Programmable Voice API : How to Build an Audio Conferencing System?

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If you are looking to build an audio conferencing system. Then you can find several options available in the market to choose from when it comes to programmable voice providers.

This blog can add an additional step to your search by giving you an idea as to how to quickly build an audio conference system in programmable voice call api.

What is an Audio Conferencing API?

Audio conferencing api provides the quickest way to connect to several people from a variety of locations using conference bridge protocol. Being the most flexible and scalable feature it can be created easily with no cost that suits any business. It is the one wherein the users get connected to a centralized system. Embedding audio conferencing can eventually raise the value of your solution. This is despite being used as a standalone solution or a supportive one for your business.

How Does Voice Conferencing Call Contributes in Real Life

voice conferencing system

“Audio Conferencing, real life’s real deal”

But when this virus popped up, it has considerably shacked the overall foundation.

  • Well, when it comes to the real life scenario the role of audio conferencing differs a lot as per the situation. But, most often it has proven to be the best way of communication.
  • For instance, if you run a marketplace where you need to get connected to buyers as well as suppliers for any product or service. Then there are chances that sometimes, there might be some conflict between both parties.
  • Now, in such cases you can sort out the situation in the first place by having both the parties connected via audio conference calling. However, this could be possible only if the audio conference system has been embedded into your own programmable voice application. It performs all the tasks on a single click.
  • Now, anyways we got to know the importance of audio conferencing apps in our regular life. But, have you ever thought about how it makes a difference when it comes to traditional dial-in.

Audio Conferencing App Vs Traditional Dial-in : Let’s have a Check!

“ Your perspective enhances with Audio Conference apps”

Whatever be the case, the concept of conference calling is vast and much valuable when compared to the traditional dial-in system. We can get some more insight over it with their feature comparison:

Audio Conferencing App

  • Audio conference call can be made with a single click via mobile or web application.
  • Conference calls permit you to create multiple groups with several members.
  • You can have an uninterrupted conference call, with no need of bridge number & PIN. Will dial the number automatically whenever the time has been set.
  • It allows you to get connect instantly with your team or via incoming calls.
  • Every time you line up the conference, a reminder gets triggered through SMS to all the other participants or users.
  • Can have access over the participants during the call through a live monitor using Add/Connect/Unmute/Mute/ Disconnect options. Also permits to send alert to the moderator when muted.
  • Whatever be the conversation, here the voice log gets maintained automatically. So, no need to have track-on for minutes of meetings.
  • For every call there is a recent call history available to get line up and for instant conference.
  • It provides you the option to make calls from mobile to landline, landline to web, or mobile to web, without any hindrance.

Traditional Dial-in

  • As usual need to schedule the conference calls via web.

  • Every other time you have to send an invitation to any new group with the details of Pass code and timings.
  • Need of the Pass code and timing to get connected. If forgotten then there is no other way to get connected.
  • All the members need to get connected via bridge number.
  • No availability of SMS option, alert is possible only via mail during scheduling.
  • There is a facility for force mute as a result there is no opportunity given to the participants to reply back with the moderators.

  • Reports are maintained in the web to extract the voice logs.

  • Every time you need to line up calls through web for conference calling.
  • There is no such option available.

Overall the above comparison table talks about the audio conferencing to be the best solution that acts as a connecting point between people/team/business across the globe anywhere anytime.

Now, you must be thinking as if these are the comparisons then what could be the perks. Let’s have a look at some of the perks of audio conferencing applications that make it the most outstanding one.

Benefits of Audio Conference Calling Services

“ Perks of Audio Conference service gets you everything on the table”

The best voice conference call application has the features that can speak for the needs of the users. It is almost like the service for smart team collaboration. 

It allows the enterprises to join hands together on daily bases via meeting and perform reviews, make deals, discuss deadlines, etc.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of an audio conferencing system that makes it more appreciable.

  • Quick outbound voice conferencing solution. You can connect to your team members with just a click via mobile/app.
  • You can have access to other users during the live voice conferencing session. Even you can monitor them via Add/Mute/Connect/Unmute/Disconnect feature.
  • Users can make use of alerts to the moderator even when the app is in mute.
  • You can be able to do the voice recording of the session and get them stored as a voice document.
  • Can make calls to the members through the huddle login history quickly by saving time.
  • No need for Pass code, bridge numbers, and PIN. Still, be fast, safe, and secure.
  • Voice conference calls get dialed to the registered members when they get connected immediately. This eventually reduces the members waiting time.

From the above benefits of voice conferencing calls, you might get excited to know the way to how to set up your voice conference service in a programmable voice System. 

Steps to Set up Your Voice Conferencing System Calls in a Programmable Voice App

audio conference call api

Let’s explore the steps that are required to set up a voice conferencing calls in a Programmable Voice System:

  1. Build your own management interface: Creating your own audio conference system requires the need to have your own  management interface. This is so as will enable audio conferencing administration by creating, managing, and visualizing the application. This interface also helps to enable you to enter the email linked to your calendar.
  2. Set up room credential :  This is the process where these participants will receive the invitation via mail. But, before that they all need to set up their room credentials. For which, all the needed information will be already set as variables : access and PIN codes. Thus, the participants can create their own login credentials. With regards to user experience, with the programmable voice System capabilities the users can design it as per their desire with no limits.
  3. Add Email id: Now as once been logged into the application, can add emails of unlimited number of users. You can also add public phone numbers on to your newly built audio conferencing room in the invitation. 
  4. Calendar Integration: This is the process where the calendar will be integrated into the application. Here, the emails will be delivered to the calendars. This is so as you can receive invitations containing credentials and other user data.
  5. Send and Receive Invitations: The invitations will be sent to all the participants at the same time with no limits in users. And this is the only way that one can receive the initial invitation containing all credentials and information. By this then will be able to invite other participants over a few clicks.
  6. User calls or receives the call: Once everything is done, now it’s time for the user to make a call and get connected to all the other participants to whom the invitations have been sent. The same way as an end user can receive a call once the invitation has been accepted by them.

What’s more Trending in Audio Conferencing Apps?

Voice conferencing apps are incredibly easy to use, that are more accessible than video with cost-effective features

Let’s have a look at some more trending sets in voice conferencing app,

1) Best Voice Quality

As the time moves on, both web and audio conferencing has evolved a lot in the current companies infrastructure as the technology enables.

Now, most of the IT companies are using the latest equipment to support call conferencing systems to attain noise free recordings.

They were sorted out so well that the recorded file sounds exactly as the actual call without any artifacts.

2) Going on Digital

While the world is going digital it is vital to be on with them. Thus, the voice call conferencing system and transcriptions both can be booked and obtained online.

This concept is very much important for companies who want to analyze every meeting. To serve the people with quick and efficient voice teleconferencing with transcription services, digital presence is a must.

Therefore, service providers are making everything on the web and accessing it online with payment options too.

3) International Existence

Sitting across one corner and wanting to get connected to another! Well, this is something that every business desires for. 

Yes! to connect globally is now possible with voice teleconferencing at the most affordable cost. Eventually, voice conference calling with transcription offers a wide opportunity for top management to have a look at their flaws and improvise their system.

4) Rich User Experience

Customer is the final judge for whom the user experiences makes sense at the most. Therefore, the selection of platform service providers using web and audio conferencing with the modern tools and infrastructure needs to be the latest one enabling the technology.

The interface should be easy to use and an interactive one, almost like with a simple scribie, must be able to set up calls, record the call, etc.


However, the entire article speaks about the voice conferencing call and its integration within the programmable voice System.

We have to accept one thing that the voice conferencing system is a highly upgraded version over the traditional dial-in system. Thus, making use of it in business can open the pathway to success.

Now, If all these aspects grab your interest to make a move towards having your own voice conferencing system, then we are here to guide you with a dedicated team of developers. We will take you across the journey of having your own application.

Join us and see the miracle!
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