How To Integrate Video Conferencing to Your App in 2024?

Published On April 8th, 2024 Tech Talks

The on-going COVID-19 situation has changed people’s lives impacting the world’s economy. This has in turn resulted in work-from-home situations with social distancing for many. However, this has made the leading companies to think and have an open mind on situations to stay connected with their employees and clients. Thus, it has led to the technology of video conferencing.

According to Valuates report, video conferencing has an estimated worth of $4.56 billion in 2020, which is expected to hit $7.73 billion by the end of 2027. However, this has turned around everyone’s eyes starting from developers to small businesses to invest in this incredible delight.

Thus, I recommend you to have a look at this post before planning to build your video conferencing app. As here the post will assist you to integrate the video conferencing features easily into any third party devices like iOS, Android and web apps. Moreover, you don’t have to think of building something from scratch.

So, with no more delay let’s start over.

Key Challenges While Building a Video Conferencing App from Scratch!

When you are planning to build a video conferencing app, there are some unavoidable challenges that must be looked into. This includes,

  • Extra Delivery Time

When you are building a video conferencing app from scratch, you can not specify the time duration as it may vary depending upon the resources, infrastructure, etc. Even sometimes if you have a team, the development process moves across several iterations before finalizing. Moreover, the software testing requires it to be coded from the ground level.

  • Complexities with Operations Management

When you are building an android chat solution from scratch, you might experience certain complexities with operational management. Here, you will have to deploy and manage the entire infrastructure until the app reaches the market. 

  • Security Issues

While developing an application from scratch, the security requirement is one of the major issues to be pointed out. It is necessary to see the app meets all the necessary regulations and compliances.

However, there are several challenges but the above are the major issues that must be considered while developing a video conferencing app from scratch.

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7 Ways How Businesses Benefit From Video Conferencing 

Even when there is an issue with pandemic, the video conferencing technology has never been set apart from presenting countless opportunities to businesses. 

It’s engaging contribution has always connected the people and businesses or can say they have literally transformed and tuned the online video platform with so many benefits. Let’s have a talk on some,

benefits of video conferencing

1. Quick Reach at Your Comfort

No need to worry about traveling to see your clients and colleagues anymore. Yes, today the video conferencing integrations have made a way for quick connection with face-to-face interaction. This denies the time zone as well as the geographical location. So, the user can seamlessly communicate with anybody around the clock at the comfort of their home.

2. Save Time and Money

Video conferencing integrations not only comfort the connection with virtual interaction, but it also saves traveling time and related expenses. However, sometimes some of the meetings do demand a direct presence, but most of them reach the resolution via video conferencing app.

3. Online Meeting at a More Personalized Manner

When compared to email or audio calls, video conferencing apps take every interaction to the utmost next level. Here, you can have face-to-face interaction with other users and have more personal relationships.

4. Recording Option

It’s always worth having a track of all the meetings via a recording option. This ensures the host not to miss even a single point that has been discussed in the meeting. Sometimes, these recordings will be valuable for those who were unavailable during the meeting.

5. Training the Employees

Most often HR departments use these video conferencing technologies for onboarding/offboarding purposes. Yes, it is one of the cost effective ways to educate and train their remote employees about their company’s protocols, products and service, and more.

6. Easy Accessibility

Getting equal opportunity to engage and take part is of course a challenging task to deal with. But, with live video conferencing this has become much easier now. Here, the participants can present their views simply by notifying the host with a click on the video options. 

7. Supports in Business Decisions

Maintaining better human connection is now too easy with secure video conferencing. Most of the time, this helps and speeds up the decision making process by engaging with global clients at once.

That’s been said, these video conferencing apps are needed by almost all the industries. But still there are certain industries that need them the most for a variety of reasons.

Now, let’s see how these video conferencing integrations interact with any existing app in terms of technical aspects.

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How to Integrate Video Conferencing into Your Existing App?

video conferencing integration

There are three ways for a video conferencing app to incorporate with your existing app, 

1. Credentials for Video Conferencing SDK Account

Before integrating the video conferencing features and its related services into your client’s app, it is necessary to acquire credentials.

2. Server-Side Application 

Since the APIs run at your application server, it uses the third-party account credentials to provide access to any video services.

3. Client-Side Application

All the client apps are executed at a variety of devices like mobile or web apps. So, these APIs use third-party SDKs to publish, subscribe, and execute the real-time communication data.

To initiate a video conferencing session there are a certain set of steps that need to be followed. Let’s have a look at,

1. Create a Room

First, the server application will ask permission to create a meeting room. Now, the SDKs will validate the provided information before creating a new room. Once the validation is done, these video SDKs will respond with the Room SID, a unique identifier that can be used in API requests.

2. Obtaining Access Token for Client 1

Clients need to access a token for connecting to a meeting room. Also, needs to ensure that the client application has full control as to who is authorized to join the meeting room.

  • Usually the access token is requested from the application server through HTTP request from the client app
  • The application server makes use of video SDK account credentials to generate an access token securely
  • Now, the client 1 obtains the access token.

3. Client 1 gets into the Meeting Room

  • After getting the access token the client 1 can connect to the room using video SDK’s connecting interface
  • Video SDK verifies the access token. If it gets validated, the connection between the room and the client gets improved and established. Now, the client becomes a participant in the room who can be able to publish and/or subscribe to the content from other resources.

Now, when you have got a better idea about these video conferencing apps with development, features and functionalities, and more. I think it’s the right place to talk about some of the top giants. Yes, some of the top video conferencing integration providers who are moving quickly in the current market.


However, the above sections would have given you an idea to build your video conferencing app.

Anyhow, if you are planning to integrate video conferencing to build your application, then I must say there are a lot more in the ocean to check out for.

So, think and act accordingly and if you ever need some guidance, feel free to contact our dedicated skillful team to get more.

All the Best!

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