10 Best Developer Blogs for Latest Tech & Software Development in 2022

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Development is fun – when the right information reaches you at the right time. We make this easy by bringing to you the best developer blogs that can get you the latest technology and software updates right away. Get your Bookmark buttons ready!

Are you a Developer interested in mastering the art of web development? Well, you are at the right spot, just a few seconds away from discovering the proven resources that can help you stay at the top of your game for best developer blogs!

Whether you are a coding newbie, an expert programmer, graphic designer or a content creator, it is important to be aware of the latest tech happenings across the industry. Reading, writing and engaging with other programming ideas and perspectives redefines the way your software skills thrive. In support of your efforts, several software development blogs take up the responsibility of delivering profound writings on technology with immense research and reviews. 

This article mainly focuses on bringing out the critical blog resources across the internet that deliver the top articles for programmers. With no further delay, we’d like to walk you through our curated list of the best developer blogs:

Top 10 Developer Blogs in 2022

#1. Stack Overflow

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Stack Overflow is a popular knowledge sharing platform built for web developers across the globe. The active users of this website are programmers, designers, software engineers, students and common audience interested in web development. In this website, a few of them pose questions on codes they need help with and the others post answers that they’ve tried and tested. This two-way interaction between developers creates a dynamic environment for sharing the coding expertise and makes the site more resourceful.

Below are the tags under which blog articles are covered by the Stack Overflow Team to enlighten their audience

  • Code for a living
  • Community
  • Stack Overflow Knows
  • Company
  • So Far Teams

#2. DEV Community

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The Dev Community has been developed for software engineers and techies to share their interest and knowledge in programming among each other. The website has been designed in such a way that developers can collaborate to discuss specific coding topics in-depth. With the strategy of ‘networked learning’, DEV community has created a resourceful space to hone the programming skills of developers and level-up in their career. Apart from this, the team has developed an open-source software named ‘Forem’ to foster several other communities including their own DEV. 

Here are the top tags that developers actively discuss on a regular basis in the Dev Community 

  • #javascript
  • #beginners
  • #webdev
  • #programming
  • #tutorial
  • #react

#3. HackerNoon

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HackerNoon is infamously known for blogs articles on Technology and Software. This website brings together a large community of tech enthusiasts interested in reading, writing and publishing geeky articles. More than 15000+ writers contribute to the blog in building one of the interesting resources of tech updates and insights. From startups to giant companies, Hackernoon covers the tech innovations happening around the world and keeps its readers stay informed up-to-date.

The top technologies developers are actively reading and writing about, in Hackernoon includes:

  • Block Chain
  • Programming
  • Web Monetization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Ethereum
  • React
  • Data Science
  • Python

#4. freeCodeCamp

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freeCodeCamp has been serving developers since 2014 in learning to code, build projects and get jobs in top tech companies in the world. It contains almost 8000+ tutorials that enriches the coding knowledge of developers right from beginners to experts. Developers from different countries come together to discuss interesting coding topics and enrich the medium with important insights. freeCodeCamp has built its own curriculum to practice coding and provides certifications on course completion. This is adding value to the portfolio of several software engineers and techies interested in building amazing technologies. 

The most active tech-threads on this top developers forum include:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Backend Development

#5. Indie Hackers

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Indie Hackers keeps you updated about the business behind software technology. It’s quite an innovative effort to bring the revenue numbers that software development has yielded for companies around the world. Developers discuss strategies and business opportunities in topic groups of their interest and help partnering with other teams to build tech innovations.  Indie hackers is sure to hype up the curiosity of startup developers who are aiming to transform their ideas into giant establishments

Here are the popular discussion topics developers are making in Indie Hackers

  • Database Hosting
  • React to Webflow Conversion
  • Native Integrations
  • Building a SaaS product
  • Accounting Software Integrations
Are you Looking for Latest Tech to Build Your Chat App?

#6. A List Apart

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A List Apart can be defined as a beautifully designed Webzine (Website Magazine) for Web Designers. Developers can explore articles that walk them through the entire design to deployment process. The blog helps look into design from more of a user perspective. Developers who are writers post articles on their strategies, innovations and experience with coding. This makes design and development more understandable for techies to build their own software products. 

The coding topics in A List Apart that are actively written on include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Browsers
  • Application Development

#7. GeeksforGeeks

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GeeksforGeeks is an online portal that offers a wide range of articles and tutorials for sharpening your programming skills. The blog helps you upskill in web development by offering think-pieces on coding languages and technologies. With the strategy of ‘programming with practice’ GeekforGeeks has also been actively contributing in offering courses and helping developers get into the right jobs. Developers can find courses, competitions, webinars by industry experts, internships and job opportunities from their website.

Explore topics with other GeeksforGeeks readers:

  • Data Structure
  • ML & Data Science
  • Full Stack Development
  • Django
  • Fork JavaScript

#8. HoneyPot

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HoneyPot is everything about jobs for Developers. It is a work-search platform that connects web development employers and talents across the world. Their blog mainly focuses on development jobs, the work culture, opportunities and best practices in different development companies. Developers interested in technology, developer interviews and research may find this blog insightful. 

Here are a the popular topics you may find interesting in HoneyPot:

  • Tech Salaries
  • Tech on Climate 
  • Scala Community
  • Managing Remote Developer Teams
  • Developer Conference

#9. Slack Engineering

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Yes, you’re right! Developers at Slack, one-of the most popular team communication tools, have brought together programmers, coding updates and development tools at one-stop.  Developers can find full-fledged articles on technology with deeper insights from other developers at Slack. The website is constructed to prepare a clear guide on most of Slack’s technologies implemented in their products. This helps other developers get to know the nuances of the designing and development practices at Slack. The blog also covers management practices for web-development teams and helps understand storytelling techniques for developers interested in writing.

Explore the interesting articles on Slack Engineering

  • Evolution of  Cloud Networks
  • Building web-scale observability
  • WebHooks
  • API Designing
  • React analytics

#10. CONTUS MirrorFly

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Developers passionate about APIs and SDKs can find MirrorFly as a powerhouse of advanced in-app communication features. The integrations offered by this leading API provider have connected millions of users within several popular apps across different industries. The blog covers technological advancements in communication API and SDKs, with interesting insights and updates. App developers choose MirrorFly for the impressive feature provisions that nurture their apps with active user engagement and high-end security. The article covered by the team envelopes the in and outs of communication features and designs needed for the modern communication infrastructure that any app needs. 

Why wait while you can jump into an ingenious pool of API and SDK know-hows?

The MirrorFly Blog encompasses several interesting topics. We’ve enlisted a few of them as a preview:

  • Scaling Real-time Communication apps
  • Build a Chat App with JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift and Objective C
  • XMPP Vs Web Sockets
  • HIPAA Compliance and Data Privacy


Assuming we’ve done a fair comprehension of the best developer blogs across the web, we’d like to sum up,

It is important to understand that following a web development blog is a necessity to stay updated and connected with other developer communities these days. Anywhere in your coding journey, you will discover new ways of how other developers approach every programming needs. This creates a smart route for you to enrich yourself with coding proficiency and master your web development skills. We leave you here with the recommendation to start writing your own development blog to spread out solutions to other developers across the world.

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