10 Best Video Conferencing App in 2022

best video conferencing app

Video Conferencing! The most desired technology of the trend that has blossomed in every single industry. Its unbreakable ties connect businesses, colleagues and friends all together under a single roof with its interactive videos. 

According to a statista report in 2021, the worldwide video conferencing market values around $14.6 billion, which has been forecasted to have a double fold by 2026, with up to $27.3 billion.

As a result, it has gained a lot of attention in recent days – starting from the developers to big organizations, everybody is eager to know more about it. If you are someone looking for the same, then this post could be your guide for further runs – based on my research and homework, here I have made a study on the top video conferencing apps in 2022, with their features, platform compatibility, and more – all this to build your video conferencing app with ease.

So, let’s begin the journey!

Table of Contents
  1. What Exactly is a Video Conferencing App?
  2. Key Features to Indicate Best Video Conferencing App Services!
  3. Top 10 Video Conferencing Apps
    1. #1. Workplace “Video Conferencing for Team”
    2. #2. BigBlueButton “Collaborative Tools to Make Education Exciting”
    3. #3. Slack “Brings People Together”
    4. #4. Dialpad “Connect Business Across Multiple Devices”
    5. #5. Cisco Webex Meetings “Collaborating and Interactive Sessions”
    6. Recommended Reading
    7. #6. Lifesize “Unique Mobile Video Conferencing"
    8. #7. GoToMeeting “Super Secure Video Calls“
    9. #8. Microsoft Teams “Video Conferencing with 365 Integration”
    10. #9. Join.me “Easy and More Compatible Choice”
    11. #10. Jitsi Meet “Fully Encrypted Video Conferencing”
  4. Why to Choose CONTUS MirrorFly - The Key Reasons
    1. Final Words!
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What Exactly is a Video Conferencing App?

Video conferencing app is a software – we can say an online technology that connects people virtually around the world. It allows the parties to initiate and conduct live conferences, remote meetings, seminars, and tutorials easily by transmitting audio, video, and text. 

Now, let’s get to know more about it with its features.

Key Features to Indicate Best Video Conferencing App Services!

However, every video conferencing app will have a set of features in common, but to stand out in the crowd you need to be unique. Yes! You must have some special features that speak your worth.

Let’s have a look at some such features for clarity,

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Highly Compatible platform/devices
  • Multi-mode communication
  • High-End Scalability
  • Self-Managed (one-time payment) & On-cloud (month subscription) Pricing Scenario

Now, moving further, let’s directly get into some of the best video conferencing app services in 2022, to have a clear picture on what’s there in the market today.

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Top 10 Video Conferencing Apps

Nowadays selecting a video conferencing app is a big deal, as you can find so many options out there – that might literally confuse you. But, if you are with a clear mind then my further post will prove its worth to you. 

So, let’s have a look at some of the best video conferencing apps in the market which can support you in further run to build your best video call app,

#1. Workplace “Video Conferencing for Team”

video conference app

Workplace is a powerful video communication tool meant for business team communication – A unique portal that’s raised from Meta that offers more than a video or chat. This platform gets you a high-defined HD video calling facility directly across the platform.

Its chat mode is free from the interruption of Facebook and Messenger as it’s a separate one. Its ad-free attribute makes it the most easier one to balance the work and private lives.

Key Features

  • Great knowledge library
  • Multiple company groups
  • Instant chat conversations
  • Live video broadcasting
  • News feed

Compatible Platforms – iOS, Android & Web app


  • Starts with Core plan ($4 per person per month)
  • Moves on with two types of add-ons further with $2 to choose from3.

#2. BigBlueButton “Collaborative Tools to Make Education Exciting”

video conferencing app

BigBlueButton is an open-source platform and a HTML5-based web application that has whiteboard capabilities to create a productive meeting that can enhance education and online learning. Its design is built with the most user-friendly technologies of React, MongoDB, and Node.js. 

Since, it is a free open source tool – it provides a lot of add-ons and integrations that’s built by the third-party developers. This can get you more on customized web conferencing experience where it combines integration with Learning Management System (LMS).

Key Features 

  • Screen sharing with audio and video in real-time
  • Reactions and emojis for interactive chat
  • Collaboration tool – Whiteboard, shared notes and polling
  • Record the sessions for playback
  • Breakout rooms

Compatible Platforms – iOS, Android, and Web app


  • Only Monthly subscription

#3. Slack “Brings People Together”

build video conferencing app

Slack is a messaging app and a very popular collaboration tool for businesses all over the world, it has more video conferencing features. Its design is so outstanding that it transforms the way the organizations communicate by bringing everybody on the same table as one unified team.

Video conferencing is an add-on functionality for Slack which is considered to be a great tool for integrating hybrid teams. Here, one-to-one video chat is one among its free account offerings. Slack allows up to 15 people to participate in a call from any channel, but if in case the meeting is with a larger number of participants, then it provides a separate pricing to rely upon, which is a customizable quote.

Key Features

  • Connect and communicate from anywhere
  • Easy screen sharing option
  • Switch-on from texting to a one-to-one or group call effortlessly

Compatible Platforms – iOS, Android, window phone, and desktop for Mac OS X, windows and Linux


  •  Free and monthly subscription

#4. Dialpad “Connect Business Across Multiple Devices”

video conference web app

Dialpad is a web-based application that enables people to connect using internet connection. It offers the participants to have the video conferencing call for free.

This platform comes with a Dialpad that gets you to the conferencing call easily across a variety of devices like Mac, PC, iOS and Android. The host over here can lock the meeting, record it whenever needed simply with a touch on an intuitive menu bar.

Key Features

  • Unlimited conference calling for free
  • Share documents, images, video
  • Integrated social media platform
  • Share the screen during the seminars
  • International access

Compatible Platforms – iOS, Mac, PC, and Android


  • $15 per user per month and $20 with 1 license minimum
  • $25 per user per month and $30 with 3 license minimum

#5. Cisco Webex Meetings “Collaborating and Interactive Sessions”

android video conferencing app

WebEx is a leading enterprise-grade solution that offers a secure, integrated video, audio, and screen sharing across the devices anywhere during an online meeting, seminars, presentations, etc. 

It is available with a noise removal, Webex assistant trait supports the real-time translations that provides the people with a smart work approach. No downloads or plug-ins, here it makes an easy accessibility with one big green button to push-on to get going with the meeting.

Key Features

  • Flexible video conferencing solution for any business
  • Customizable video attributes
  • Secure call connection with full-fledged control
  • Multimedia content sharing
  • Chat and brainstorming tools

Compatible Platforms – Mobile and Web applications


  • Monthly subscription 

#6. Lifesize “Unique Mobile Video Conferencing

video conference app for android

Lifesize is one the popular and secure video conferencing applications that facilitates team communication with chat functionalities and video call recording and sharing. 

It creates a quick bonding with people via free video call with up to 25 participants without the need of downloads or installation. This application has been designed to meet the uniqueness of an app supporting a wide range of devices to support BYOD (bring your own device) policies. 

Key Features

  • Built-in screen sharing
  • Enterprise-grade security standards
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Unlimited meeting duration
  • High-defined video quality

Compatible Platforms – PC, Mac computer, Android, tablets, iOS and web app


  • Free and Monthly Subscription
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#7. GoToMeeting “Super Secure Video Calls“

web conference app

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing app that is meant for worldwide collaboration, letting the users meet their team. Its amazing features support broadcasting webinars for around thousands of users at once. 

This app provides a high-end accessibility and reliability that increases scalability. Moreover, here the users have the option to convert the conference rooms into the collaboration centre whenever needed.

Key Features

  • Automated provisioning
  • Easy to access admin manage centres
  • Host or participate any meeting on the go
  • Voice commands and cloud recording options
  • Create webinars for businesses

Compatible Platforms – Mobiles and web app


  • Free and Monthly Subscription

#8. Microsoft Teams “Video Conferencing with 365 Integration”

conference video call app

Microsoft Teams is a team management tool that’s meant for web and mobile devices. It builds a hybrid work strategy, letting you collaborate with your team members to stay connected in the most  organized and focused manner – all in a single place. It provides high-end security and privacy protocols with no compromise in quality.

You can find a wide range of video conferencing features with Microsoft Team including screen sharing, call recording, live captions, background blur technology and more. Moreover, its integration with Microsoft 365 makes this platform stand out in the market as a leader in the field of video conferencing and digital workspace integration.

Key Features

  • Host audio, video and web conference effortlessly
  • One-to-one and group meet across the world
  • Permits up to 100 participants in a video conferencing
  • Enables the host to invite external guest to the meeting
  • File transfer, screen sharing, recording option

Compatible Platforms – iOS and Android


  • Only Monthly subscription

#9. Join.me “Easy and More Compatible Choice”

group video conference app

Join.me is a collaborative web-based platform that works with the tools of screen sharing and online meetings. It supports the users to reduce the need of downloading the application or extra plugins. It also offers a free version for online meetings with up to 10 participants, and no option for recording and switching presenters.

Its video libraries are mostly used in Rescue Lens, a service that allows their customer support executives to troubleshoot their customer’s issues using their smartphone’s camera.

Key Features

  • Can maxi mix video conferencing from 150 to 3000 participants
  • Unlimited duration for video conferencing
  • Clear audio and video calling quality
  • Easy calendar app integration
  • Mobile whiteboard facility for remote collaboration

Compatible Platforms – iOS, Android, and web apps – desktop app is capable with Windows 7 and higher version, and also Mac OS X and higher version.


  • Free and Monthly subscription

#10. Jitsi Meet “Fully Encrypted Video Conferencing”

top video conferencing app

Jitsi Meet is today’s one among the most emerging video conferencing apps that is fully encrypted with end-to-end encryption standard protocols that guarantees protection of user’s conversations and data throughout. It also enables its users to host and join the video conferencing without the need of an account.

Jitsi Meet doesn’t ask you to download the app for anyone to join the meeting, it works directly within their browsers where you can just share your conference URL with others and get started with the meeting session.

Key Features

  • High-quality video and audio
  • Highly secure and flexible
  • Live Chat with screen sharing option 
  • Provides google calendar and office 365 integrations to synchronise meetings
  • File transfer, screen sharing, recording option

Compatible Platforms – Web platforms, Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android


  • Free and Monthly subscription

As we have discussed more on the popular video conferencing app, now you must be thinking as to who could be the reliable appropriate API and SDK provider to go for to build your app. 

If so, in that case I suggest you have a look at CONTUS MirrorFly – One of the giants in the field of real-time communication who have marked its place in the present market.

Why to Choose CONTUS MirrorFly – The Key Reasons

mirrorfly video conferencing api

“Ever Best video conferencing APIs & SDKs, you can imagine”

Today where technology is all about making communication simple and elegant, you can find a lot more competitors in the running. But, No worries, you can make the decision based on certain criterias as with CONTUS MirrorFly’s video conferencing APIs, its highlighted features and long-term market experience has made it stand out in the crowd. 

Let’s see more in detail.

Best Hosting Infrastructure – You can find both on your cloud or our cloud/premises hosting options depending upon your business.

High-End Scalability – The solution is capable to connect with over 1 billion + users across the world at once using cross platforms.

In-House Team of Proficient Developers – You don’t have a team to work on your project – No worries. You will be provided with a team of skillful developers to hire and get your dreams into reality.

Self-Managed (one-time license cost) & On-Cloud (monthly subscription) Pricing Option – Made you available with both SaaP and SaaS pricing infrastructure, our solution let you to choose your pricing model on your business demands.

Easy Integration– MirrorFly provided end-to-end support with the UI kit and guided documentation to integrate its APIs effortlessly into any existing iOS, Android, and Web app.

Easy Migration – We provide a team of skillful developers to take care of your end-to-end migration process starting from the backup to export of data into our system safely and easily.

Final Words!

I hope this article would have given you a great insight on a variety of video conferencing apps. So, now it’s your time to think over all the above and make a decision.

And if you have a plan to proceed further then, feel free to contact us for further guidance. We are here to assist you throughout your journey to build your best video conferencing application.

So, what are you waiting for! Get started with your journey.

Good Luck!

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