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Empowering Healthcare Communication Than Ever Before

Contrive a top-notch connected healthcare ecosystem to Thrive Health-centre Communication

Explore Multiple Features for Better Patient Care

Bringing the personalized in-app messaging experience to millions of patient’s and medical professionals for digital interaction

healthcare messaging app for doctor-patient

Enhancing Doctors Patient’s Collaboration

Build a connected real-time ecosystem within your healthcare application by integrating customizable chat APIs & SDKs to enable patients to reach out to you at any time.

1-to-1 Doctor-patient Chat

Enable patients to communicate directly & privately with doctors in real-time. Instant conversation betters patient care.

  • Physician to Patient discussion
  • Pharmacy rep to doctors interaction
  • Doctor to Doctor conversation
  • Doctor to Nurse communication

Communication Hub for a Connected Ecosystem

Reach a vast number of patients instantly with a single click. With the patient-centric group, let doctors establish communication on patient’s query, problems in a large platform.

  • Doctors discussion
  • Doctor-patient community
  • Medical professionals group chat

Scale Video Calls Globally & Across Devices

Establish live video conversation between patients and doctors to discuss everything about the health concerns across any devices. Bring doctor-patient communication with other healthcare professionals in much closer contact with video conferencing. Reach million users through conferencing.

  • Doctors Video Conferencing
  • Doctor-patient video chat
  • Healthcare Video Seminars

Rich Media Sharing

Share multiple medical records such as X-rays, Images, MRIs to medical experts to view the records in real-time and initiate the treatment process without letting it to last minute.

  • Prescription Sharing
  • X-rays & Images
  • Reports

File Sharing

Experience easy sharing of files to N number of users within a group or individual through drag-and-drop option. Share any number of file formats that includes documents, multimedia (audio/video), images and graphic files.

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Ensuring Quick Patient-doctor Access

Extend the reach of patient care by creating communities, groups that enable remote patients to get treatment over the web and mobile applications.

Push Notification

Get notified on every conversation made within the app through real-time notification. Stay connected with medical experts anytime, anywhere and even when the application is not running.


Create broadcasting messages to reach health tips a maximum number of patients or to create one-to-many communication just at a push of a button.

Chat Tagging

With Chat tags, prioritize particular chat conversation to categorize a specific topic to any medical expert or patient. Adding tags to chat organizes the entire conversation.

Patient-centric Panel

Categorize every health problem-centric conversation into a specific group within the healthcare chat app through the panel which is authorized only by admin.

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healthcare video chat app for android
health chat app with voice & chat api

Consistent Tracking of Patients Report

Modernize the traditional interaction and put patients ahead with instant updates. Send automated reminders and follow-up notifications to keep track of the patient’s treatment.

Track Patients Globally

Leverage the tracking of patient’s information within the chat app. The chat between doctor & patient are logged for future references and to initiate the treatment further.

Remote Diagnosis

With real-time sharing of patient’s health concerns, doctors or medical experts are able to diagnose the patient’s problem through voice/video chat without any in-person actions.


Assist patients in seeking better attention with medical experts to their symptoms & schedule the time for initiating the diagnostic process through chat.


Enhances the remote diagnosis support to patients by using IP based Voice/Video calls. Helps medical experts to extend their reach to patients who aren’t in local.

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Infrastructure That Speaks About Our Security Trust

MirrorFly’s security infrastructure as code ensures no stone goes unturned into your healthcare data

HIPAA Compatibility

We support HIPAA compatibility to ensure the entire patient’s sensitive data is protected against data exposure and privacy configuration with end-to-end encryption.

Personal Health Information

MirrorFly’s healthcare communication software is designed with multi-layers of security & protection over distributions where your PHI is secure.

Distributed Infrastructure

Our messaging platform is configured with reliable infrastructure that encrypts all the data transmitted between the apps and servers to protect from unwanted access.

healthcare safe apps

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