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Etisalat UAE Is Driving 10x Engagement With MirrorFly

Emirates Telecommunications Group Company PJSC, doing business as etisalat by e&, is an UAE state-owned telecommunications company. It is the 18th largest mobile network operator in the world by number of subscribers. Etisalat UAE multiplied its user engagement by 65% with video, voice and chat features, powered by MirrorFly.

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Why Is MirrorFly Your Ideal Telecom Partner?

You focus on driving customer engagement and we built the entire communication infrastructure you need for it, with ease!

100% Customizable SDKs

100% Customizable SDKs

Build in-app communication features into your telecom app exactly the way you want it - with personalized video, voice and chat features.

Whitelabel Solution

Pre-built UI Kit

Create a modern, reliable, & full-featured chat experience with our highly responsive UI components like font colors, typefaces & more.

One-time License Cost

Flexible Deployment

Get the flexibility of deploying your app on your own private cloud/ on-premise or on our SaaS cloud servers to suit your infrastructure strategy.

Hire Dedicated Team

White-label Solution

Achieve the appearance of a custom-built telecom app with personalized communication features & meet unique users demand seamlessly.

The All-in-One Solution With 500+ Communication Features

The most flexible SDK to build engaging in-app video, voice and chat experiences on your telecom apps.

HD Video Call

Collaborate customers on live video calls instantly

Create live, engaging and life-like interactions in your telecom app with high-resolution video calls. Make your app the go-to place for your customers to meet each other, in real-time.

  • 1:1 or group video calling
  • Call logs
  • Adaptive Bitrate
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HQ Voice Call SDK

Make calls a part of your customer communication

Add crystal-clear voice calling capabilities to your app and lift up customer engagement at scale. Boost retention rate by connecting users over voice calls, without having to leave your app.

  • Private/ Group Voice Call
  • Push & VoIP notifications
  • Audio Auto-routing
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In-app Chat SDK

Keep the conversations going with messaging features

Build in-app messaging with all the features of a modern chat app for your customers. Easily drive high engagement and better business outcomes with the interaction features they’ll love to use.

  • 1:1 or group chat
  • Presence Indicators
  • Message receipt & read indicators
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global telecom chat
  1. override fun onCreate() {
  2. super.onCreate();
  3. //activity to open when use clicked from notification
  4. //activity to open when a user logout from the app.
  5. ChatManager.startActivity =
  6. //for chat logging
  7. LogMessage.enableDebugLogging(BuildConfig.DEBUG)
  8. .....
  9. }
  10. FlyCore.registerUser(USER_IDENTIFIER, FCM_TOKEN) { isSuccess, throwable, data ->
  11. if(isSuccess) {
  12. val responseObject = data.get("data") as JSONObject
  13. // Get Username, password and Auth token from the object
  14. } else {
  15. // Register user failed print throwable to find the exception details.
  16. }
  17. }
  18. ChatConnectionManager.initialize(USERNAME, SECRET_KEY, XMPP_DOMAIN, XMPP_HOST, XMPP_PORT)
  19. ChatManager.makeXMPPConnection()
  1. const SDK = window.SDK;
  2. export default SDK;
  3. import SDK from "./SDK";
  4. const initializeObj = {
  5. xmppSocketHost:`HOST`,
  6. xmppSocketPort:`PORT`,
  7. ssl `SSL`,
  8. encryptKey:`ENCRYPT_KEY`,
  9. apiBaseUrl:`API_URL`,
  10. licenseKey:`LICENSE_KEY`,
  11. isSandbox:`SANDBOX_MODE`,
  12. callbackListeners:{},
  13. signalServer:`SIGNAL_SERVER`,
  14. janusUrl:`JANUS_URL`,
  15. };
  16. await SDK.initializeSDK(initializeObj);
  17. await SDK.register(`USER_IDENTIFIER`);
  18. await SDK.login(`USERNAME`, `PASSWORD`);

  1. let groupConfig = try? GroupConfig.Builder
  2. .enableGroupCreation(groupCreation: true)
  3. .onlyAdminCanAddOrRemoveMembers(adminOnly: true)
  4. .setMaximumMembersInAGroup(membersCount: 200)
  5. .build()
  6. ChatSDK.Builder.enableContactSync(isEnable: true)
  7. .setDomainBaseUrl(baseUrl: "YOUR API BASE URL")
  8. .setMaximumPinningForRecentChat(maxPinChat: 4)
  9. .setGroupConfiguration(groupConfig: groupConfig!)
  10. .deleteMediaFromDevice(delete: true)
  11. .setAppGroupContainerID(containerID: "YOUR GROUP CONTAINER ID")
  12. .buildAndInitialize()
  13. ChatManager.shared.initialize(username: USERNAME, secretKey:SECRET_KEY, xmppDomain: XMPP_DOMAIN, xmppPort: XMPP_PORT)
  14. ChatManager.makeXMPPConnection()

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How To Build Your Telecommunication App In 3 Simple Steps?

The most flexible SDK to build engaging in-app video, voice and chat experiences on your telecom apps

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