Top Unified Communication Solutions (Reviewed for 2024)

Published On July 16th, 2024 Tech Talks

Modern chat facilities are not just communication lines for businesses anymore. But also an information lifeline for the company.

Not just in terms but in numbers, too; according to Microsoft

“85% of customers believe a company offering a positive experience is more likely to keep their business.” 

The need for modern messaging solutions across platforms is different, starting from employee and customer connection to internal communication. 

This is where Unified Communication solutions become an integral part of facilitating multiple communications into a single interface. Rather than having separate chat software, video conferencing, voice calls, or file sharing, these can be managed and handled in a single application. 

If you are overwhelmed by the choice of the best unified communication solution provider, this guide will help you with the top list of providers and their features.

What is a Unified Communication Platform? 

Start with a clean slate. A unified communication platform is the method of bringing all your enterprise communication channels together in one place, using a single interface.

A good unified communications and collaboration solution is like a one-stop shop for companies, allowing them to meet all their communication needs without hopping between apps. 

Why Should Business Consider UCaaS?

If you wonder whether a unified chat platform is just only for convenience, here the progressing numbers of the industry.

  • The Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) market is expected to rise faster with the estimation of $107.51 billion by 2032.
  • 84% of organizations adopt unified communication for increased employee productivity.
  • 85% of organizations adopt for improved customer satisfaction. 

Let’s find what are all the key essential features that your unified chat platform offers. 

Key Features to Look for in Enterprise Unified Communication

Every UCaaS platform has different features. Choosing the best provider depends on the features your organization actually wants. 

Here, we have listed some of the basic and advanced features that will help you shortlist the best unified chat solution. 

  • Multi-Channel Communications: Integration of instant messaging, voice calls, video conferencing and file sharing in a single platform is the foremost essential and basic feature of unified chat software.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: For better employee coordination, the unified platform should have real-time features such as screen sharing, document co-editing and in-app chat during meetings.
  • Cloud-based Deployment: Cloud-based UCaaS offers flexibility and scalability and eliminates complex hardware management. Some of the unified communication solution providers offer both on-premise and cloud-based deployment.
  • Call Management Features: For efficient call handling, look for features such as call recording, call routing, forwarding, transcriptions and auto attendants in your next software-based unified business communication solution. 
  • Integrations: To streamline workflow, a UCaaS platform should integrate with CRM and other third-party integration as additional support for business communication. 
  • Scalability: As you adopt the best enterprise unified communications solutions, the platform should be scalable to adapt to your business growth and changing needs. 

Let’s move on to the best unified communication solution providers based on the features, reviews, ease of use and other considerations. 

Best Unified Chat Solution in the Industry Listed by the Value

Here, the most interesting part of the article is listed with the top unified communication solutions comparison with the focus on value for small organizations. 

1. MirrorFly: Best unified chat platform with customization

Unified Communications Solutions

MirrorFly is a unified communication solution platform offering end-to-end collaboration for all use cases. With MirrorFly’s white-label chat API, businesses can build their own chat, voice, video, and advanced communication features in a single interface.

As self-hosted solutions offer complete customization, businesses can reflect their brand identity for personalized experiences for any use across industries. 

Key Unified Communication Features

  • Encrypted Messaging Solution: MirrorFly messaging SDK is built with encryption and compliance to all industry privacy and security standards.
  • Team Collaboration: With MirrorFly’s enterprise unified communication solutions, businesses can enjoy features like screen sharing, unlimited chats, and voice and video conferencing.
  • High-Quality Phone System: As the top unified chat platform, MirrorFly offers SIP/VoIP calls for businesses of all sizes with the features of call routing, transcriptions and more.
  • Dedicated Support: Whether it’s integration or migration, you can get dedicated engineers to assist your journey of unified communication from end to end. 
  • Flexible Hosting Options:  As the top unified chat solution for Android and iOS, this platform allows businesses to choose a flexible deployment between on-premise/cloud and deployment on their own servers.

Best Suited For: This unified communications and collaboration solutions are best suited for businesses of all sizes expecting high scalable and end-to-end features. 

2. RingEX by RingCentral: One unified business platform for all communication

unified communication solution provider

RingEX by RingCentral is another affordable unified communication solution for businesses of all sizes. 

It offers the centralized features of a high-quality VoIP phone system, but with a clean and intuitive interface, this unified platform offers more than just a cloud phone system.

With the 6 minutes of downtime, you can experience real-time team collaboration, voice, and video conferencing. Also, this platform provides industry-leading secure messaging and 24/7 live support.

Key Unified Communication Features

  • Unlimited HD audio and video calls
  • Team messaging and collaboration
  • Easy to use desktop and mobile app
  • Voicemail transcriptions
  • 300+ pre-built integrations
  • Real-time metrics for monitoring service quality

Best Suited For: As an enterprise unified communications solution, RingEX is best for call centers and other small organizations that rely on cloud solutions. 

3. Apphitect: Valued for the UCaaS features, ranked for the integrations

business unified communications solutions

Apphitect is another of the best unified chat and communication platforms, with extraordinary features that literally cover every industry’s needs. Like MirrorFly, this secure unified messaging solution offers a white-label chat API. 

This platform offers custom pre-built UI kits to make things look better, SIP/VoIP calls to improve communication, and other unified features for Android and iOS to improve collaboration. 

Key Unified Communication Features

  • Call center features
  • Activity feeds
  • 100 customizable SDKs
  • Complete team collaboration support
  • Real-time customer support with advanced features
  • 200+ third party integrations
  • Omnichannel chat support

Best Suited For: small business unified communication solutions with advanced features with simple integrations.

4. 8×8 Unified Communication Platform: Built communication for customer experience

Unified chat software

8×8 is another solid unified communication platform focused on contact centers and communication solutions for customers, agents, and employees connected in real time.

Their unified communication solutions combine secure chat, voice, and video to streamline collaboration. 8×8 unified communication is well known for its price, starting from 10 Euros/user/month, which is ideal for small businesses. 

Key Unified Communication Features

  • With NLU, this platform provides speech analytics for rapid understanding of user and customer segmentation
  • Integration to this unified chat includes CRM support, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Google Workspace.
  • 8×8 has VoIP capabilities that allow you to make high quality calls.
  • High end security and data privacy model across the platforms. 

Best Suited For: Small business who need affordable unified communication chat.

5. Vonage Business Communications: Streamlined Unified Platform

Unified communication providers

Vonage Business Communications is one of the leading unified chat solutions, and it is suitable for small- and medium-sized businesses. The name Vonage is a big name in the communication field for a good reason. 

Like MirrorFly, they offer communication-based APIs, contact center handling and the most secure unified solutions. 

Key Unified Communication Features

  • Most detailed admin portal
  • Business inbox that combines SMS, MMS, and Messenger feeds
  • Automated call routing
  • Team collaboration features
  • Easy call transfer from mobile to desktop.

Best Suited For: This platform is much suitable for SMEs that have a lot of customer interaction.

6. Dialpad: Robust digital workplace with unified solutions

UCaaS solutions

Dialpad offers collaborative, unified chat solutions with ease of integration. This encrypted messaging and contact center solution offers a wide range of unified communication features that support in-and-out communication for an organization.

With this unified chat solution, users have to buy some of the basic features, such as online faxing, but they are all available for free on other platforms. 

7. Avaya Enterprise Cloud: Employee focused collaborative unified platform

Unified chat platform for iOS

Avaya enterprise cloud is one of the best unified chat solutions focused on internal collaboration and custom communication. 

With this flexible unified platform, employees can work together in real time and seamlessly connect with customers. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right unified communication solution provider can help you run your business smoothly and more efficiently. As real-time communication has become key to customer experience, providing those connections is a top priority for businesses.

Hope our guide on top unified chat platforms will help you find the right solution. Keep in mind that instead of relying on monthly subscriptions with the unified chat API, you can build custom software dedicated to your business needs. 

Unified chat API platforms like MirrorFly, Apphitect and Vonage offer custom, ready-made solutions to build your communication platform.

Good luck on your business communication journey. 

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