Why CONTUS MirroFly is a Better Alternative to Twilio Chat ?

Our API-based chat solution lets you build your in-app chat with all the features of a modern messenger
without sacrificing control over your data or user experience.

  • High-End Scalability

    CONTUS MirrorFly provides a high-end scalability by connecting over 1 billion + concurrent user engagement across the world. Whereas, Twilio ensures scalability across voice response systems and digital typing alone.

  • Best In-App Chat Solution

    CONTUS MirrorFly real time communication solution comes along as an all-in-one solution with voice, chat & live video chat Whereas Twilio moves well only with SMS and WhatsApp, as it lacks stability with regards to chat.

  • Security Speaks Privacy

    High-end Security is one the major features to be carried out safely with CONTUS MirrorFly. It ensures an end-to-end encryption, AES Encryption, 256-bit SSL and Authentication for safe transmission of data.

  • Migration Protocols

    Migrating from Twilio to CONTUS MirrorFly is relatively an easy process as it requires simple documentation. The entire process takes around a couple of days with no downtime.

  • UI Kit & Components

    Get access to MirrorFly’s pre-built UI kit and components including font size, color, and theme, etc., and enhance your existing mobile or web app the way you want.

  • Support Multiple Language

    Our chat application supports over 100+ languages during the chat conversation. Whereas Twilio supports only around 35 native languages.

CONTUS MirrorFly vs Twilio: A Feature Comparison

See how CONTUS MirrorFly compares against Twilio Alternatives

High-end Comparison Chart twilio communication API Real time communication API
UI Kit
Real-time chat
One-to-one chat
Group Chat Limit 20,000 (Unlimited)
Cross Platform Messaging
Private Group Chat (Unlimited)
Public Group Chat (Unlimited)
Advanced messaging features
Delivery receipts
Auto-thumbnail generator
File sharing
Advanced scalability features
Smart throttling
Dynamic partitioning
User and channel search
Broadcast channel BETA
Message translation
Message translation
Message moderation
Moderation dashboard
Freeze channel
User-reporting API
User-to-user blocking
Mute user
Auto-image moderation
Profanity filter
Video call
Unlimited Video Calling BETA
Video Conferencing
Live Broadcasting
Video Recording
Screen Sharing
Voice call
Unlimited Voice Call BETA
Live Voice Streaming
Group Audio Call
Call Recording
SIP/VOIP Calling
Push to Talk
Call Queuing & Waiting
Third-party integration
HIPAA Compliance
End to End Encryption

Twilio Announcement

Twilio has recently ended the life of Programmable chat - Stating NO to new end users. Enquire Now ! how CONTUS MirrorFly can assist you to build your own in-app chat application to stay connected with your customers expectations.

Why Switch From Twilio to CONTUS MirrorFly

Twilio is a programmable chat platform with SaaS based model, an alternative to MirrorFly, a real time chat solution that incorporates both SaaS and SaaP based model and permits customization option if the business demands. It has emphasized almost 40+ use cases around the world. Our API & SDK is available with over 150+ chat, voice and video calling features. Some of the highlights include UX/UI designs, 300+ developers, on-premises and on-cloud hosting, end-to-end encryption, and much more.

CONTUS MirrorFly is one of Twilio's competitors. Our API and SDK allows you to build a highly scalable and secure chat solution that can be integrated into any existing application like iOS, Android, and web app.

Highlights of MirrorFly Live Chat API & SDK
  • Data Protection
    and Security
  • High Performance
    Backend Infrastructure
  • Readymade
  • On Premise / On Cloud
  • Unlimited
  • 300+ In-house
    Development Team
  • Easy
  • DevOps Grounded

Quick Docs

Handy guide with base codes, and incomparable lesson over Chat APIs & SDKs

Demo App

Ground level references to implement, clone and modify, for any use case

Exclusive MirrorFly UIKit

Awesome UX/UI design, exclusive features moves along with all modes for iOS, Android, and web apps.

We Handle the Complete Twilio Migration for You

Get migrate to CONTUS MirrorFly! Experience hassle free with No downtime!

integrate mirrorfly chat api

Make use of UI kit, get integrated into the world of real time communication

Go Live!

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