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The All-In-One Chat API Your Users Will Love

MirrorFly’s backend infrastructure has all the building blocks, platform & flexibility to help you build truly interactive messaging experiences.

  • 1B+


  • <100ms

    Avg API Response

  • Ultra-Low


  • 99.999%

    Uptime SLA

Not Just Chat API & Messaging SDK We Have Got You Everything.

Say goodbye to regular chat APIs & instant messaging SDKs. Let’s experience MirrorFly as an outstanding real time messaging solution. The powerful communication solution built by a team of dedicated In-house developers with highly flexible hosting possibilities, that adds an extra mileage to build your chat app.

  • High-Performance Backend Infrastructure
  • Low Latency
  • Best Cloud Infrastructure
  • Unlimited Conversations
  • Development Team In-house Development Team
  • Pre-built UI Kit
  • Development Team DevOps Grounded Development
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benefits of chat api solution
  • Pre-built
  • Global
  • In-house
    Development Team
  • Unlimited
  • Low
  • Best Cloud
  • High-Performance
    Backend Infrastructure
  • DevOps Grounded

Pre-equipped Infrastructure of Chat APIs & SDKs

Driving From Roadmap, Deployment, And Battle-Test To Build Future-Centric Chat Application

  • Unlimited Chat & Call

    Drive billions of conversations among your users on your messaging platform with unlimited chat.

  • Low Code SDK

    Launch your messaging apps faster to your in the market using our API and SDK built with only a few lines of code.

  • Pre-built UI Kit + SDK

    Choose from 100+ UI elements like colors, icons and typefaces & deliver a more personalized brand experience to your users.

  • Upload Large File

    Let users exchange video files of any size with their friends, family or team members without any size limitations.

  • Multi Tenancy

    Ensure that any user action within a group chat is visible only to the group members via multi-tenant mode.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Deploy, maintain & manage your chat app on a devoted space in our highly scalable cloud servers.

  • Topic-based Chat

    Segregate chat based on topics on your app. Analyze the subjects that interest & engage your audience.

  • Free Migration

    Make it easy for users to switch to MirrorFly from any providers, without affecting your app uptime and user experience.

The Real-time Chat SDK, To Build Everything You Need

MirrorFly messaging SDK is packed with everything you need to create a highly reliable chat app for your users.

Make Communications Easier in Real-time

Empower in-app messaging across applications and drive better engagement & chat experience for your users.

  • One-to-one/ Group Chat Integrate MirrorFly's in app chat API into your web or mobile app and easily connect your app users over 1:1 and group conversations in real-time.
  • Smart Replies from Any Devices Allow the users to save their reply content, so they could fetch the relevant context and send them immediately to other users without the need to type again and again.
  • Push Notifications Drive user interaction and boost engagement within your app, by enabling realtime message delivery notifications on the user’s device.
  • Real-time Language Translation Deliver users a native and personalized chat experience with SDK that can translate messages up to 100+ languages on the user chat screen.
create high-quality online chat experiences with mirrorfly
integrate chat features

Collaboration from Anywhere & Any Device

Our feature-rich Chat API makes your community more engaging with virtual collaboration features.

  • Secure File Transfer Share any number of file formats & sizes such as audio, video, images, and prospects on a real time basis to maximize productivity and user engagement.
  • Unlimited Message Broadcasting Deliver impactful real-time information, alerts & updates to a vast group of users across the chat rooms, groups within a click-through one-to-many broadcast option.
  • Screen Sharing In a Click Share and manage any screen remotely on other devices effortlessly. Display your entire chat screen, channel and group discussions to a bulk of the audience.
  • Location Sharing Leverage users to share their live or current geo location quickly and conveniently to other trusted users via chat on your Android, iOS or web app.

Compatible With Any Platform, Language & Data Channel

Enjoy the flexibility of building the messaging features on any platform, using any tech stack that can run on mobile or web.

  • Any Programming Languages Want an API for chat & messaging that’s built on a specific programming language? We’ve got them! Use the tech stack that you prefer to use on your app.
  • Private & Public Channels Connect N number of users or audience by creating several open channels within the chat app with hassle-free sharing of videos, images, docs, etc.
  • Schedule Post Post any number of events, activities with scheduling features based on user’ availability, and time to deliver information to a huge audience. Channel admin or preferences can schedule posts.
  • Get Dedicated Hosting Deploy your chat apps on MirrorFly’s cloud servers, enjoy unlimited message storage and fastest response time, while managing your data.
integrate chat features

Ready To Build Your Own Customizable Chat & Call App?

Develop your own communication apps as you prefer with 150+ customizable features, 99.999% SLA and < 100ms avg. response time, for a one-time license cost!

  • Whitelabel solution
  • Complete ownership
  • Hire Dedicated Team
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Your Security is Our Top Most Priority

Our real-time chat API is built with robust security protocols to ensure that your users can be confident of their privacy whenever they send or receive messages to other users.

Explore Chat Security
  • personalised video recording mobile app

    End-to-End Encryption

    Our messaging SDK is built to cipher user conversations end-to-end to prevent security threats, vicious actors and malicious attacks.

  • personalised video recording mobile app


    With a 128-bit key, our SDK encrypts all the user data, so that all messages exchanged can only be accessed by the sender and receiver.

  • personalised video recording mobile app


    Our SSL-certified SDK that encrypts all data in transit, safeguarding against eavesdropping, identity theft, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • personalised video recording mobile app


    Protect every personal information of the user and foster trust in your brand with our SDK built on improved data handling and accountability.

  • personalised video recording mobile app


    Make use of our HIPAA compatible realtime chat SDK that keeps patient health information safe across your app when shared among users.

  • personalised video recording mobile app


    Mitigate potential security risks and vulnerabilities, safeguard user data and maintain the overall integrity of your chat application.

The Chat API That Builds Conversations Anytime, Anywhere

Out-of-the-box features to get you up and running fast while ensuring unparalleled reliability.

Private 1-to-1 Chat

Connect users for a 2-way conversation over a private chat channel.

personalised video recording mobile app
  • Private 1-to-1 Chat

    Connect users for a 2-way conversation over a private chat channel.

  • Group Chat

    Connect multiple users simultaneously on the same chat channel.

  • Typing Indicators

    Display the typing status when messages are being typed by the other user.

  • Delivery Receipts

    Notify users when the messages are delivered to the recipient.

  • Read Receipts

    Notify users when the messages are read by the recipient.

  • Online Presence

    Add the UI elements that shows whether a user is or was recently online

  • Push Notifications

    Using FCM, our SDK can display messages on the notification pane client app.

  • Offline Messaging

    Leave a message in the chat when a user is not available.

  • Message Translation

    Translate user conversations in up to 100+ languages in real-time.

  • Mute Users

    Stop notifications & alerts from a particular user in the chat list.

  • Archive Chat

    Allow users to hide individual or group chat on their chat list.

  • Forward Chat

    Let users forward chat messages to other users.

2 Ways To Get Started

Use our UI Kit to add a complete set of messaging features along with design elements for your user interface.  Need only chat? Integrate our real time chat api within 20 mins and get your app up and running. 

UI Kit

Create Highly Responsive Chat App Interface With our pre-built UI Kit, you can easily build an entire messaging app with intuitive design elements and interactive chat features.

Get UI Kit
MirrorflyUikit.initUIKIT(baseUrl: 'YOUR_BASE_URL',
    licenseKey: 'Your_Mirrorfly_Licence_Key',
    googleMapKey: 'Your_Google_Map_Key_for_location_messages',
    iOSContainerID: 'Your_iOS_app_Group_id');
    runApp(const MyApp());
try {
    var response = await MirrorflyUikit.registerUser(uniqueId);
    debugPrint("register user $response");
    //{'status': true, 'message': 'Register Success};
} catch (e) {

Chat SDK

Integrate Our Low-code Chat SDK In 20 mins.  Use our in-app chat API and add all the essential messaging features to your web and mobile app, within less than an hour.

Get Chat SDK
     baseUrl: '',
     licenseKey: 'Your_Mirrorfly_Licence_Key',
     iOSContainerID: 'Your_iOS_app_Group_id');
    Mirrorfly.registerUser(userIdentifier).then((value) {
     // you will get the user registration response
    var userData = registerModelFromJson(value);
}).catchError((error) {
   // Register user failed print throwable to find the exception details.
Mirrorfly.sendTextMessage(message, jid).then((value) {
    // you will get the message sent success response
    var chatMessage = sendMessageModelFromJson(value);

Get Help With The SDK Integration

Want us to do the SDK integration? We’ve got you covered. Our developer team can perform the complete SDK integration for you, on-demand!

Request Integration Support

A Single Chat SDK, To Build Everything You Need

MirrorFly messaging SDK is packed with everything you need to create a highly reliable chat app for your users.

Connect Patients & Doctors Anytime, Anywhere

Deliver personalized patient care experience by connecting doctors with patients in realtime across any platform, anywhere instantly. Add in features like media attachment so that healthcare professionals can share medical records and diagnostic images during the treatment.

Explore Healthcare

Connect Patients & Doctors Anytime, Anywhere

Deliver personalized patient care experience by connecting doctors with patients in realtime across any platform, anywhere instantly. Add in features like media attachment so that healthcare professionals can share medical records and diagnostic images during the treatment.

Explore Healthcare

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Discover what our customers have achieved by choosing MirrorFly for their in-app communication needs.

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“We have been working together for about 2 years now. Their wide range of technical expertise truly puts us on the right track.” 

Eddy Chu
Senior Technical
Architect, VSE, Inc.
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“With their extensive feature set, smooth integration and commitment to our success, they’ve truly made it a fruitful partnership.” 

Nicolas Bouris
CEO, Weiilla
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“We have a long way to go but I think wherever we have reached now would not have been possible without the team at MirrorFly.”

Managing Director
& CEO, MYn.

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