Best 10 HIPAA Compliant Chat Apps: Benefits, Features, Tech Stacks and Solutions of Live Chat & Video

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The advancement of technology is enabling the healthcare industry to improve its services. Over the years, several app companies are venturing into healthcare app development. However, to streamline the vital data and extend to maintain the electronically protected health information(ePHI), laws like the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) came into existence. HIPAA compliant chat apps provide the opportunity to interact securely. Healthcare messaging apps need to offer a secure sharing of ePHI without a data breach. A HIPAA compliant chat apps for doctors and patient communication must protect the ePHI while allowing an open interaction flow among the authorized users. Moreover, the multi-platform functionality eases in developing secure messaging healthcare apps. Thus, a telehealth messaging solution needs to adhere to the compliances and have features that allow interaction. However, hipaa compliant text messaging services are meant for doctors, medical staff, nurses, patients, insurance, and healthcare entities. So, a digital healthcare chat app should be easy to use and at the same time possess all features essential to bring the desired results. Now, it is time to know more about the HIPAA-compliant text message apps. 

Detailed Overview on HIPAA Compliant Chat Apps

A HIPAA Compliant texting app is an application that allows doctors, medical staff, nurses to share the patient’s protected information. In such a scenario, these apps must by default comply with the HIPAA policies. Any entity(authorized user) who uses the hipaa compliant messaging platform solutions must practice the HIPAA policies. Telehealth app development should have an expert team to handle the policy implementation. Presently, with the pandemic hitting hard on us, many people prefer to use healthcare apps to reach a doctor for consultation through instant texting.  Hence, having a HIPAA Compliant texting app is a must for all healthcare providers.

How does HIPAA Compliant Messaging App Assist the Healthcare Organizations

Modern-day healthcare organizations are moving towards HIPAA compliant messaging app that provide secure messaging. Healthcare organizations gain more advantages using HIPAA-compliant messaging apps. Also, healthcare providers must realize that these apps involve a huge ePHI. Additionally, all the healthcare entities, including doctors, staff, nurses, insurance providers, and stakeholders, must adhere to HIPAA compliance. Below is the list of the top three advantages a Healthcare Company can gain by using HIPAA compliant texting apps. 

1. Penalty-Free

The significance of HIPAA text messaging is more after the U.S legislation increased the privacy and security protection for individual’s health in 2013. At the same time, the legislation increases the penalty charges for breaches and non-compliance. As a result, healthcare organizations can attract a maximum penalty of up to $1.5 million per single violation.

2. Improves Productivity

The next advantage any healthcare institution will gain with HIPAA secure app is productivity improvement. For instance, using hipaa compliant fax app, healthcare organizations can instantly send patients’ medical reports and prescriptions. Hence, at any given time, medical staff do more tasks. Thus, productivity increases.

3. Better Service 

Healthcare institutions that use the HIPAA Compliant app development, deliver better service compared to others. While getting appointments for doctor consultation is easy with apps. As a result, connecting patients with doctors for diagnosis is faster. Hence, Healthcare institutions offer better services attracting more users.

4. Cost-Effective

By using apps, both the healthcare service provider and the patients save more money. Firstly, clinics reduce the investments in printing reports, printers, and fax machines. Secondly, using the HIPAA text messaging apps, they create easy communication channels for staff and the patients. Moreover, patients prefer online consultation as it reduces travel time and saves the travel cost for them.

Salient Features of HIPAA compliant messaging app

A Healthcare app must be capable of providing and fulfilling the user requirement. So, any healthcare app with HIPAA compliance must by default include the below salient features.

Features to Include in hipaa compliant apps on the Patient-side 

hipaa complaint chat app

Salient FeatureNeed for the FeatureExplanation
Text Messaging Connect with Doctors and medical staff in real-timeOften, patients want to reach a doctor or medical staff without visiting in person to seek advice. In such a scenario, secure messaging serves as a connector between patients and healthcare providers. Moreover, hipaa text messaging makes this easier.
Online AppointmentsEasy to book online consultationA healthcare app should allow patients to book online appointments. By default, the app should display the free slots and available doctors’ details. As a result, by looking at the information, patients must easily book an online consultation.
Instant ChatsFor connecting over voice and video calls for better diagnosis.Sometimes, patients may need to show their current health status. Using hipaa compliant phone apps, patients can connect with doctors from their phones. However, it supports diagnosis as doctors can examine using the video chat features.
Alert NotificationsReceive appropriate communication in the form of alert notifications.Patients must get alert messages and share regular updates on the appointments. Moreover, special precautionary and next consultation information alerts must reach patients.

Features to Include in secured hipaa compliant apps on the Doctor-side 

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Salient FeatureNeed for the FeatureExplanation
Data Sharing with CareDoctors and medical staffs exchange, share multiple PHI of patientDoctors and staff transfer protected health information using secure messaging healthcare apps. Any medical entity associated with handling ePHI must comply with HIPAA laws.
Store & Retrieve Patient’s DataDoctors should easily access a patient’s report using the app.A healthcare app that allows texting, chats must compulsorily have massive storage. Medical staff should be able to store and retrieve any patient’s data. Also, this lets the healthcare entities store more vital data. To maintain security, investing in good hipaa compliant chat apps can help save more.
Schedule & Send NotificationsReceive and send notifications to their mobilesA healthcare app must send the schedule, and next patient consultation alerts messages to the doctor. Any hipaa compliant phone app will be capable of acting as a reminder app for doctors’ schedules. Additionally, doctors can schedule alert notifications for patients.
Presence IndicatorIndicate if a doctor is available for consultingAny healthcare app should have a presence indicator. In HIPAA compliant phone apps, doctors can turn on and off to display their online/offline presence.

Ready to Build your Own Healthcare App?

List of Top 10 API Providers with HIPAA Compatible Healthcare Texting app

The Healthcare providers turn to development companies for getting the best HIPAA Compliant Healthcare apps. However, not every company can offer solutions to build HIPAA compliance app development. Thus, here is the collection of the world’s Top 10 best solutions for building HIPAA Compliant Chat apps for doctors and patients.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

healthcare apps CONTUS MirrorFly provides solutions to create scalable HIPAA Compliant chat apps for the healthcare industry. The CONTUS MirrorFly APIs allow building a real-time ecosystem within any healthcare app. Also, it supports creating a patient-centric conversational panel. Besides, it empowers a healthcare app to provide a patient’s diagnosis with VoIP calls and facilitates remote diagnosis in real-time.

Salient Features
  • It supports 1-to-1 Doctor-patient Texting
  • Send real-time notifications about the next appointment and broadcast messages.
  • Secure messaging and media file transfer of PHI using end-to-end encryption.
UI Effectiveness
  • Easy to message doctors, view receipts, and dial a video call via video consultation software
  • Ability to track a patient record globally from within the app and provide a diagnosis.

A Demo is available on request. However, to know the exact pricing, you must reach their sales.

2. SendBird 

Digital Healthcare Using SendBird API & SDK, developing a HIPAA compliant texting service for healthcare is easier. Also, using sendbird, you can create an in-app communication for quick patient access. Additionally, with chatbots, intelligent diagnostic tools, sendbird enables developing a complete communication platform for doctor-patient interaction. Moreover, it possesses a robust, scalable chat API necessary to launch a HIPAA compliant texting app.

Salient Features
  • It supports Device Authentication on the client and server sides.
  • Offers messaging data and analytics.
  • Allows secure texting with encryption for all data and PHI using TLS/SSL. 
UI Effectiveness
  • Users get post-care experience notifications, including reminders.
  • Facilitates @mentions in the chat, media sharing, lets users receive and read receipts.

Starting price is $399/month for 5K chats.

3. Twilio

telemedicine app By using Twilio, creating a HIPAA compliant email and messaging for the doctor-patient platform is faster. Also, it is a highly reliable network that offers a scalable and battle-tested infrastructure. Additionally, developing a HIPAA Compliant text messages service with Twilio supports personalized solutions that work on Omni channels. Using Twilio, you can build a platform that supports pre-screening appointments, follow-up and tracks the ongoing treatment.

Salient Features
  • It lets you add auto routines and FAQs in the app.
  • Sends alert notification and has prescription refill options, automated pre-appointment calls.
  • Two Factor authorization for logins.
UI Effectiveness
  • Accessible to smart calls with “Click on Call.”
  • Messaging from the Smart bots on websites is convenient.

A free demo is available. However, Twilio practices a pay-as-you-go pricing.

4. Plivo

plivo secure messaging apps Plivo is a messaging API platform you can integrate on healthcare apps for secure messaging. Also, it is an alternative to HIPAA and texting solutions like Twilio. By using a customized sender ID for outbound messages, you can build a platform for secure texting. Moreover, Plivo offers rich messaging features such as long message concatenation, message queuing, and delivery reports.

Salient Features
  • Two-factor authentication for user login.
  • Has intelligent message encoding
  • Provides reusable templates, sticky sender and detailed debug log reports
UI Effectiveness
  • Facilitates automatic Opt-outs
  • Send and receive media, including photos, videos, and audio clips.

It complies with GDPR similar to HIPAA secure, and now pricing starts at $0.0000/message for outbound message and extends up to $0.0045/message using shortcodes. 


build a HIPAA Compliant Chat app allows you to build a HIPAA Compliant Chat app for healthcare more efficiently. Using, it is easy to integrate API with HIPAA Compliant text messages features into an existing healthcare app. Additionally, an app will benefit from modern texting tools such as reactions & thread follow-ups. Further, any app developed with will support high-quality video calls.

Salient Features
  • It provides two-factor user authentication.
  • Tracking of follow-up treatments with personalized notifications.
  • Easy deployment with 99.999% uptime SLA guarantee.
UI Effectiveness
  • Chatbots to optimize the patient’s chats 
  • Dashboard with healthcare history and diagnosis details.

Available at a startup plan at $499/mo, while their enterprise plan is custom pricing.

6. CometChat

hipaa compliant video chat CometChat is a live real-time platform that brings about HIPAA Compliance with video conferencing, messaging and audio systems ensuring end-to-end encryption connecting the doctor and patient under one roof. It’s entire setup has been designed to have an easy installation into any 3rd party device like iOS, Android and web app. Their SDKs are meant for all kinds of industries including healthcare organizations. CometChat SDKs are compatible enough to run on any platform without the usage of extra codes. 

Salient Features
  • Enables access only to the authorized users who have PHI data, other can never disabled or altered PHI data
  • Provides end-to-end encryption across patient entire medical record
UI Effectiveness
  • Easily notifies ‘N’ number of patients at once
  • Provides easy and secure access to media and file sharing instantly

Pricing A free demo is available. CometChat provides its service as a pay-as-you-go pricing.

7. PubNub

hipaa compliant video conferencing PubNub provides in-app chat APIs with HIPAA Complaints chat, voice and video conferencing features that deliver better patient experience to all the remote sectors using its numerous features in real-time. Their APIs ensure high-end patient satisfaction with rich at-home treatment using regular notification, location trackers, etc. It’s HIPAA-compliant design improves overall operational efficiency with speed consultations reducing no-shows and overhead cost of the treatment.

Salient Features
  • Improve efficiency with no compromise in patient care
  • Provides high-end security over patients health care information
  • Ensures secure sharing of confidential data
UI Effectiveness
  • Highly flexible to fit with exact need of any use cases
  • More of backend support for chat with lower level of services

Pricing A free demo is available. PubNub provides its service as a pay-as-you-go pricing.

8. Enablex

hipaa live video chat app Enablex provides a HIPAA-compliant platform that meets the technical and business needs of every healthcare industry. It ensures privacy over patient’s sensitive data against all kinds of theft. Their APIs have been designed to support the risk and liability management across the chain. Apart from regular treatment, its APIs and SDKs are built to support wellness programs too, where the patient can have access to certified personal trainers for fitness or nutrition through live video calling app.

Salient Features
  • Reduces stress for mental health patients by allowing therapy across any device 
  • Enables to record all conversations for risk and liability management
  • Facilitated with IoT tracking device to monitor patient health and welfare
UI Effectiveness
  • Detect the signs of abnormalities in speech pattern with AI-powered video conversation
  • Get connected within seconds for virtual assistance

Pricing A free demo is available. Enablex provides its service as a pay-as-you-go pricing.

9. Mesibo

hipaa video chat conferencing Mesibo allows you to quickly build your HIPAA Compliant Chat app with their easy to integrate real-tim audio and video chat app features for mobile and web apps. Apart from the basic functionalities like location sharing, push notifications, scheduling appointments, our HIPAA compliant platform offers more in-depth features to make the doctor-patient communication more personalized and cost efficient. Mesibo’s messaging SDKs have been designed to minimize the complexities of any connection using easy-to-use UI and scalable platform.

Salient Features
  • Face-to-face doctor-patient interaction across the world
  • Secure and reliable platform
  • Regular follow-up with patients using notifications
UI Effectiveness
  • HIPAA compliant platform is highly adaptable to receive video notification when you are on another call
  • The patients data is accessible only by the patient and the authorized hospital staff only

Pricing A free demo is available. Mesibo provides its service as a pay-as-you-go pricing.

10. QuickBlox

hipaa compliant video chat QuickBlox with its HIPAA compliant texting, voice, and video calling capabilities have empowered the healthcare industries around the world. Its APIs are highly powerful to build any HIPAA compliant video conferencing app that enhances remote health monitoring, internal communication, patient management, etc. Working with a variety of HIPAA compliant hosting solutions they ensure private communication and patient data to be stored in our cloud or your cloud, for complete control. QuickBlox supports a variety of security measures to protect patient’s sensitive information. Their SDKs can be configured into any infrastructure according to the industry needs to get the best patient health management. 

Salient Features
  • Uninterrupted doctor-patient communication for ongoing care
  • HIPAA chat user management with patients medical records
  • HIPAA compliant instant chat with live and offline messages and alerts
UI Effectiveness
  • Easy to access and assemble desired interface
  • Highly customizable with color, font, icons, etc

Pricing A free demo is available. QuickBlox provides its service as a pay-as-you-go pricing.

Get Future-Ready with HIPAA Compliant Chat Apps – The Conclusion

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance texting is significant in Healthcare apps. While many solutions allow you to build secure texting apps, only a few enable customization. If you are looking to develop a hipaa compliant messaging platform for doctors and patients, you can choose from any white-label messaging solution provider. However, healthcare organizations must administrate the protection of protected health information at all times.

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