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Easy to Get Started with JavaScript Chat SDK


It’s Time to Integrate Javascript Technology into Your Chat Apps

Moving with innovative thoughts alone cannot get you a creative outcome. It needs more in terms of services using chat SDKs as well. We have over 150+ features that can be integrated easily to activate services such as push notifications,real time translation, etc. Moreover, we also support additional custom features to meet business requirements.

Reliably Scale Your Business For Billions Of Users
With JavaScript Chat SDK

  • Private 1-to-1 chat
  • Group Chat Conversations
  • Push to Talk
  • Live Voice & Video Streaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Call back Service
  • Call Waiting & Queuing
  • Secure File transfer
  • Cross-platform messaging
  • Message Broadcast Option
  • Backup & Storage
  • Chat History Channels
  • Real-time Language Translation
  • Multilingual
  • Speech To Text
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