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Easily solve your migration challenges with our chat SDKs. Add our low-code components & libraries to your chat app using any of your preferred languages or frameworks & go live within a matter of few minutes.

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We have the complete multi-tenancy support enabling you to split the user's data in a single environment.

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Easy Integration

Integrate our in-app chat features into your pre-built apps using our easy to understand docs.

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Any Platform/Any Device

Flexibly add our chat, voice & video SDK to any operating system like Android, iOS & Web across any mobile/ web app.

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Flexible Pricing

Pay only for the features you use in our SDKs. Our pay-as-you-go pricing plans are built to suit your budget.

MirrorFly vs Twilio: A Head-to-Head Feature Comparison

See why developers choose MirrorFly as the Twilio Alternative

All Communication Features twilio alternative twilio vs mirrorfly
private one-to-one chat Private 1-to-1 Chat
One-to-One Chat twilio alternative

Allows users to send/receive messages directly to each other.

Search Chat twilio alternative

Users will be able to search for messages across anywhere in their app.

Media Attachments twilio alternative

Lets users send and receive medias like photos, videos, voice notes and contacts.

Block Contact twilio alternative

Allows users to block other users from sending messages, making calls to them and viewing their presence status.

Delete Single / Multiple Messagestwilio alternative

Lets users to deleted one or more messages from their chat UI.

group chat for android Group Chat
Group Chat twilio alternative

Users can create groups and interact with multiple users at the same time.

View Group Members Info twilio alternative

Gives detailed information on the group name, description/purpose and number of participants within the group.

Starred Messages twilio alternative

Bookmarks important chats in a conversation.

Email Chat twilio alternative

Answer user queries via email.

real-time communication features Other Features
Voice Call twilio alternative

Lets users to send/receive voice calls to each other.

Video Call twilio alternative

Lets two or more participants to connect with each other over real-time video calls.

Location Sharing twilio alternative

Helps track and monitor the location from where your users are communicating.

Online Presence twilio alternative

Allows users to check the online availability of other users in their profile.

Push Notification twilio alternative

Notifies/ alerts users on any incoming message or call.

Dashboard twilio alternative

Display the key metrics of user activity & engagement within your app.

Analytics twilio alternative

Measure the performance indicators of your user activity and present a graphical representation.

Moderation twilio alternative

Allows moderators to block/ ban users or groups that do not comply with the app’s integrity policies.

Chat Language Translation twilio alternative

Translate texts in over 100+ languages.

UI Kit twilio alternative

Enables you to add visual design components like themes, fonts, colors & typography.

End-to-End Security (AES-256, SSL) twilio alternative

Allows users to check the online availability of other users in their profile.

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Quick Docs

Use our up-to-date docs to get step by step assistance with the SDK integration process.

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Sample App

Our demo app lets you try and test our in-app chat features, with easy to use sample codes.

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Exclusive UI Kit

Create highly responsive chat app interfaces with our pre-built UI Kit for iOS, Android & web apps

We Handle the Complete Twilio Migration for You!

Make the switch from Twilio to MirrorFly with ease, with expert guidance

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Easily add messaging, voice and video capabilities and modernize your communication infrastructure.

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