Best Video Interviewing Software for Virtual Hiring in 2024

Published On June 10th, 2024 Tech Talks

To all the recruiters, “Tell me about your video interviewing software.” 

Felt like the harped-on tone played by someone?! 

The rise of remote work culture and global hiring is leading to virtual hiring, using interview software to save hiring time and costs. Now, the question is, “Does your video interviewing app save you?”

Like the hiring process, choosing the right video interview tool is crucial to make the virtual process more convenient. 

In this guide, we discussed the best video interviewing software and the steps to shortlist it. 

What is Video Interviewing Software?

Alike the direct in-person interview, the video interviewing software connects recruiters and candidates through video, voice and messages for the evaluation. 

This evaluation can be done through either two types of interview, which is named as synchronous and asynchronous interview. 

Types of Video Interview

Synchronous Video Interviews are a real-time virtual hiring process in which recruiters and candidates can meet in a scheduled interview room for evaluation. 

In this two-way interview mode, both parties can communicate in real-time through audio, text and video. 

Asynchronous Video Interviews can be done through pre-recorded protocol, which is also called one-way web interviews. 

In this mode, recruiters can schedule an interview with a set of pre-questionnaires, which can be accessible to several candidates. 

Candidates can record the answers in video form and send them back.

Well, choosing the desired mode of interview depends on the hiring companies. Some will go with a one-way interview, and others will prefer both modes for different rounds. 

What and which type of video interviewing software you have to choose is based on your basic preferences. 

If you’re still in the dilemma of how to choose, our guide follows.

How to Choose YOUR Video Interviewing Software

As you work through your own software selection process, you need to pinpoint your users’ preferences and document their specific challenges. 

Follow the points below to keep in mind before choosing your online interview software. 

  • The Real Purpose

List the purpose and the challenges that you need to overcome through an interview app. This will help you finalize the application’s features and functionalities. 

  • For Which Team You’re Choosing For

Other recruit teams. To evaluate the cost and feature requirements, consider who will use the app. Many video interviewing platforms offer a license-based invoice to limit your cost for what you use. 

  • Think About the Integrations

Clarify what tools you’re replacing and what all are other features that you need to integrate such as Calendar, or integrating with operating systems like Google Workspace. 

Either way, you can choose interviewing features as text, voice and video API, this lets you have all the advanced features. 

Oh! Remember, not all businesses are the same, not every feature helps. So, don’t choose the video interview app just because it’s popular.

Benefits of Virtual Interview Using Interviewing Software

No Physical Boundaries to Conduct Interviews

Through virtual using the best interviewing software, recruiters don’t need to limit their search despite physical locations. Across the world, if the candidate and the company’s requirements suit, you’re open to conducting real-time interviews. 

Reduce Hiring Time to Scale Productivity

Spend your hiring time where you want to be. The virtual interview app can reduce your hiring time with target recorded interview questions and bulk interview options. 

Easy to Analyze and Evaluate Skills

Through real-time video interviews, recruiters can analyze the candidate’s strengths, soft skills, hard skills, and way of presentation in real-time to determine the particular skill that you’re demanding. 

10 Best Video Interviewing Software for Hiring Companies in 2024

We analyzed and evaluated a bunch of interview apps in the market to find the top 10 that cover the essential features and stand-out capabilities for you to choose from. 

To get a bird’s eye view of the interview software, we presented a chart that categorized the features, overview, and price.

Self-hosted interviewing platform with both synchronous and asynchronous modes.As a white-label platform, pricing is available on request.
Self-hosted platform with complete customization supports both interview modesQuote available based on the request
Supports seamless and high quality asynchronous interviews.Free trial available.
Small starts at $75/month
HireVueSupports both interview formats and 1000+ industry specific guidesQuote available based on requirements
Multi-lingual interview platform with dual interview model supportQuote available based on the request
myInterviewBest mobile optimized interviewing platform with robust screening featureIndividual – $99/month.
Custom plans also available
AI-Powered interview software with advanced analyticsQuote available based on the request
AvaturePowered with AI and candidate ranking interview platforms.Quote available based on the request
RecrightUser friendly interview interface with dual interview model support.15 Days free trial
Easy starting at 265 Euros/month
Pro staring at 475 Euros/month
InterviewstreamOn demand video interviewing software with candidate screening.Quote available based on the request
hirevue on-demand interview

Let’s Elaborate Each Video Interviewing Software for Further Rounds

1. MirrorFly

MirrorFly video interviewing API won the hearts of recruiters and hiring managers under time constraints to build a limited recruitment budget. With the powerful and cross-functional voice and video SDKs, you make custom self-hosted video interview software


  • 100% customizable white label video interview API
  • Supports both synchronous and asynchronous interview
  • Real time 1:1 and group video feature 
  • Packed and secured with 1000+ video and voice features

MirrorFly Review

Since MirrorFly is a self-hosted interview API, recruiting companies reported that it’s convenient to build their own app instead of relying on monthly packages. 

This MirrorFly video interviewing software offers handy features such as meeting recording, screen sharing, control over the meeting, and much more. Unlike other platforms, companies don’t need to pay for additional integrations. 

MirrorFly Pricing

The interview software is customized, and companies can acquire full code access; pricing can be requested based on the requirements. 

★★★★★ Best For 

If you plan to own a video interview platform that offers customization, unlimited features to not limit your hiring process, and, most importantly, all these within a limited time frame, MirrorFly is the ideal solution.

2. Apphitect

Apphitect is another lifesaver for hiring companies with their self-hosted solution. Like MirrorFly, this platform offers unlimited customization and dedicated engineers to help you integrate live interview API.


  • White label video interview platform
  • Endless customization and branding access
  • Pre-built UI kits
  • Dedicated team for support
  • Supports one way and live video interviews

Apphitect Review

Apphitect offers customizable interview features, so users prefer this as the go-to software. For asynchronous interviews, this interview platform does not provide any assessment questionnaires. 

Apart from that, hiring managers can control both recorded and live interviews. The features of meeting hold, high-definition video, and voice accessibility. Moreover, meeting recording, screen sharing, and more allow for perfect evaluation. 

Apphitect Pricing

Quote available based on requirements. 

★★★★★ Best For 

With customization, hiring companies with small or big requirements can use this platform for only what you want. 

3. HireFlix

HireFlix is a super easy one-way video interview platform with a straightforward but charming interface. With scalable options, you can capture accurate video answers from candidates remotely. 


  • User friendly one-way interviewing capabilities
  • Features covered: custom think time, answer time.
  • Customizable branding and interview link
  • Automated transcriptions, works in all browsers

HireFlix Review

HireFlix offers the most flexible one-way interviewing features but covers all the necessary features. This interviewing platform also offers a one-month free trial and supports 20+ languages. 

If you’re adding real-time video interviews to your hiring process, then HireFlix won’t support your team in any way.


  • Starting with a free trial, the small pack starts at $75/month.
  • Medium starts at $150/month
  • You can add a custom plan based on requirements.

★★★★ Best For 

The team has an asynchronous hiring process, which is convenient and has a straightforward interface. Also, high scalability one-way interviewing platforms with customization. 

4. HireVue

For its features and pricing, HireVue is the best interviewing solution for enterprises. As one of the best interviewing platforms, HireVue offers excellent features that will save you time on repetitive tasks.


  • Automated initial screening and auto messaging with new candidates
  • Best video interview capabilities
  • Interview scheduling
  • Integration with current HR stack
  • ATS Integration

HireVue Review

This modern video interview platform has dedicated hiring capabilities, including pre-hire assessments, coding assessments, interview scheduling, and a structured interview builder. 

It will also be the perfect fit for small and large enterprises with hectic schedules. Moreover, you have to pay additionally after exhaustion of allotted number of sessions.


Free trial available. For custom requirements, quotes available based on requirements. 

★★★★ Best For 

The team is looking for the full fledged video interview platform with AI capabilities to simplify workflow. However you can’t expect any customization on features like MirrorFly and Apphitect.

5. VidCruiter

With its multilingual, one-way, and two-way interview modes, VidCruiter is the best choice for a large enterprise interviewing platform. With its customizations and automated assessment procedures, you can replace your outdated hiring. 


  • Live and pre-recorded video interviews
  • Skill testing & Automated reference checks
  • Customizations with technical support
  • Excellent interface and real time standardized questions. 

VidCruiter Review

As the pros follow, VidCruiter has its own cons which includes the customization. Since the customization part is signal green, you have technical assistance to undergo.

Additionally, integration with your existing portal or any third party integrations takes time. 


Quote available based on requirements. 

★★★★ Best For 

The teams needing tailor-made hiring software with limited capabilities and customization can consider VidCruiter.

6. myInterview

Optimized for mobile devices and built for hiring teams, myInterview is one of the modern video interviewing software known for its screening features. It offers complete flexibility in creating one-way interview questions with single, multiple, and video answers.

7. Elevatus

The support for your hiring team with AI capabilities and advanced analytics to make the hiring process more efficient. Elevatus offers the most promised interviewing solution with limited customizations compared to the other interview platforms.

8. Avature

Avature is one of the most highly sophisticated video interviewing platforms with easy-to-use solutions. It is available as an integrated and standalone application for candidate screening and virtual hiring. 

9. Recright

Recright video interviewing software is a time-saving tool with application tracking that streamlines the hiring process. It offers a more user-friendly UI that is easy to navigate and attend the quick interview. 

 10. Interviewstream

Interviewstream is a user-friendly video interviewing software that boosts hiring and candidate experience by reducing screen time. Interviewstream offers its service to corporates along with educational institutions. 

Bottom Line

In this global remote system, the requirement for candidate hiring, regardless of location, is high. The number of relevant candidates with skills is excessive. The bridge that connects the two talents is interview software. 

That shouldn’t be the only way to share resumes; the platform should connect candidates and recruiters in real time to evaluate. Hence, choose a solution that is custom and scalable rather than tailor-made.

Choose video interviewing software like MirrorFly, Apphitect, and Hireflix to make your hiring process more efficient. 

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