5 Best React Native Apps Of 2024

Published On June 15th, 2024 Tech Talks

“React Native Apps has emerged as the mighty marvel for cross-platform mobile app development.”

From sturdy and robust feature suites to unique interfaces to best-in-class UX, React Native Apps are swirling the eyes of users these days. 

That being said, even the app developers too are elated with its code reusability and live reload functionality thereby making it the best framework for cross-platform mobile app development.

So, whether you are a tech enthusiast eager to learn the different React Native apps developed to date or a die-hard developer searching for hints and tints, this guide is a gem for all. 

Let us start with,

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What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source Javascript-based framework that gives developers the flexibility to build native apps for both Android and iOS platforms in a shorter period.

What are React Native apps?

Native apps that are developed using the React Native technology.

What Makes Large Companies Use React Native for Mobile App Development?

Developers can easily build mobile apps using the React Native framework because of the abundant features and benefits it gives to them. Like,

  •      Quicker time-to-market
  •      Development flexibility
  •      Improved performance
  •      Cost-efficient packages
  •      Live view of changes or live reload feature
  •      Code reusability option, and more
  •      Easy integration of React Native components libraries into any existing app codes.

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Given the definition of React Native, let us see a few statistics that prove its importance in any mobile app development.

  • React Native comes as the second-most preferred framework for cross-platform development, as per the Bacancy Technology report.
  • 42% of developers prefer to use this technology for cross-platform mobile app development. 

Now that you are clear as to why React Native is gaining popularity, let us focus on,

5 Best React Native Apps Developed Till Date

Though there are several frameworks and tech stacks available. Many of the tech giants prefer to use React Native technology for building apps, and the result of their liking is the launch of top-tier applications that are acclaimed well by users around.

1. Facebook

react native mobile app

Be it group messaging, video calling, or live streaming, Facebook still stands as the preferred social media platform by many users. All these in addition to exceptional features were built using the React Native technology. With the help of this framework, developers were able to

  • Build apps quickly
  • Iterate whenever required and see updates in live
  • And can handle functionalities single-handedly.

How has Facebook benefitted from React Native?

It has now become quicker than before. 

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2. Instagram

react native web app

Did you know that Instagram, which is one of the largest video sharing platforms with over a billion monthly active users, openly said they are going to use the React Native framework for adding a single feature – push notifications?

How has Instagram benefitted from React Native?

As only a single codebase was written to deploy on both Android and iOS apps, the development team was able to build the feature very fast.

3. Walmart

react native app examples

Who wouldn’t have heard of Walmart? The largest retail sector based out of the USA, it sells provisions at a discounted fare. Walmart initially built half of its online site using the Node.js stack. And recently, added the React Native framework to its hood. The reason behind its addition is to enhance user experience.

How does Walmart benefit from React Native?

Customer experiences were improved with the use of this technology over a shorter period.

4. UberEats

hire react native app developer

Comes to users as the biggest and most well-known food delivery app. It is used by users in over 24 countries and the reason for using React Native technology is to enhance the in-app dashboard for handling orders.

How UberEats benefitted from React Native?

It helped restaurants to check for orders in a well-organized way.

5. Bloomberg

react native in app purchase

Bloomberg comes to users as the best site for finance news that portrays exclusive coverage of the stock market, investment portfolio, and economics.

Though the site had these solutions, they opted for React Native to boost user experience and personalize content.

How Bloomberg Benefitted with React Native?

The entire development process was only around 5 months. Within these months, developers were able to build both Android and iOS apps at once.

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Saw how beneficial this framework turns out to be. Well, you might ask why React Native and not Flutter, well, we have an answer for that too. 

Other Applications That Can Be Built With React Native

Here, we will see how the tech giants and other React Native app development companies use this framework to build varied use cases.

1. Hybrid Mobile Apps

Whether developers need to build social apps, transportation, dating, or logistics mobile apps, React Native comes as the ideal choice.

Because it helps developers to build fast, manage Android devices, give a native look, deploy the same code on Android and iOS platforms, and complete app development in a jiffy.

2. MVPs (Minimum Viable Product)

React Native is quite the best for building a basic prototype of the end product (also known as a minimum viable product). An MVP for chat app development will have the same functional user interface as that of the original product.

MVPs come to great help for businesses in testing their product at an early stage and iterating them before going live.

3. Internal Chats

Many businesses these days are either building highly functional chat apps or integrating in-app chat features to boost internal team communication and productivity.

By using React Native, developers can build chat features like push notifications, group chats, group video calls, text-based topics, and more. 

4. Educational Apps

The React Native framework can be used to create responsive e-learning apps, course platforms, and webinar tools to foster the best learning experiences and student-teacher interactions.

5. Fitness Apps

Features like health monitoring, workout planners, trackers, and nutrition tracking can be built using the React Native technology.

If developers have difficulty building apps from scratch, then you can use fitness APIs to easily implement the best chat features.

6. Digital Healthcare

React Native is also used in the healthcare sector to add media attachments and topic-based chat functionalities to communication apps.

Again here, developers can make use of healthcare chat API to quickly implement in-app features.

Similarly, multiple apps on varied use cases like Transportation, Finance, and Marketplace can be built and produced for users using the React Native technology. 

It’s A Closure!

To conclude in a nutshell, React Native is presently the most preferred cross-platform framework by many businesses for its reliable features, time-saving capability, budget-friendly options, and flexibility to deploy apps on varied platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does React Native help build mobile apps?

React Native being a cross-platform framework helps developers seamlessly build React Native apps using a single Javascript codebase and deploy it on both Android and iOS platforms.

However, when a React Native code is written, it first gets compiled to platform-understandable native code using a React Native CLI tool.

What type of apps can be built using React Native?

The React Native framework can be used to build mobile apps of varied genres, to name a few, e-commerce apps, travel apps, on-demand service, enterprise, and IoT apps.

Which famous apps are built using React Native?

There are thousands of React Native mobile apps in the market, of which the most popular ones include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Airbnb, UberEats, Tesla, Bloomberg, and Skype.

Moreover, Shopify too has decided to launch its new mobile apps using the React Native framework.

Is React Native good for developing apps?

Yes. React Native is the most preferred choice for building apps because of its cross-platform ability, larger developer community, quicker development cycles, code reusability, and cost-effectiveness.

Can you build a complete app only with React Native?

Yes, React Native makes it possible to build a fully functional mobile app with only Javascript. As it has the required tools and capabilities that cover everything from API calls to UI designs, navigation, and user interactions.

However, to add certain core functionalities, platform-specific codes must be written. Otherwise, it is possible to build a complete React Native app without using any other framework or technology stacks.

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