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Keep your Gamers Engaged with In-game Chat API

Embed real time messaging, voice, and video to get players together and have them experience more engaged with personalized interaction.

Integrate In-app Chat and Connect Online/Offline Players with Live Streaming

CONTUS MirrorFly is a leading real time chat APIs and SDKs that can be easily integrated into any gaming app. Our solution helps you to increase your in-game chat engagement by connecting your offline and online players together by sending event alerts in real time, converting them into active players.

You can experience a great consistent audio and video quality with our live streaming despite hosting a gaming league or sharing the actions of your social gamers.

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  • Social
  • Chat
  • Custom & Personalized
  • In-app
  • Cross-Platform
  • Live interactive

Enhance your Gaming Experience with In-app Chat

Experience Player-to-player engagement, delivering announcements, large-scale broadcasts, and chat optimization with integratable real time chat features.

Live Chat Experience to Enhance Gamer's Life and Player's Attention

Bring back the lapsed players and social gamers together on a single gaming platform with regular broadcasting message notification.

Retain your Players and keep them Engaged with Integrated Chat, Voice and Video Messaging

CONTUS MirroFly's chat APIs allows your players to engage for longer by taking the conversation to the next level building communities.

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One-to-one : Empower social interaction by connecting the players through their community enabling 1-to-1 private and group chat.

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Message Broadcasting : Quick response within a single click keeps players more focused and interactive.

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Scalable with Players Privacy : Improve player retention and create a personalized players environment with HQ voice video.

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World's most Scalable Communication Infrastructure with Highly Secure Chat Functionalities

Let you players experience high scalability and security over the conversations across any game, any platform

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Push Notification : Send real time data via push notifications across any device and platform.

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Scalability : Scale over 1 billion+ concurrent users across your gaming platform ensuring a secure interaction among players.

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Encryption : Highly secure data encryption with profanity filter, AES 256, signal protocol, image moderation and related tools, to have a secured built-in chat community.

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Track and Analyse Gamers Interaction with Analytics for Better Gaming Experience

Use the stored chat data to analyse and improve your games and services. Generate a real time insight as what's in trend.

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Data Moderation : Analyse, monitor, and track the chat data by retrieving and exporting messages.

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Personalized Analysis : Get to know your player better with chat analytics and detailed reviews and updates to improve their performance.

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Data Management : Have a complete real time insight about the actionable numbers and report summaries to enhance your team performance starting from marketing to development.

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World-class scalability, high-end security with over 150+ chat, voice and video calling features that can be integrated into any iOS, Android and web app easily. Now, what else do you need?

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