6 Benefits of Building A Chat Application and How to Get Started!

Published On April 17th, 2024 Tech Talks

Messaging apps have made communication more interesting than any other regular chat service.  They make us feel more connected to others, both personally and professionally on a daily basis. For example, chat applications like WhatsApp or Messenger can deliver a meme or message from a friend that can truly make our day.

While on the professional front, apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams help us to instantly ping a colleague on an ongoing task. I can go on and on with the numerous use cases that chat services provide us these days. And today we will discuss in particular the advantages of chat apps, the purpose of chat applications and how they are used by businesses as their strategic tool to drive user engagement and build brand loyalty.

If you are here for the same reason, this article will brief you on the several benefits you may achieve by chat development for your brand. So, let’s get started:

The requirements to build a chat application

If you’ve geared up to build a chat app for your business, here is a quick checklist of the necessities you’ll require during the entire process:

  • A dedicated In-house Coders Team 
  • Development Know-hows
  • Right Infrastructure 
  • Capital Investment 
  • Budget Plan 
  • Security & Privacy Support
  • Time for Development 
  • Hosting facilities

Once you’ve ticked almost all the items on the checklist, we’ll proceed further with discussing the benefits of web and mobile chat apps.

Why should you build a chat application?

As a summative, I’ll quote user experience as the first among my list of reasons to build your own chat app. 

Let me break this down. When you run a business, only you have a clear idea about the target audience that your brand will serve. When you integrate pre-built chat benefits into your brand, they can help your users just to communicate with each other. On the other hand, when you plan, personalize, build, control and fulfill the purpose of a dedicated chat app for your customers, it will help them feel your brand more personally every day.

Also, it gives a complete understanding of your users’ needs.

Chat apps, by default, render you a win-win situation – it gives your users a medium to communicate with each other. At the same time, it keeps you informed about what they need from your brand. When built right, the ideas for your business’ roadmap for the next few years will emerge from somewhere across the chat conversations between your users and your customer support executives.  Apart from these, creating chat apps offers many other advantages.

So, what features must your app have to make it more engaging and interactive? Let’s get into the details one by one:

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1. Engaging In-App Messaging Features

Real-time messaging features within apps have made conversations in a virtual environment more interactive and engaging. For example, a text message with features like personalized emojis, reactions, gifs & media is more interesting than just plain language during an in-app conversation. In fact, it helps you gain user attention and provides them with a sense of attachment to your chat application.

Above this, several other features like typing indicators, message history and end-to-end encryption serves users everything they need to communicate with others directly on your app, limiting the need to opt for other external platforms

  • In-app Chat:- In-app Chat is an instantaneous form of communication. In fact, text messaging has become the primary interaction channel for millennials across the globe. When you develop chat within an app, you get to connect from 2 users with each other to a number of users within the same space. The latter especially works perfectly for collaboration tools used by large enterprises. In-app messaging also benefits user engagement, retention, and satisfaction. 
  • Video & Voice Calling:- Chat apps bring people closer virtually even if they live far off from each other. It gives them the convenience to connect without the need to spend a fortune and time to meet people in-person. Chat apps have transformed them all virtually possible!  This means you will be able to gain users to your app from all around the world.

2. Unparalleled Scalability

As the user base grows, your chat application must be able to handle a high volume of users, sessions and channels. Setting up a highly resilient infrastructure set up with availability on a variety of devices and operating systems can make your app highly competent.

In turn, the performance and reliability of your chat app will grow exponentially if a clear strategy is set right when you make your first steps. 

3. Reliable Real-Time User Experience

A real-time chat application offers users a quick and proactive space to interact with each other. In other words, user engagement is very high in a live messaging app as the response rate is quicker than the traditional modes of communication.

From the perspective of an app owner, when a customer is able to get all the information and queries sorted within an app via live customer service chats, they are more likely to make a purchase. This makes the app meet its purpose by abiding to modern-day requirements. 

4. Complete Security

Building a chat app is a huge responsibility when it comes to taking care of user privacy and safety, the advantages and disadvantages of a chat app, and attaining the purpose of a chat application. A few free chat apps hold accusations of having breached the usage of customer information due to failures in the implementation of a secure infrastructure. At the same time, several other apps have made their way into building a strong and secure messaging environment with end-to-end encryption, HIPAA compliance, and moderation controls.

We urge you to build one such app that makes your user safe and comfortable to share their opinions, thoughts and queries.

5. Active Chat App Engagement

Interactive features excites users because it gives them an instant gratification to whatever they do. When you embed collaborative features like personalized portfolios, themes, emojis,  custom push notifications and wishlists into your app, it enhances the chances of a user to get more connected with your app and brand.

Similarly, whenever a user seeks assistance on a product or service, many apps redirect the users to an external link or a completely new page. This disrupts the time spent by the user within the app. But, when you build your own in-app chat for your brand, users stay within the app without leaving to external platforms. This eventually leads to a better conversion rate for your business.

6. Building Chat With MirrorFly

Without a doubt, building an app from scratch might feel overwhelming. However, there is a better alternative to this. Instead of coding every part of your chat app, you may choose to integrate the pre-built chat features and customize your app according to your business needs by hiring a dedicated development team from your provider.

This phenomenally famous process of SDK integration lets you add highly interactive features to your existing Android or iOS apps. This reduces the efforts, cost, and resources you need to implement chat for your business app, just within a few minutes.

To facilitate this, MirrorFly offers easy-to-integrate and cost-effective APIs and SDKs that provide more than 150+ chat features including chat, voice calling, and video calling. The integrations will be able to implement end-to-end encryption to every conversation along with 100% HIPAA, GDPR, and OWASP compliance. Above this, MirrorFly exhibits a global ultra-low latency with the most effective response rate. 

When app developers choose real-time chat APIs like MirrorFly, they will be able to deliver their chat apps right on time to the market with a frictionless deployment.


To sum up, there are several advantages and benefits of chat app development as mentioned above. From connecting your users to generating leads that convert, chat apps can help developers explore the bigger picture of app development.

If you are considering building a chat application for iOS or Android & Web devices, we hope this article has done a fair job to help you understand the potential benefits and how to get started with your text or video chat app development strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the importance of chat?

Chat is the easiest channel of communication within an application. It helps users to seamlessly converse with each other, exchange images, videos, documents and files. On the other hand, businesses can drive effective user engagement, ensure higher customer satisfaction, build trustworthiness and brand loyalty.

What are the benefits of self hosted chat app?

A self-hosted messaging application Lets you build customizable chat features into your apps. White-labels the messaging features. Offers you the flexibility to host your app on-premise/ cloud or on our cloud servers.

What are 2 main benefits of social/dating apps?

The key uses of social/ dating apps include efficient communication between like-minded individuals and secure community interaction between people with similar interests.

How are enterprise apps beneficial with chat apps?

Messaging features within an enterprise app helps efficient communication across team members. It also provides effective collaboration that increases productivity and streamlines day-to-day operations.

Does a free chat app have real benefits for developers?

Of course. Free chat apps ensure that your users can easily connect with other users or your brand, without the need for a third-party communication app. It drives effective engagement within your app, driving conversion and user retention at scale.


Vigneshwar is a seasoned digital marketer and blogger, extremely passionate about driving search engine visibility for websites. He thoroughly enjoys exploring emerging technologies and is currently honing his expertise in Chat APIs and their associated tech stacks.

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      Thank you for your kind feedback. Hope to write more helpful articles!

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    1. Vigneshwar says:

      Thanks very much for taking the time to write a response to my article. When you build a chat app with flutter, you’ll find that it helps you achieve faster performance, hot reload to instantly see front-end/ back-end changes, cross-platform compatibility, customizable UI widgets and more.

      If you’d like to use Flutter to build your messaging application, wait not, talk to our expert developer team today.

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    1. Vigneshwar says:

      Glad to know that you’ve chosen MirrorFly’s SDKs and APIs for your IT project. Of course, MirrorFly supports chat apps on all platforms and is available in Saudi Arabia. You can also host your app on our cloud servers or our physical servers from anywhere and deploy your apps faster to the market. If you’d like to get assistance with the integration process, our support team will be more than happy to help. Stay connected!

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  6. raj says:

    Hi. Our website is based on astrology. Now we are going to add a section of ‘chat with astrologer’ in which customers are directly connected to our astrologers through chat. It will be based on wallet recharge basis. share me your pricing details ASAP

    1. Vigneshwar says:

      Hello Raj,

      Your Astro app sounds interesting! Sure, you can use MirrorFly’s chat SDKs in 2 different ways. You can either avail of our pay-as-you pricing (SaaS) with 3 monthly plans – Easy, Essentials, and Premium. For more details, you can check our pricing page.

      Otherwise, you can opt for a self-hosted chat solution for a one-time license cost and build your own white-label astro platform.

  7. batki says:

    hello, i want a chat app for my customers who can connect with any one customer support team member who is online , suppose a customer wants a support , and he goes to the application and come accross the list of agents who are online, he can connect to any one of them and start chatting with him.

    1. Vigneshwar says:

      Hello Batki, it’s nice to know that you are looking to provide seamless support to your customers. With our free Mirrorfly chat API, you can add the presence indicator feature and display the agents who are online. Thereby, your customer can instantly start chatting with your support representatives.
      For more information on our chat SDK, feel free to talk to our experts.

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      Hi Angelisting,

      Your proprietary chat app sounds great! Well, I’m glad to let you know that MirrorFly offers customizable messaging solutions for Android, iOS and web apps. It is available for a one-time license cost and you can get more details about it from our team of experts.

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