10 Best Voice Chat Apps – A Study in 2022!

best voice chat app

The right voice chat app can lead to meaningful connections and effective collaborations in a splendid number of ways. Wonder how? Explore with us the finest list of best voice chat apps that proves our statement true!

In 2020, Skype saw a 70 percent growth in daily users with a demand for voice chat apps exploded, where the success of voice chat resulted in the voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market with a hit of USD30 billion at a CAGR of 15% by 2027. 

Therefore, the variety of industries have shifted their focus towards these voice chat apps for a variety of reasons.

Thus, in this post I have included my research for you to get you a better understanding about these voice chat apps as how and what this app market is all about. 

So, let’s explore together!

Table of Contents
  1. Top 10 Best Voice Chat Apps in 2022
  2. #1. Discord - “Top Choice of Gamers and Businesses”
  3. #2. Mumble - “Great Leader among Well-known Open Source Voice Chat App”
  4. #3. TeamSpeak 3 - “A Full-Time Gamer’s Need”
  5. #4. Element - “An Entrant in Online Communication”
    1. Recommended Reading
  6. #5. NuovoTeam - “An Ideal for a Workforce”
  7. #6. Steam Chat - “Most Innovative and Easy that Gamers Love”
  8. #7. Blizzard Voice Chat - “Gamers Ultimate Destination with Voice Chat App is on Blizzard.net”
  9. #8. Ventrilo - “Group Communications Software that Facilitates VoIP”
  10. #9. Overtone (Formally Vivox) - “Highly Rated Hosted Managed Solution"
  11. #10. Viber - “Facilitate End-to-End Security"
  12. Why to Choose CONTUS MirrorFly to Enhance Your Voice Chat App?
    1. Last Final Thoughts!
    2. Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

Top 10 Best Voice Chat Apps in 2022

#1. Discord – “Top Choice of Gamers and Businesses”

discord best voice chat app
Image Source: discord.com

When it comes to hanging out with friends and co-workers for some personal time, the first thing that turns-out our mind to blows is Discord – An app that need not be installed to work upon and can also be accessed easily via a link and a browser. 

When it comes to organizations and individuals, they can create servers on Discord. Yes! This attribute of Discord has made its recognition among the top group voice chat apps. Moreover on these servers, the people in the groups can join together and discuss their interests, or organize themselves to complete a project at work, or can also play games together. Discords, these user-friendly features have resulted in 14 million users logging in daily basis and it has captured the best voice chat app crown in the current market.


  • The voice API that Discord uses helps it handle over two million concurrent voice chat users who can also employ video calling and texting.
  • It supports cross-platform use and is the best voice chat app for Android and iOS.
  • It is a good choice for those looking for a voice chat app for group communication.
  • Users can easily customize the UI when the app is in use.


  • The user interface does not have a professional appearance.
  • There are recurrent server raids which cause security and privacy issues for users.
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#2. Mumble – “Great Leader among Well-known Open Source Voice Chat App”

mumble top voice chat app
Image Source: mumble.info

A close competitor to Discord among the top voice chat apps is Mumble. It provides users with excellent sound quality ensuring low latency. However, both these features go a long way together to keep their customers happy.

Communication on Mumble is permanently encrypted, and users can easily find and connect to servers according to their interests. It supports up to 100 users at once, and its dependable client-server architecture makes it a good group voice chat app option for a dispersed team of gamers or for a company with employees spread worldwide.


  • The Mumble voice API results in the app having good data protection features.
  • Easy interconnectivity in the app makes it an ideal choice for creating larger virtual channels for companies.
  • Servers can be rented or hosted as per requirements making it a good voice chat app for gamers and small businesses.
  • Third-party apps such as Mumblefy for Android devices and Mumble for iOS are available.


  • Integration of these voice chat APIs allows users to connect to only one server at a time.
  • The user interface is not well developed.

#3. TeamSpeak 3 – “A Full-Time Gamer’s Need”

group voice chat app
Image Source: teamspeak.com

TeamSpeak 3, a demand for every hardcore gamer. It is the video chat app that has been launched with Discord but has marked its market presence. It’s voice call SDK provides administrators with impressive control over permissions.

The app also allows users in an organization or a gaming community to control a channel or a server via specific permissions. Administrators can, therefore, control servers down to the very last detail.

TeamSpeak 3 with security ensures AES encryption for conversations that take place within the voice chat app. Also, the versatile online voice chat app can operate as an offline or LAN community.


  • Ideal option for businesses that are looking to embed voice chat on a website.
  • The client app is free for users, but paid access to the server app is required once the user count exceeds a certain number of slots.
  • The TeamSpeak 3 client is available for various platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and it is among the best voice chat app for Android.
  • Sound can be fine-tuned and echo adjusted to ensure that the end-user has a premium experience.


  • It is harder to set up, especially for users with little or no technical expertise, as they need to download the client and enter the server address.
  • There is no video conferencing feature.

#4. Element – “An Entrant in Online Communication”

top voice chat app
Image Source: element.io

In terms of new entrants to the voice chat app space, Element has captured the attention of gamers and businesses. It has been considered as a top voice chat app for it’s a wide variety of exclusive features. One of the most desired features is security, for which it ensures full end-to-end encryption without any chance for data breaches to take place.

While the app is free for individuals, Element for enterprise has increasingly replaced Skype for Business Server in companies. It is currently rated to be the best group voice chat app for organizations. There are cloud and on-premise versions on Element that are increasingly being adopted by governments worldwide.


  • It has a basic version that offers free calls and voice chats for individuals.
  • The Element voice API has a bridges feature that connects Signal, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, and WhatsApp.
  • Element verifies users as they log in to the app using various devices.
  • Allows for users to share files securely and reduces chances of data breaches.


  • It is one of the best voice chat apps for iOS and Android, but bugs in the client often adversely impact performance.
  • The user interface is not well developed and needs refinement.

#5. NuovoTeam – “An Ideal for a Workforce”

popular voice chat app
Image Source: nuovoteam.com

Companies that want to track their field-based workforce to handle projects related issues, make use of voice and video call app named NuovoTeam to communication with each other. Billed as a “push” to talk option, NuovoTeam does not offer a voice call SDK or voice chat API but is a versatile cross-platform app that operates like a traditional walkie-talkie on smartphones and tablets.

Ideally suited for iOS devices and custom-built rugged offerings, it is also the best voice chat app for Android and Windows devices. NuovoTeam encrypts messages, supports file transfers, and improves collaboration between team members.


  • It supports has Simple interface where users can interact with a single person or a group of people with one push of a button. sle-free playback of voice calls, archiving of channels, and checking of PTT history.
  • Fully compatible with a wide range of WiFi and mobile networks.
  • Employees can clock in using NuovoTeam, which also can track their location.


  • Data protection measures need improvement.
  • Simplistic and additional user-friendly features are required for layout.

#6. Steam Chat – “Most Innovative and Easy that Gamers Love”

voice chat app for android
Image Source: store.steampowered.com

Offered as part of the Steam distribution service for video games, Steam Chat allows gamers to communicate with their peers and friends. Chiefly designed for PCs, the voice chat app is easy to use once users log into the Steam website.

However, the recent updates to the voice chat API have made Steam a major competitor to Discord. After apps for mobile devices launched in 2018, gamers often rated it as the best voice chat app for Android and iOS. Steam continues to improve its chat offering and has focused on keeping it feature-rich and attractive to gamers.


  • Calls are encrypted to the core with utmost security measures.
  • No installation is necessary, and only a browser is required before users can employ voice chat.
  • The voice call feature and the interface are easy to use and navigate.
  • Primarily designed for gamers, it is a premier group voice chat app.


  • The audio quality of voice chats on the app is not very good.
  • It relies on the Steam servers to function, so performance can be patchy.

#7. Blizzard Voice Chat“Gamers Ultimate Destination with Voice Chat App is on Blizzard.net”

Image Source: blizzard.com

Blizzard is a voice chat system that has touched the market a while ago, wherein the market is all about this platform for its stable and enriched qualitative voice chat across all the channels. They have reduced the features of unlimited users around the channel and enhanced the ability to add a variety of effects in the chat. Moreover, Blizzard provides free applications around the PC or Mac for communication and streaming for all the game applications.


  • A complete set of configurations for audio that can enhance the sound quality experience.
  • High-end streaming capabilities.
  • Handle channels effectively.
  • Highly compatible for any mobile application.


  • Chat facility is available only among friends and mutuals.
  • Can focus and cover only a single channel at a time.

#8. Ventrilo – “Group Communications Software that Facilitates VoIP”

voice call app
Image Source: ventrilo.com

Ventrilo is one of the free voice chat programs that comes with low-latency. It has been aimed upon the gamers therefore, facilitates very lightweight VoIP with a run in the background. With client-server architecture, Ventrilo allows their users to run on its own connectivity or to be rented upon their choice. 

Alongside, the user-friendly system also supports their users with the great option when they wish to avoid a call or they don’t have a microphone on hand.


  • Highly encrypted client-server connection.
  • More stable when the hardware is weak.
  • Provides comprehensive online guide.
  • Simple text chat messaging.


  • No more new updates with Linux client.
  • Demands a server to use.

#9. Overtone (Formally Vivox) – “Highly Rated Hosted Managed Solution”

Image Source: developer.vivox.com

Overtone is another highly preferred free platform that is mostly considered among the best voice chat apps for gaming. The program has been powered with the renowned voice chat service, Vivox. It promotes an easy setup that is comfortable to use and also available across the windows and web. They also promote social features for their users with the offering of distinct modes of communication.


  • User-friendly social interaction capabilities.
  • Crystal-clear voice services.
  • A team meeting can have unlimited number of participants.
  • Lightweight and can be installed easily.


  • Limited availability around the platform.
  • Does not provide the option to create teams in its web-based system.

#10. Viber – “Facilitate End-to-End Security”

Image Source: viber.com

Viber is a cross-platform VoIP and instant messaging software application that works with voice, video and text messaging. With more than a billion users, Viber is the most demanding player in the market. It offers a free calling service among their viber users. But, if you want to call the phone numbers of other than viber users, you need to pay a small fee. It provides some great features like hidden messages, emojis, etc.


  • Never ask to register with username and password.
  • Unlimited free text, voice, and video call among viber family.
  • Enables to send photos and map locations.
  • Compatible across any iOS, Android, and web app.


  • Lack in quality when compared to Skype and WhatsApp.
  • Does not offer security on private chats.

Well, after having a great understanding about a variety of applications from the above, it’s quite difficult for any one to make a choice as to which one is the best. But, still you can grab some ideas with their respective merits and demerits to specify them to be the best of voice chat apps.

Now, let’s see if you want to enhance your voice chat app, which solution could be the best fit for your requirement.

Why to Choose CONTUS MirrorFly to Enhance Your Voice Chat App?

top voice chat app
CONTUS MirrorFly Voice API

CONTUS MirrorFly is one of the foremost preferred partners for leading global companies in the development of some of their best voice chat apps for mobile devices and websites. Its user-friendly architecture is complemented with some of the amazing features that makes it the most outstanding one in the real-time communication market.

Let’s have a look at them,

1. Top-Notch Security – For Your Voice Chat App 

Whenever you are planning to build a voice chat app you probably are looking out for something that prioritizes security. Of course, it’s one of the best approaches ever – here, MirrorFly catches the nerves of their client and provides a high-end security with enterprise-grade security protocol that will prevent every bit of information from conversation to sharing of confidential data from hacking.

2. On-cloud/On-Premises Infrastructure, The best Options to Choose 

After security, storage of data is the second most priority for any voice chat app development. So, if someone is getting you the same with open options of your or their on-cloud/-premises hosting infrastructure, won’t it be great! Yes Of course. Here, the solution provides you with these open options where you can choose your preference option to store all conversations and data. 

3. High-End Scalability, an App’s All-Time Demand

Whatever be the application, the scalability is the core that impacts the user retention directly. Having this in mind, the solution provides high-end scalability with over 1 billion + users around the world across a variety of platforms without compromising in quality and connection ensuring increase in user engagement.

4. Effortless Integration into Any Device

To make the integration process simple and easy, CONTUS MirrorFly offers guided documentation with simple codes that does not even require much technical knowledge to proceed further with integration of any voice calling APIs into an existing iOS, android, and web app.

5. End-to-end Migration Support

As far as migration is considered, it is one the main things that every app developer looks for as no one wants their users to be left in the cold if such a migration situation arises. With migration, our solution ensures a secure transfer of all the user’s conversation and data from their existing providers to our app without any loss.

6. Pricing, Your Choice is Important for Us

While planning to develop a voice chat app, it’s very important to make a cost estimation which is majorly based on the app’s complexity and requirement of features. Thus, this solution provides two ways in pricing to choose from – one is self-managed (one-time license cost) and another, on-cloud (pay-as-you-go) option, which you can make a choice depending upon your requirement.

However, the above mentioned are only a few of the unique points about CONTUS MirrorFly, but there are many more to point-out to be your choice.

Are you Ready to Build Your Own Voice Chat App for Your Business!

Last Final Thoughts!

Well, after all the above discussed points, now you would have got a better idea about market’s best voice chat apps as well as APIs. Of course, this might have triggered your passion to build your own voice chat app too.

If so, then don’t delay, act immediately and get in touch with our skillful developers team to get further guidance to build your business brand using voice chat apps & reach beyond the sky.

All the Best!

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

Voice chat apps are rising as the fastest and easiest mode of communication in recent years. It has gained popularity across different use cases as it helps users send and receive instant voice messages

Voice chat apps work based on a technology popularly known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. To make a traditional phone call, users require a phone line or a telecom service that converts voice signals into electrical analog signals or radio waves and transmit them between devices.

The transmission is available only within the limits of a certain demography covered by the service providers.  Whereas, in a voice chat app, an internet connection is sufficient to transmit the digital voice signals across any devices all around the world.

The foremost skill necessary for developing voice technology in a chat app is Voice User Designing (or VUI). A VUI designer is responsible for understanding the user’s need for voice features within apps. He/ She creates interfaces and enables a smooth interaction between the user and the application. The designer must be able to write codes or identify the right APIs for their apps offered by leading providers in the market. 

To create a voice chat app, the cost estimation depends on different criteria like country, design, functionality and capabilities. 

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