for Telecommunication
High-end Security & Privacy

Custom Security & Industry-grade Compliances

Choose customizable security features to protect your app data and secure it in your own way. MirrorFly’s white-label chat solution lets you personalize the security of your app with global privacy regulations.

  • Extensive OS Support Build privacy centric platforms on Rattlesnake, Copperhead, Graphene or Lineage.
  • End-to-end Encryption Secure conversations, photos, audio, video & media with AES-128 & SSL.
  • Global Regulations MirrorFly’s chat solution comes compatible with GDPR, HIPAA & OWASP.

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500+ Customizable Features, Built For Enterprises

Build your own communication platform with all the customizable features your users expect.

self hosted messaging server

Topic Based Chat

Create independent chat based on unique topics for multiple sets of users.

chatting server for group calls

1 - 1 & Group Video Call

Connect users from different locations on a face-to-face call, in real-time.

create high-quality online chat experience with mirrorfly
Customizable one-to-one chat software

Group Chat

Bring multiple users together on the same chat, from anywhere, anytime.

secure audio service provider

1 - 1 & Group Voice Call

Connect users over 1:1 or group voice calls from anywhere, anytime.

private chatting android application

Unlimited Message

Leverage users to send and receive any number of messages on your app.

selfhosted for iOS mobile app

Unlimited Storage

Let users store any size or format of files, on your chat platform.

what does on prem mean

Location Sharing

Let users share their current or live geo-location to other users, on your app.

secure messaging service for virtual meet

Join Via Link

Avail shareable meeting links via which users can join a virtual meeting.

chat logs for web platform

Chat Logs

List the previous calls and chats that users have made on your platform.

schedule calendar with group

Schedule Calendar

Let users schedule or block calendars for virtual meets with others on your platform.

synchronize calendar with virtual group meeting

Synchronize calendar

Synchorine the scheduled meets & calls on all devices that your app is installed on.

In app messaging history for enterprise business

Chat History

Allow users to retrieve their chat history on any device they login from.

What Will You Achieve With Our On-prem Chat SDK?

Deliver the most secure communication experience on your self-hosted collaboration platform with customizable features and flexible hosting on your own servers.

  • 100% Customizable
  • Full Source Code Ownership
  • Unlimited Group Chat & Call
  • Built on Microservice Architecture
  • SIP & VoIP Call
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Private Distribution
  • Topics Based Chat
  • Join via call link
  • Hire Dedicated Team
  • Customize Security
  • Tele communication

    Ensure robust network security & uninterrupted communication with our on-prem chat solution.

  • Social, Dating & Communities

    Keep user conversations secure with our on-prem chat solution, preventing third-party access.

  • Super Apps & Marketplace

    Make your app highly engaging with personalized features that meet your user's unique needs.

  • Healthcare Institutions

    Prioritize patient privacy & shield healthcare conversations with our on-prem chat API.

  • Fintech &Banking services

    Add an extra layer of security and control over sensitive financial conversations on your app.

  • Logistics & Transportation

    Make logistics operations and deliveries faster with our customized chat and call features.

  • Supply Chain & Procurement

    Make every stage of procurement highly transparent & efficient with our on-prem messaging API.

  • NGOs & CharityOrganizations

    Support noble causes and strengthen donor contributions with secure and reliable communication.

  • Enterprises & Corporations

    Empower your team’s collaboration with customizable and secure communication channels.

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The Fastest Way To Transfer Your App’s Data

Handling huge file transfers? Worry not! Our On-prem chat solution lets you transfer data at lightning speed.

Faster Delivery

Say goodbye to interruptions! Make communication on your chat app like into a breeze, even during unstable or weak connections.


Even during unexpected scenarios like internet outages or devices hanging, you can expect your downloads to restart right from where you left off.

No Limitations On File Size

Leverage file exchanges of any size of format, without any hassle, which means users can transfer huge files without any downtime, within a short time.

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