In-app Chat Use Cases: Enhance User Experience With Full Customizations!

Published On April 18th, 2024 Insights

In-app chat and messaging use cases

Most of us have heard about in-app chat APIs and their role in businesses. However, most of you might be even more interested in learning about the use cases and benefits of in-app chat APIs in your business.

What is a MirrorFly?

Mirrorfly is an in-app chat, voice, and video API for various kinds of enterprises. It has 150+ feature-enriched APIs and SDKs that can be easily integrated into your platforms.

Mirrorfly lends its support to all kinds of businesses as it is HIPAA, GDPR, and OWASP compatible.

Mirrorfly’s security system is top-notch, with end-to-end encryption and AES128 security standards.

Moreover, Mirrorfly offers twin business models:

SaaS: Highly scalable, month-on-month renewal, budget-friendly

SaaS: Also known as self-hosting, SaaS is a 100% customizable, white-label solution with a one-time license fee that can be hosted on the cloud, on-premises, or in your own infrastructure.

What use cases does Mirrorfly support?

  • On-demand
  • Telecom
  • Social/ dating
  • Finance and banking
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • E-learning
  • Fitness
  • Recruitment
  • Project management
  • Logistics
  • Food management

1. On-Demand

Connecting: users and service provider

Use-cases-of-in-app-chat-and-messaging 1
Communication app for On-Demand

COVID-19 and the pandemic situation have been catalysts for the extraordinary growth of communication through technology. Particularly, food delivery, grocery delivery, booking a cab, and FMCG product deliveries have all become on-demand services.

This field has been a boon post-pandemic. And users are eager to know about the status of their deliveries in real-time. Even updating changes and chatting with their delivery partners or service providers gives them immediate relief from their queries.

So on-demand services are in vast need of a chat service on their platform to increase user retention. Rather than building a chat from scratch, hiring multiple developers, and facing lots of issues, they can easily integrate our chat APIs and SDKs into their platform and provide hassle-free solutions.

Ready to Integrate Our In-app Chat Features?

2. Telecom

Connecting: users, dealers, and service providers

Messaging API for Telecommunication Industry

Telecom services have been a key to the modern communication era. From the early days of telephone communication to wireless services, telecom has played a vital role.

Still, this modern communication tool is also in need of a chat app on their platform to increase user satisfaction as well as provide product knowledge updates to its dealers working out there.

Why do they need a chat app while they build wireless communication? The answer is simple: we live in a busy world where time is valued more than money. The waiting time for the users and dealers may interrupt their attention and leave them frustrated in the end.

Whereas using in-app chat strategies in their platform helps them to solve queries in real-time with minimal waiting time. Even another dealer can transfer his knowledge to a dealer, solve customer queries, improve productivity, and provide a satisfactory level of service.

3. Social/Dating

Connecting: user-user and user-service provider

Use-cases-of-in-app-chat-and-messaging 10

Modern communication leads to finding new people anywhere in the world. Dating apps and social media play a vital role in opening new markets for business, adopting new cultures, and connecting people all around.

Communication is key for any relationship and for business as well. In order to have communication at your fingertips, chat apps can be lifesavers.

Integrating an in-app chat into your platform helps users interact through chat, voice, and video calls. Through this, user engagement will increase, resulting in increased user retention and satisfaction.

4. Finance & Banking

Connecting: staff, management, and users

Use-cases-of-in-app-chat-and-messaging 5
Chat application for the Telecom industry

The economy is a primary thing we all work for, and the economy is led by the finance and banking sectors. Timely solutions for any queries are the most appreciated thing in these sectors.

However, handling multiple customers from multiple places affects their problem-solving techniques in real-time.

But an in-app chat will be the perfect solution for this issue. Even finances and banks can monitor their employees, solve customer queries, update new products, and much more.

5. Healthcare

Connecting: doctors, patients, and medical staffs

Healthcare communication API

Healthcare sectors are most valuable, and time is the primary asset for a healthcare company. Protecting lives on time is the best thing that could happen in human life, and in that regard, they are doing a tremendous job.

All those services have gone online now; why not healthcare? During and post-COVID, a greater number of healthcare service providers have raised their seats online and saved millions of lives so far.

For a healthcare service provider, while the doctor and patient are being connected, it should be inside the platform and leave no room for errors. The patient’s data is extremely valuable, and you need to be in charge of that.

Having an in-app chat helps you in communication between the patient and the doctor through voice and video calls, with a chat option, which could increase trust in patients’ minds to share their data, which could be more helpful in diagnosing their problems and finding the solution in real-time.

6. Gaming

Connecting: players and service providers

Use-cases-of-in-app-chat-and-messaging 9
One-to-one chat service for Gaming

Gaming is a healthy way of relieving stress and increasing focus unless you are addicted to it.

And now many online games have been developed with increased graphics and effective team spirit. Connecting players from multiple geographical locations and allowing them to team up and play is an added advantage.

Even gaming is equal to social media when it comes to connecting with strangers and becoming friends. Players are ready to team up with a fellow player and develop conversations involving team strategy and plans in order to triumph together.

Togetherness is a great thing to achieve. In order to be together, there must be flawless communication with in-app chat, voice, and video facilities. Along with ultra-low latency support for seamless connections to people from different geographical locations around the world.

7. E-learning

Connecting: students and teachers

Messaging SDK for Edu-tech

The education industry has moved online and set a tremendous benchmark in a short period of time. With the support of all governments worldwide, both the private and public sectors of education are now pushing beyond their boundaries.

From taking regular online classes to even conducting exams online, e-learning is flying. Through e-learning, more courses around the world are now accessible at your doorstep.

Yet, more doubts arise, and traditional interaction is being affected. But through in-app chat options, interactions are possible in between the class, and teachers can solve the queries while they are even in the middle of a video call or screen sharing. In-app chat, voice, and video APIs and SDKs are making these things easy for e-learning sectors, giving them a real touch.

8. Fitness

Connecting: trainers, coaches, and learners

Best Chat SDK for Workout Apps

In a day-to-day busy world, we all have lots of things to run behind on. Meanwhile, running beyond wants, we now struggle to make time for needs. Fitness is one of them for which we lack time to go to the gym, yoga center, etc.

But considering the importance of fitness online has opened a wide space for the fitness industry, allowing trainers to give online instructions to their trainees while assessing their conditions.

Whereas having an in-app chat, voice, and video APIs and SDKs in their platform helps improve the interaction between trainers and trainees, which helps trainees achieve quick results and maintain consistency.

9. Recruitment

Connecting: Recruiters, Management, and Candidates

Messaging Platform for the recruitment process

Hiring and firing at the right time determines your business’s growth. Okay, the procedure is straightforward; the only thing that matters is that it is carried out at the appropriate time.

Recruitment industries online are making progress 10 times faster than traditional methods, with the added advantage of selecting a proper candidate for the role.

Having in-app chat APIs and SDKs integrated into their platforms makes the recruiters understand the candidate better and also allows the candidates to ask their doubts and immediately get a clear answer, which helps them understand the role and responsibilities and helps them prepare for them.

10. Project Management

Connecting: project managers and clients


The basic role of a project management company is to review current project processes and capabilities. Additionally, providing an overview of the weaknesses of the current process and controls

Meanwhile, online, while project managers and clients are connected on your platform, are there any issues you think can’t be sorted out? If the answer is yes, then it’s probably time for you to think about providing a chat solution on your platform.

Real-time chat options have helped businesses gradually improve their performance in every aspect of their business. Building an in-app chat from scratch, hiring developers, facing problems, and involving a long already you are busy managing projects. So just easily integrating in-app chat APIs and SDKs into your platform can save you time, money, and peace

11. Transportation

Connecting: Delivery person, Customers, and Service Providers

#1 Chat API for Transportation Apps

Shifting an object from one place to another is quite simple while reading this. Nope, it’s completely processed in a different way.

Logistics play a vital role in manufacturing industries, trading industries, and service industries. All aspects of the business have been covered. When everything became online and sorted out time issues, why not logistics?

While you read this blog over here, the logistics industry is making seemingly impossible things possible online. Connecting their pilots with their customers is making them say goodbye to most of their waiting time.

Having an in-app chat integrated into their website helps them connect their customers and pilots, solve queries if any for both customers and pilots, update locations, provide additional input through voice notes, etc. These features of in-app chat APIs are really doing wonders for any logistics company.

12. Food Management

Connecting: chefs, caterers, and customers

Food management means food assortment, preparation, arrangement, and conservation. Whether you make food in your house, in a large restaurant, or even in cloud kitchens, this process involves

But whereas in home kitchens we prepare food for a maximum of 10 if it’s a joint family, it’s easy to manage the process and the flow. But in chain restaurants, cloud kitchens, and food manufacturing industries, it’s not quite easy to manage by a single person.

So there will be multiple people to manage this. Now that food management industries also place their feet online, it’s easy for them to maintain stock inventories, find available stocks, etc. Having in-app chat APIs integrated into their website or app helps them improve communications among their teams and customers.

Which also results in reducing wastage, improving quality and taste, and increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Integrating in-app chat, voice, and video APIs and SDKs helps them arrange meetings, team gatherings, chef’s advice, etc.


Our in-app chat, voice, and video APIs and SDKs are developed in a way that should contribute to chat solutions for businesses all around the world.

All the above-mentioned use cases are researched deeply, understood clearly, analyzed properly, dialyzed correctly, and then uniquely made to solve the communication issues in these industries. We offer best-in-class self-hosted solutions. Click here to speak with our expert about your industry type and problem to get a solution. Yes, we really mean a solution, not just an exchange of words.

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