Top 7 WebRTC API Platforms for Video Call 2024

Published On July 5th, 2024 Tech Talks

Businesses need the best communication solutions for better collaboration. Developers need the best flexible solution to provide the best video call or voice call solution. 

This is where WebRTC API platforms play an indispensable role in communication.

Here’s an interesting question for both developers and businesses. 

When developing the video call app, what makes the process more complex?

Choosing the best WebRTC API providers or developing the app?

They relate to one another. As you find the best service provider; the development process will be pretty straightforward.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 WebRTC API platforms that will provide seamless video conferencing solutions right from the WebRTC API documentation.

What is WebRTC API Platform?

The WebRTC platform provides WebRTC technology and a complete set of developmental toolkits. 

This pre-built API allows the integration of RTC features such as video calling, voice calling, and other chat features into web and mobile applications. 

The extended features of RTC are beyond the voice and video calls!

With the right API platform developers can include features such as video conferencing, VoIP calling, call recording, group calls, screen sharing and more.

How WebRTC Works? – The Overview

Basically, WebRTC works under a peer-to-peer protocol, which clearly defines only two people connected through a single WebRTC connection. 

Here we break the process of WebRTC workflow from the high-level overview:

  1. Signaling: Signaling server helps to exchange information such as IP addresses and session description between peers.
  2. Peer Connection: Once the information is exchanged through the signaling server, they establish a peer connection, which allows the peer to exchange audio, video and data.
  3. Media Capture and Processing: WebRTC APIs capture audio and video directly from other peer’s microphones and cameras, encoded using a codec, and sent over the peer connection.
  4. Media Rendering: : WebRTC APIs decoded and rendered the received media by the other peers. 
  5. NAT Traversal: When there’s any issue in direct connection due to network connection, WebRTC uses NAT (Network Address Translators) mechanism to overcome them.

This is a basic overview of the WebRTC working model. We encourage you to read this if you want to know more about the WebRTC servers and fundamentals.

WebRTC Real Time Use Cases

  1. Video Conferencing: The WebRTC API gateway provides unlimited video conferencing for business collaboration. It also includes unlimited voice calls, call recording, and screen sharing.
  2. Call Center WebRTC Application: Followed by internal communication, WebRTC voice API enables more efficient and cost-effective call center voice applications. 
  3. For Recruitment: WebRTC video conferencing API offers both one-way and two-way virtual video interview solutions with custom branding.

The application of WebRTC API in business communication is huge and also for other industries like healthcare, educational sectors and more. 

Compared with developing an application from scratch, incorporating APIs saves time and development effort. 

With high-level analysis and real-time integration, we bring you the top API service providers to choose from. Let’s get started.  

Top 7 WebRTC API Service Providers in 2024 You Can Consider

As mentioned above, there are a huge number of WebRTC API providers out there. Each offers unique value, a set of features, flexibility, and tools. 

In this list, we’ve segregated the top 7 WebRTC service providers, which are comprehensive and customizable, with clear WebRTC API documentation and low code to integrate.

Let’s have a quick jump over the best WebRTC API platforms for your next real-time communication video app.

1. MirrorFly – White-Label WebRTC API Platform

WebRTC Video Calling API

MirrorFly is a leading WebRTC platform that offers live video conferencing and white-label video app solutions for developers and businesses through its easy API integration.

This WebRTC platform’s video API offers complete customization of features, UI/UX, deployment, and more. 

The MirrorFly API platform supports various technologies, including JavaScript, React Native, React JS, Android, iOS, and Flutter.

Features of MirrorFly WebRTC API Platform

2. Agora – Social Apps Based RTC Technology

real-time communication

Agora WebRTC video API benefits both social media and business communications. It offers AR facial masks and sound effects. On the other hand, it offers screen sharing and whiteboards for business collaboration.

This WebRTC API platform’s algorithm provides adaptive video resolution to ensure better video conferencing quality. 

This RTC platform automatically adjusts video call quality based on peer’s network conditions for real-time communication.

Features of Agora 

  • This platform delivers intelligent network analysis for lag free communication.
  • API selection and UI customization
  • Enterprise and social media platform
  • Able to handle traffic surges

3. Apphitect – UAE Based Video Conferencing API

webrtc application software

In the list, Apphitect is the leading WebRTC Android video API and iOS provider for businesses of all sizes. 

Since it’s completely adaptable, any chat software can adapt Apphitect WebRTC API documentation to integrate video conferencing solutions. 

This RTC vendor API offers extensive communication channels, including one-to-one video calls, group video conferencing, audio conferencing and more.

Features of Apphitect API Service Provider

  • Self-hosted WebRTC API 
  • Life time source code access
  • High scalability with balanced loading 
  • Seamless video conferencing
  • Compatible with any device using WIFI, 3G, WiMAX, LTE, HD voice and video quality.
Ready to Build WebRTC Application For Your Business

4. Zegocloud – Customizable Video and Chat WebRTC

webrtc app platform

ZEGOCLOUD API offers live video conferencing and real-time interactive chat features for developers. 

This WebRTC API gateway offers white-labeling and UI/UX customization through its easy-to-integrate APIs. 

ZEGOCLOUD’s standalone features are available for live video, online interviewing, audio and video conferencing, remote work, and webinars.

Features of ZEGOCLOUD

  • Live chat
  • Content library management and CDN
  • Business whiteboards
  • Cloud recordings
  • High quality video streaming and conferencing

5. VideoSDK – Video App Platform with Detailed API Documentation

video calling apps

This API gateway integrates this WebRTC-based platform with live video conferencing and offers other features such as polls, QA, and whiteboards.

This API platform will be best suited for business communication and for the recruitment industry, which will use it to conduct brand-aligned virtual interviews.

This RTC solution combines unlimited private channels and is encoded with many advanced video streaming options. This powerful integration can be set up in under ten minutes.

Features of VideoSDK

  • Easy to integrate – within 10 minutes to integrate code
  • Scalable up to 5000 person live streaming SDK
  • Parallel rooms that auto scale
  • Unlimited high quality channels
  • Cost effective tool with long term functionality

6. CometChat – On-Demand Live Streaming API

Video call webrtc

CometChat offers an in-app messaging SDK and WebRTC API, allowing users to incorporate high-quality voice and video calls with text chat functionality. 

This platform supports on-demand videos, live streaming and features like push notifications, real-time translations, read receipts, and more interactive features.

CometChat allows users to customize white-label features according to users preferences to make them like theirs. 

7. – Leading Visual SDK Provider

WebRTC Platform is one of the best WebRTC service providers for setting up voice and video call applications. 

This platform’s visual SDK provides complete flexibility, scalability, and control for developers to build real-time video apps.

This platform focuses on live events, education, and internal collaboration industries and offers features such as RTMP live streaming, live transcriptions, virtual backgrounds, custom-layout recording, and more.


As the final thoughts, many WebRTC API platforms are available. Be sure to check the provider’s reputation to ensure the security of your chat application using WebRTC technology. 

Our list includes many providers, such as MirrorFly, Apphitect, and ZEGOCloud, that offer custom security that is compliant with enterprise standards. 

Whether to enhance your existing app or build from scratch, choose the real-time white-label providers to experience the features that can meet your needs. 

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